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333 Some North Avenue

Houston, TX 65888
(900) 800-8888
[Applicants Email]
October 19, 2013
Mr. John Doe
Hiring Executive
Salt and Pepper Restaurant
730 Watson Street
Vineland, NJ 52141

Dear Mr. Doe:

I am pleased to submit my application for the position of Chef at Salt and Pepper
Restaurant, in response to your recent advertisement on your website. Along with my
associate degree in Culinary Arts and three years hands-on experience in cooking, I am
certain in my ability to turn out to be a fundamental member of Salt and Pepper Restaurant.
For me, culinary job is much more than a profession its my passion. I am very expert in
directing the activities of kitchen workers, planning menu, creating formulas, ordering food
and supplies, and performing other cuisine duties. Moreover, I am extremely knowledgeable
in day to day food and menu preparation at the restaurant or facility. In addition, I have
worked under the supervision of renowned chefs and cooks, and gained a valuable
experience. My enclosed resume exhibits all relevant skills which would make me a valuable
asset of Salt and Pepper Restaurant.
Being an experienced and enthusiastic culinary professional, Id welcome the chance to
meet with you and to talk about my qualifications and cooking skills in more detail. I will
call you next week to ask about whether you need extra information. In the meantime, I
can be reached at (900) 800-8888 or via email at [Email].
Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sarah Davis
Enc. Resume and Recommendation Letter