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E-mail: brahan@gmail.com
Mobile: +919448480180

Career Objective
Seeking a challenging position in an organization where I can utilize my skills and knowledge efficiently
for organizational growth.

Experience Summary

Programmer having more than 13 years of experience in information technology. My expertise lies in
analysis, design, development and implementation of multi-threaded/multi-processing applications
using C++, Java, Perl Scripting and XML in Windows, Linux and UNIX (AIX, Solaris).

Experience in security domain, customer escalation handling.

Professional Experience
Oracle India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

: Jan 2013 till date as Senior Technical Member Staff

Appnomic Systems Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore

: Aug 2012 Jan 2013 as Technical Lead

McAfee Software India Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore : Jan 2005 Aug 2012 as Senior Software Development
TataElxsi Pvt. Ltd, Trivandrum.

: Aug 2004 Jan 2005 as Software Engineer

XStream Software India Ltd, Trivandrum.

: July 2001 Aug 2004 as Software Engineer


: Capable of learning and apply new technologies quickly and efficiently.


: C++, Java, Perl, JavaScript


: Multi-threaded/Scalable cross-platform product design & development.

Dev tools

: Purify/Quantify tools of Rational Rose, DBX, gdb, Windbg & DebugDiag.


: C++ Programming, Design, development & debugging.


First prize for Design and implementing fastest methods to run Live Virus Testing (LVT) in McAfee.

Customer advocate award of quarter for the customer focus and support in McAfee.

1997 2001

: B.E. in Computer Science & Engineering at Government College of

Engineering, Tirunelveli with 64.5%

1996 1997

: Higher Secondary with 87.4% from D.V.D Higher Secondary School,

1994 1995

: Matriculated with 79.6% from Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya,


Product Details
@Oracle (Jan 2013 till date)
Oracle Fusion Applications
Oracle Fusion Applications (OFA) is a suite of enterprise resource planning software applications. It is
distributed across various product families including financial management, human capital management,
customer relationship management, supply chain management, procurement, governance, and project
portfolio management.
Tools: C++, Java, Python, Ruby, Node.JS, bash scripting

Porting of Fusion applications for platforms Solaris & AIX.

Analyze performance and resolve bottlenecks on platforms.
Deployment and analysis of code using Sonarqube.
Development of custom widgets and plugin for Sonarqube.
Create and analyze code auditing rules for Sonarqube.

@Appnomic (Aug 2012 Jan 2013)

AppsOne is a next generation Application Performance Management software (APM) that enables IT
operations to deliver superior software application performance and user experience with preventive Early
Warning Alerts and advanced analytics.
Tools: C++, Wireshark

Handled development of Protocol Stack agent in platforms Windows, Linux & AIX
Designed and implemented handling of TIBCO transactions.
Handled customer escalation.

@McAfee (Jan 2005 Aug 2012)

McAfee Security for Lotus Domino formerly GroupShield for Lotus Domino (McAfee) - Threat
protection for IBM Lotus Domino Server
McAfee Security for Lotus Domino provides comprehensive content security for Lotus Domino servers.
The product provides multi-layered protection for incoming and outgoing emailfrom on demand
malware scanning to policy enforcement for preventing loss or abuse of sensitive data. The product was
Tools: C++, XML, JavaScript, PostgresSQL

Analyze, Solve customer escalations, Notes NSD files to fix the crashes.
Integrate newer Spam and virus scan engine.
Analyze and optimize the shared memory usage in the product on AIX.
Porting of product to 64bit applications for supporting 64bit Domino.
Analyze and fix memory leaks.
Added status and reporting tasks.

Notes MIME handler & parser to extract/scan complete MIME scanning to handle MIME exploits
& vulnerabilities.
Designed and implemented Dead mail monitoring.
Improved logging to enable effective diagnostics.
Implemented an analysis tool to pump threat samples to the product, analysis the result and
prepare report based on the result.
Handled patch, bug fix deployment.

McAfee Security for Microsoft Exchange formerly GroupShield for Microsoft Exchange (McAfee)

Design and analysis of performance improvement in VSAPI scan.

Black/White list management for the product.
Support for HTML alerts.
Enhancement of product reporting.
Support for Microsoft Exchange 2010.
Policy replication across DAG Exchange servers.
Spam handling in transport scan agents.
Implementation performance counters of product for Windows 2008 server.

XPMPRO (Aug 2004 Jan 2005)
Client: RHK Technologies USA.
XPMPRO is control system software for scanning probe microscope. The software communicates with
different controllers like SPM 100, AFM etc. to control the microscope.
Tools: C++, MFC

Involved in the implementation of data acquiring from the controller (device interaction layer)
Converting the data into topographic images, Spectroscopic graphs, Oscilloscope data
Multi-threaded notifying of UI with data availability
Monitor the status of the controller.

@XStream Software (INDIA) Ltd.

RapidSVG (Nov 2001 Aug 2004)
RapidSVG is a Programming-free Graphical tool for Scalable Vector Graphics. The product is
used to create and deploy presentations, web pages in SVG with rich interactivity and animations. It has
predefined interactive objects. The interactive objects contain predefined actions and validations. A large
variety of animations can be created easily.
Tools: C++, MFC, SVG, JavaScript

Support for SVG objects with view box support.

Import/Export of objects in to SVG format, proprietary format.
Support to add event handlers in Java script for SVG events.
Implementation of SVG patterns and custom palette/pattern generation tool.
Implementation of SVG path Object.
Added support for SVG animations.

Compression / decompression of SVG files.

Designed and implemented the various types of charts.
Design and implemented SVG gradients and gradients editing tool.
Implementation of library of objects.

Personal Details




Date of birth

9th Jan 1980

Marital status