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The use of PVOSBM during reading sessions, to zero out non-readers in the Grade 2, 4, and
VI Classes of Pepita Elementary School, Alangalang I District, Alangalang, Leyte.
"NO READ NO PASS POLICY" is a DepEd Memorandum issued to all elementary schools
all throughout Leyte Division. That every school should intensely implement this policy most
particularly in Grade One. No pupil shall be promoted unless he could read simple words intended
for the grade but there are some teachers who seem irresponsive to this mandate. They promote
potential non-readers to the next grade level without thinking of negative effect it could give to the
pupils, to the teachers and the entire school as well. As they go to higher grade level tremendous
problems are being faced by the teachers when these kind of pupils are under their classes.
Based on the Internal Reading Inventory (IRI) conducted by the Grade 2, 4, and VI class
advisers of Pepita Elementary School, Alangalang I District, Alangalang, Leyte, there are still pupils
who are non-readers thus lead to the lost of enthusiasm to participate in the day to day activities in
the classroom, the effect is poor academic performance. This is an enormous challenge on the part
of the teachers. So, what action could be taken in order to make all the learners read?
An action research has been initiated which is an avenue to guide the teachers the right things
to do on how to give solution to the problem.
1. What is the effect of the use of the PVOSBM during reading sessions to the non-readers in
Grade 2, 4, 5, and VI classes of Pepita Elementary School, Alangalang I District, Alangalang,
2. Use PHIL-IRI results recently conducted by the teachers, checklist and interview the
3. Analyze and interpret the reading performance of the pupils based on the tabulated results.
4. Develop an action plan based on findings and communicate the results to the school head.
The potential non-readers of the Grade 2, 4 and VI classes of Pepita Elementary school,
Alangalang I District are considered with grade 1 level reading ability or even lower than this. So
the PVOSBM method is suggested to be used during the reading sessions to help them cope up with
their reading level. Every 3:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon they leave their respective classes to meet the
assigned reading teachers.
A. Identify the non-readers using the PHIL-IRI records and checklist of each class adviser. To
be more clarified have them get interviewed.
B. The assigned reading teachers conduct the PVOSBM method among the non-readers.
1. Production of the letter sounds from A to Z.
2. Identifying the letter names.

3. Blending the sounds

a. vowel and consonant sounds
b. consonant cluster
4. Pupils read the word/words, read words in phrases, simple short sentences, short
paragraphs using the grade 1 reading materials.
Grade 2 - Dave
Grade 4 - Navarrete
Grade VI - Millano

No. of Non-readers