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SysArc Infomatix

Redefining Technology

LENDperfect Consumer Lending

LENDperfect a new approach to lending
Today's lending institutions face competitive challenges that were unheard of a few years ago. Loan
departments are often working with existing systems which are slow, inefficient, or both. SysArc Infomatix
is aware that successful competitors need top quality tools, and we have responded by developing LENDperfect which is our Lending Automation Processing System. Our technical analysts spent time carefully
observing and documenting the loan-processing workflow. Based on input from functional experts in the
banking industry we have incorporated many new and innovative features into this exceptional loanprocessing product.
Our functional architects conceived and developed the solution that:
> Reduces risk
> Speeds-up Lending
> Increases Customer Satisfaction
> Expands Market Size
> Helps in Management and Control of Lending
LENDperfect provides an integrated & comprehensive solution to all the needs of a lending institution. It is
scalable and provides a good fit for any size of organization - from small community banks and
co-operative banks to multilevel, nationwide lending institutions. All this can be accomplished without the
need to touch a line of code.
This automated lending solution features:
Comprehensive Loan Origination for Commercial Loans:
> Workflow automation that expedites the flow of loan applications through various stages seam
lessly within time frames provided
> Risk management tools that allow underwriters to automatically evaluate loan packages and
alerts that draw attention to doubtful situations. Personal Risk Management facility evaluates
applicants for Liquidity, Collateral and Credit History. Also evaluates applicants on a credit
scoring matrix which can be defined by the bank.
> Document scanning that enables digital storage and transmission of loan documents.
> Document Facility that allows the organization to define the documents to be submitted by the
applicants and those to be generated by the bank.
> Outstanding reporting capabilities that facilitate performance review of loans & personnel across
various levels & structures of the organization
> Internet loan application module that allows borrowers to apply for loans from the convenience of
their homes.
> Operational controls which support various levels of lending authority
> Comprehensive security ensures that users access and manipulate information, only based on
data and navigation rights set by the lending institution.

LENDperfect is a versatile product which can be implemented as a whole loan processing solution, or
installed as a series of integrated modules. This flexible approach makes the power of workgroup loan
processing available to organizations of all sizes.
Loan Origination Consumer Loans
This electronic form captures the information that most lending institutions obtain from an individual for a
personal loan. It also provides the ability to capture information on co-borrowers and guarantors. Screen
forms have been designed for collecting and processing information related to various types of assets &
liabilities as well as financial obligations of the borrower and the co-borrowers. The product is "web enabled," to allow prospective borrowers to complete these forms and submit them for processing via the Inter

Work Flow
A loan processing cycle typically involves movement of information from one reviewer to another. As the
value of the loan amount increases the workflow gets more complex. Physical movement of the application
and supporting documents has been a required part of the process in the past. With LENDperfect the entire
flow of information can be electronic.
Each function in the processing chain is defined as a "flow point" and the application package is sent to the
next person in the chain upon completion of a particular action. The time allowed for each action can be set
and the designated supervisor is alerted in case of delay at any of the "flow points". In this way, the system
assures that there are no delays in the processing of the loan. Efficiency reports can be generated to reveal
any recurring delays at specific "flow points" so that corrective action can be taken.
The work flow module facilitates electronic processing of the loan application between several "work flow
points" which can be set up to meet the unique needs of every organization depending on their size, structure and review / approval methodology. It provides the capability to review any application at whatever
stage it may be and ascertain reasons for the stage at which an application is presently in. Reports can be
run to identify performance of employees, products, branches in any combination, which can be a useful
tool to reward productivity as well as in staffing decisions.

Credit Scoring
Understanding and rating risk is one of the key success factors in lending. The risk associated with personal
borrowers is mainly assessed through their ability to repay and is based on their discretionary income.
LENDperfect can be configured to apply the business rules of the lending institution with respect to the
liquidity, liability and the credit standing of the borrower, with interfaces to major credit bureau reports which
can be downloaded automatically on subscription. Based on data captured in the application form, the
reviewer is presented with an electronic analysis, to assist in their decision process.

Loan Committee
The Loan Committee Module can efficiently control information flow to decision makers for loan approvals.
This module provides the lender with flexibility in assigning decision makers to individual loans or to specific
loan classifications. Loan Committee members can be in different locations, but still be able to view all or
any part of the complete loan documentation.
Loan Committee members can preview loan information before meetings, share written notes or concerns
on each loan. Loan Committee members have the option of printing out all or any page of the loan documentation.
This module will allow the lender to assign multiple committees based on loan amount or loan classification.

This module gives lending institutions the ability to digitally capture and store various documents that may
be required as part of the loan package. LENDperfect accepts documents input from industry standard
graphics devices which run in the MS Windows environment. These digital documents can then be
reviewed as necessary and transmitted to the next "flow point" resulting in considerable savings of time and
money. It becomes easier to transfer the loan package to the next point in the process without the need for
stacks of paper work to accompany the application.
Further, LENDperfect stores all legal documents of the institution and enables the user to print out all such
documents with the borrower data once a loan is approved. The documents can be printed at any location
as desired by the user.

One very valuable feature of LENDperfect is the number and variety of data reports that can be generated
for review and analysis. From product popularity and processing efficiency, to application status, there are
large numbers of reports available for each level of the organization. These reports enable different types
of analysis for strategic management and presentation of data for review by senior management.