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Name and family name : Allal EL Alaoui.
Date of Birth : 1963.
Place of Birth : Salé.Maroc.
Téléphone : 212660130336
Address : 8632 BP Ouled Oujih
14000- Kenitra- Morocco

Press Card /SNRT : 2007/4002
professional card / CCM: 2006/143
CIN card :A549512
Email : :
Alternative email :


‫أ هم الكتابات السينمائية التي تم تأليفها وإخراجها من طرف عل ل العلوي ومنها خمسة أفل م التي تم تصويرها وهي‬
‫‪ :‬كالتي‬
‫السينريوهات المصورة‬
‫مدينتي – أمي ‪ .‬فيلم وثائقي مدته ‪ 52‬د سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي – ‪1‬‬
‫أولد الشمس ‪.‬‬

‫فيلم قصير مدته ‪ '16‬د سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي ‪2-‬‬

‫الوصية ‪.‬‬

‫فيلم قصير مدته ‪ '18‬د سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي ‪3-‬‬

‫سروا ل الد م ‪.‬‬

‫فيلم قصير مدته ‪ '13‬د سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي ‪4-‬‬

‫العتبة ‪.‬‬

‫فيلم قصير مدته ‪ ' 23‬د سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي – ‪5‬‬

‫‪:‬السينرايوهات في إنتظار التصوير‬
‫فستان جولييت فيلم قصير مدته ‪ '13‬د سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي – ‪6‬‬

‫فيلم قصير مدته ‪ '1‬د سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي ‪7-‬‬

‫أفيوس فيلم وثائقي مدته ‪ '52‬د سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي وعياد السبيعي– ‪8‬‬
‫أربيعة الصحراء فيلم طويل مدته ‪ 120‬د د سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي ‪9-‬‬
‫خريف العصافير فيلم طويل ‪120‬د سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي وخالد أقلعي ‪10-‬‬
‫السفر عبر حديقة ال ‪,,,‬من زاكورة الى تونبوكتو فيلم وثائقي سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي ‪11-‬‬
‫د م الصحراء ‪ .‬فيلم طويل ‪120‬د د سيناريو ل عل ل العلوي مقتبس من الرواية الدبية ‪12-‬‬

2016 ‫العتبة في الرجنتين‬
The Threshold is in Argentina and the will is in Californai

2016 ‫أحسن السيناريو في مهرجان الهامش بجرسيف‬
finally Results are Out . Following films are selected for Short Film Fiction Competition for
14th Third Eye Asian Film Festival . All the best guys and wish you Happy Diwali in advance.
Kindly send us synopsis and stills on your films on
#14thirdeyeaff #filmfestival #shortfilms #asianfilms#filmmaker #fiction #aff #cinema #onkar #th
irdeye#india #mumbai #shorts

My name is Lianna Hallsénius and I'm working as Guest Coordinator and Forum
Producer at the fifth edition of Malmö Arab Film Festival in Sweden.
We would be honored by your attendance at Malmö Arab Film Festival in
Malmö, October 2-6, 2015 to represent your film The Threshold in the official festival
competition for Short Film.
We can provide you with 3 free hotel nights including breakfast and lunch, if you wish
to extend your stay, you can do this at € 90 per night.
Unfortunately no travel costs, such as fly tickets, we will however assist you with
transportation from Copenhagen Airport to Malmö Central Airport.
You will give you a free guest accreditation that also will give you access to MAFF
Market Forum (MMF) and you will be listed in the official MMF-catalogue.
I will need an answer before September 10, also if you wish to extend your hotel nights
(at your own expense).
All the short films in competition are screened between 3-5 October, so I suggest this
period for your stay.
I look forward to hear from you! Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Lianna Hallsénius
Forum Producer/Coordinator
Malmo Arab Film Festival - MAFF
+46 76 574 14 74

Fosievägen 6
214 31 Malmo - Sweden

My Objectives :
2 - Education

& qualification :

1983-1984 : Le collège de Ibn Lhatib : English Section - Salé.
Baccalauréat in English Section.
Arabe Literature.
1984-1985 : University of Mohamed 5
English Section
Deug non terminated.

1985-1986 : Metropolitan Institute of
Higher Education in Doncaster
Drama and Theatre Arts.
English Litterature.
Arab literature.
Ordinary levels and
Advanced levels in Drama
- CertificatesLinks :
Email :
1985-1986 : Direction of
Laboratorio del Cinéma
History of cinema
-Italy1986-1987 : Extra in Segreto Del
Sahra-Cinecittà –Italie.
Training in Photography
Avec Silvia Pisani
Montage : Analogical Montage
–CutMontage digital
Media 100i
DPS velocity
4- Web-activités :
Internet-Bureautique-Word et Excel.
2000- temps actuel : Assistanat-Co-ordination.
5- Documentary film:
Tetwan Doors .
Assistant -Director : Allal El Alaoui.
Director : Mohamed Ksaib.
Film Documentaire :
Hanan.De Maroc à Galice.

Assistant -Director: Allal El Alaoui.
Scénario & co- Director: Carlos Vazquez.
Director : Valentin Carrera.

Awards & prizes
Italy : Parma International Music Film Festival
The Special Jury Prize 2013 given by The director General of Sony and Riccardo
Morretti the famous Music composer on the 28th of Septembre 2013
Links :

Allal El Alaui for Al wassia

Facebook Link :

Théatra in Hindu :
Majnoun Leila
Links :
AmbassaIndia Embassy in Rabat
Douae Production: Hisham Brini
See also Bollyphiles : Rani and Zara .
Références disponibles sur commande.

Membership in screenwriting :
Association des scénaristes voir Hussain Hail – Maroc –

New Screenwriters Writing Screenplays
SCÉNARISTES.BIZ - le magazine de tous les scénarios
Screen Yorkshire

Friends of American Screenwriters Association
UK Screenwriters
Screenwriters Networking Group
The LISG: Long Island Screenwriters Group
Member of Al Founoun Attakafia al Misriya in Eskandaria

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professional cinema machinist in Marrakech called ...

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‫مسابقة الفلم التربوية القصيرة‬
‫لل الع ل‬
‫السليد ع ل‬
‫لوي‪ ،‬مخرج سينمائي وتلفزيوني_رئيسا‬