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Serving Christ Through Montgomery Area Churches



15, 2016

From Your Missionarys Heart

Mary and I want to thank you for your prayers,
as well as your many acts of kindness displayed
to us in our recent transition from Woodstock,
Georgia to you. If you have ever moved, you
will probably remember them as trying times.
On Friday, I thought my sweet wife was going
to kill somebody. I was glad I was in Alabama
during those stressful moments, though I did
notice one less moving van employee when the
truck arrived in Montgomery on Saturday.
Moving into the office this week, my heart kept
returning to a scripture from Genesis 4:26b
Neal Hughes
At that time men began to call on the name of
the Lord.
Interestingly, this is the first Director of Missions
recorded moment of corporate worship in the Bible. The Hebrew
language makes it even more emphatic people crying out to the
Lord. This scripture moved me to conviction when I asked, Lord,
am I regularly crying out to you for my family, my church family, my
city, the river region, our state, the nation, the world? Is this the
highest priority of my day to call upon the name of the Lord?
Putting the last book on the shelf, I knelt before God, committing
myself as your new Director of Missions to make this the number one
priority of my life, and invite you to do the same. Montgomery
Baptists, let us begin today in a season of self-denial, prayer and
renewal, crying out to God. May the River Region become known as
the heartland of a mighty revival that swept our nation and world.
May every pulpit in central Alabama ring the bells of heaven with the
clarion call from that song of old. We have heard the joyful
sound, Jesus Saves, Jesus Saves! And may each of you live your
life on mission, calling daily upon the name of the Lord.
Looking forward to the journey with you,


December 10th
8th annual Toy Sale
for Families in
Be watching.

Now, brothers and sisters, I want to

remind you of the gospel I preached to
you, which you received and on which you
have taken your stand.
- 1 Corinthians 15:1

135th Annual Celebration

Thorington Road Baptist Church
450 Ray Thorington Road

Tuesday, November 1
5:00 PM - Business Session
5:15 PM - Mission Fair/Fellowship
6:15 PM - Celebr ation
Guest Speaker: Dr. Richard Blackaby

MBA Executive Board


Bi-vocational Pastors

October 3 | 11:30 AM
McGehee Road

September 17 | 7:30 AM
MBA Office

Call Jessica at 271-6227 or

email jpalmer@mgmbaptists.org
to make reservations by noon
on Thursday, September 29.

Call Jessica at 271-6227 or

email jpalmer@mgmbaptists.org
to make reservations by noon
on Thursday, September 15.

The Montgomery Baptist Association 20 Interstate Park Dr. Montgomery, Alabama 36109 334-271-6227 www.mgmbaptists.org
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