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sSJEPPESEN. AIRFRAME WORKBOOK i Support Materials Look for these suppor materials to complement your ABP Technician Aiframe Workbook: + ARPTechnlclan Airframe Textbook ‘A&P Technician Airframe Study Guide + Federal Aviation Regulations + AC 43.13-1B/28 Acceptable Methods, Techniques and Practices/Airraft ‘Alterations + Alrraft Technical Dictionary + Standard Aviaton Maintenance Handbook “Toese items are among the wide variety of Jeppesen reterence materials avaible though your authorizes Jeppesen Dealer. if there sno Joppesen Deslerin your area, you can contac us dec Jeppesen Sanderson Sanderson Training Systems 55 Invornass Dsvo East Englewood, CO 80112-5408 ‘rn joppesen.com PREFACE. ‘The A&P Technician Airframe Wortbook is designed to help you check your understanding of the ‘material you studied in the ABP Technician Textbook. Each exercise ls correlated with a specific textbook chaptar and section. The workbook contains multiple choles, truefase, matching, and Completion exercises. To answer the multiple choice questions, eile tho letter of the correct choice. Fill In the appropriate blanks to answer the other questions. Further instructions are frowided, when nacaccary’ The answers to all af the exercises are grouped inthe Anewor Section st the back ofthis Book

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