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French Far East Expeditionary Corps (French: Corps Expditionnaire Franais en ExtrmeOrient, CEFEO) was a colonial expeditionary force

of theFrench Union Army that was initially formed

in French Indochina during 1945 during the Pacific War. The CEFEO later fought and lost in the First
Indochina War against the Viet Minh rebels.


1.1Pacific War (1945)

1.2First Indochina War (19461954)

1.3Dissolution (1956)


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4Far East Forces


4.1Groupe d'Opration Nord-Ouest (GONO)

4.2Forces Terrestres en Extrme-Orient (FTEO)

4.3Forces Maritimes en Extrme-Orient (FMEO)

4.4Forces Ariennes en Extrme-Orient (FAEO)

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Pacific War (1945)[edit]
Main article: Japanese coup d'tat in French Indochina
The CEFEO was created in early 1945 as a replacement for the older Far East French Expeditionary
Forces (Forces Expditionnaires Franaises d'Extrme-Orient, FEFEO). Its purpose was to support
Saigon-based General Gilbert Sabattier, divisional commander of colonial "Indochina French
Forces" (Forces Franaises d'Indochine)[1] and Free French Forces resistance small
groups C.L.I. then fighting with the Japanese Southern Expeditionary Army Groupduring the March
coup. After the 1944 Liberation of France and the fall of Nazi Germany in Europe the following year,

the French authorities wanted to "free" the last Axis powers occupied territories in Southeast Asia,
these included the newly established Empire of Vietnam, which was a Japanese colony. On June 7,
1945, Leclerc was nominated commander of the CEFEO. On June 22, Leclerc transferred command
of the 2nd Armored Division(2me D.B.) -the famous unit which had