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Requirements to obtain a short-stay visa for Invitation

(to participate to a conference, congress ecc. in Italy)

1. Application form + 1 picture with white background
2. Passaport + color photocopy (essential pages containing picture, signature
and validity)
The holder of a old type passport of the Peoples Republic of China has
to present also the copy of the last page containg the bears signature.
(After checking, the passport will be returned immediately to applicant)

3. Alien Registration Card issued by the Immigration Office + color

photocopy (After checking, the Alien Registration Card will be returned
immediately to applicant)

4. Airticket (return ticket) + photocopy

5. Invitation Letter in original from the organization of the conference
in Italy (containing personal data of the applicant, purpose and
period of stay, seal of the organization, Address, Phone and Fax
Number of the Organization, signature of the person who signed the
Invitation Letter) accompanied by the photocopy of the passport or
ID card (pages containing the personal data and signature) of the
person who produced the invitation letter.

In case of an inviting organization based out of Italy, you

must attach also a statement of the coordinator in Italy
containing his /her name, title, postal address, zip code,
e-mail address, tel. & fax number etc.
6. Receipt (Payment of participation fee)
7. Certificate of Attendance or Certificate of Employment in original
issued by the Korean university or Company
8. proof of economic means of support, as per Ministry of Interior
Directive 1.3.2000 see table A(*) (e.s.Declaration concerning the
expenses during the sojourn in Italy issued by the Korean university
accompanied by the Certificate of Employment of the person who
signed/ Company or proof of sufficient means of subsistence such as
statement of account, travellers cheques, credit cards or any other
means offering proof of resources in foreign currency)
9. Documentation concerning the intended accommodation, e.g. hotel
reservation, rental contract, invitation letter, cetificate of

commitment by the host, legalized by the competent local authority

in the Schengen country, etc.
10. Overseas travel insurance minimum insured amount 30.000 Euro
for the medical expenses in schengen countries excluding medical
expenses in Korea in case of sickness and accident during your travel
in Italy and / or schengen courtries stipulated with one of
Insurance Companies (AIA, LIG, Samsung Fire & Marine
Insurance Company ecc.)
No visas are issued by the Italian Embassy directly. All visas must be
authorized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
. Administrative fee: KRW 76100 (= Euro 60)
Administrative fee for nationals from Ukraine, Russian Federation,
Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Moldova,
Georgia) : KRW 44.400 (=Euro 35)

Number of participants to the travel
Duration of the travel

One participant Two or more participants



From 1 to 5 days:
Total fixed quota



From 6 to 10 days:
Daily quota per person



From 11 to 20 days:
Fixed quota
Daily quota per person



More than 20 days:

Fixed quota
Daily quota per person



Applicants have to present documents - except copies of bankbook - issued in

English, otherwise accompanied by the translations into Italian or in English.
Be advised:
the Diplomatic or Consular Representation reserves the
right to request further documentation

It is required that the visa applicants apply personally to the


EVERY applicant of visas need to book an

appointment .
After checking, the passport will be returned immediately to applicant.
- The visa applicants can pick up their visas personally or through a third person
who brings a power of attorney, passport and the temporary receipt of the visa
applicants. That third person has to present also a photocopy of his/her ID card.

For the collection through a third person, the following documents must be
1) your power of attorney IN ORIGINAL signed by you (containg motivation,
personal data of the third person, relation with the third person ecc.)
2) passport
3) eventual temporary receipt of acceptance of the application (if issued by the
Consular Section)
4) a photocopy of the ID card of a third person
We inform you that the certificate of alien registration issued by the
Immigration Office must be valid for at least three months at the moment of
application of the visa and that the procedure for the nationals from some
countries like Philippines, Colombia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Afghanistan,
Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Libia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Vietnam ecc.
is very long Excluding days which are necessary to this Embassy for the
examination of the documentation and to the applicant for the intergration of
the documentation if needed, in average it takes 2 weeks and if they have luck
slightly less than 2 weeks, otherwise more than 2 weeks. We invite

nationals of the said countries to apply, for the prudence and if

possible, one month before their departure from Korea.
For nationals from countries different from the said
countries, the procedure is normal but we ask them to

apply approximately 2 weeks before their departure

from Korea.

List of countries whose citizens are exempt from the visa

requirement for short stays
Nationals of the following countries do not require a visa for visits up to a
maximum of 90 days, for tourism, on missions, business, invitations, ought to take
part in sports events, study:
Albania, Andorra, Antigua and Barbuda, Argentina, Australia, Bahamas,
Barbados, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Brazil, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica,
Croatia, El Salvador, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM),
Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Macao, Mauritius,
Mexico, Monaco, Montenegro, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Northern Marianas,
Panama, Paraguay, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, South
Korea, Taiwan, United States, Uruguay, Venezuela , United Arab Emirates.

Citizens of Taiwan exemption from visa obligation is applied exclusively to

holders of passports with identity card number included.

Citizens of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of

Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia are exempt from visa obligation
only if the passport contains biometric data.
This does not apply to citizens of Serbia holding passports issued by the
Serbian Coordination Directorate (Koordinaciona uprava).