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September 26, 2016

Church Leadership
Our ministers and lay leaders are available
to answer any questions you may have to
help you connect with the ministries of
First Baptist Church.
Rev. Matt Sturtevant
Senior Pastor, x.202
Rev. Cheryl Harader
Associate Pastor of Adult Spiritual
Formation, x.204
Tim Bonner
Intern of Adult Spiritual Formation
Michaela Schenkel
Intern of Childrens Spiritual Formation
X. 205
Jenny Purvis
Office Manager, x.203
Holly Grassy
Bookkeeper, (785) 917-9622
Evelyn Falen
Mark Robinson
Chancel Choir Director
Christy Miller
8:30 Worship Instrumentalist
Susan Pauls
Digital Outreach Liaison
John Pauls
Buddy Langford

Family Promise Host Week

Preparing for Worship

at First Baptist

October 2 2016

October 916

Worship services at
8:30 & 10:45 a.m.

Some say, Beauty is in the eye of the

twentieth Sunday after


beholder. I get that. I wont dispute it. But,

Rev. Cheryl harader
beauty is also in the eye of the one with understanding. Looking at Family Promise from
the outside, you might think its just another service provider. Just a program. But Ive
had the chance over the past several months to take a closer look. Ive discovered
something I didnt see at first: Beauty. Take the Day Center. When I first stepped inside, I saw a plain, old house. Scuffed floors. Frankly, a little dirty. In some places, it
looks downright dangerous. But Ive been here long enough to understand a little better. To see more closely. The Day Center is a home. And we all know a home is much
more beautiful than a house. Its a home because for some very real people who didnt have a home for a while it represents all the things that make a home such a wonderful thing...Can I say it: Family? Something I hadnt really thought of, before I was introduced to homelessness here, is that living without a home can be lonely. How beautiful it is to see strangers enter the program and graduate as friends. Safety. Rest. Peace.
Hope. Friendship even family. The Day Center is a home. The Day Center is beautiful.Take Calysta (not her real name). Just an ordinary kid. Shes followed her dad from
place to place. Sleeping on her cousins couch for a while. Then at her grandmothers
for a few weeks. For a while, she slept on the floor of someone she didnt even know.
She was scared. She cant remember ever living in their own home. Not a pretty picture.
But then they came to Family Promise. She was scared then too. Different volunteers every
night. Different church every week. But after a couple weeks she felt weird good
weird: comfortable and safe. After a couple months she heard her dad talking about an
apartment and maybe getting her own room. She had heard that before, so she simply
didnt believe it. Then, one day, they emptied out their closet in the basement of the
Day Center. They drove across town to an apartment building. Then, she heard her dad
say something she couldnt remember hearing before ever. It was beautiful in her
ears: Welcome home, baby. Her smile was so big, it mustve hurt her face. Most people wouldnt be impressed by that apartment. But if you could see it through Calystas
eyes with eyes of understanding youd surely call it Beautiful
Call It Beautiful, by Shaun LePage, Lawrence Family Promise, Family Service Coordinator
New hosts or meal providers at First Bapst Host Week always welcome! Please contact Susan
Pauls (550-4250, lucyconarki@gmail.com) or Wendy Wheeler (393-3688, wswheeler@gmail.com)

First Baptist Chancel Choir invites you to attend

Mah Sui
October 10

Mason Heilman
October 1
Henry Mathis
October 1
Sally Don Weinaug
October 1
Evie Johnston
October 2
Kaitlyn Lumpkin
October 2

Sunday, October 16
6-8 p.m.
Corpus Christi Church (6001 Bob Billings Pkwy)

Kristine Druen
October 15

Featured Family
Rebecca Esparza has experienced a long and winding
road in becoming a Habitat
She moved to
Lawrence with
her family almost eight years
ago, and overcame a number
of hurdles in
life and periods
of homelessness, eventually becoming a non-traditional
student at KU, a Family Promise graduate, and recently
earned a Master's degree.
Rebecca says that she leaned on her faith during many
of the hard times, and was confident that her family
would find a better home. She has become a social
worker here in Lawrence, and says that she now works
to help others just as she was once helped. "I want to
be that hand up that so many people were to me," she
When asked about her first thoughts upon learning she
would be a Habitat homeowner, Rebecca said "I am
blessed beyond words. This is a gift, a gift worth working for throughout the next year or so." She says she is
incredibly excited to have a place to call her own, "built
with our hands," as she says, "and giving me a security
that I have never had - my own home."

Clay Weinaug
October 17
Bob Pattie
October 19
Linda Warren
October 19
Hazel Nitcher
October 21
Dava Cooper
October 23

Shawn Benorden
October 24

Bokhee Lee
October 5
Nathan Knight
October 7
Verlin Gilbert
October 8
Janice Pattinson
October 9

*A beneit for the Building On Faith program

Rebekah Johnston
October 12
Greer Mathis
October 13

Winston Heilman
October 23

Linda Lewis
October 4

Music Fest 2016

Kelly Johnson
October 25
Emma Druen
October 28
Logan Druen
October 28

*Music provided by seven area churches (including

First Baptist Chancel Choir.) Ample parking for all and
refreshments served following the concert.

Quarterly Business Luncheon & Meeting, October 23, 12:002:00 p.m.

Graceful Engagement Team

The Spiritual Leadership Team has finalized the
members of the team that will lead the congregation
in the graceful engagement about LGBTQ issues.
The members of the team are Cecilia Adam, Nancy
Bonner, Ginger Boring, April Hite, Bryan Miller,
John Pauls, Julie Pierce, Lee Rader, Dawn Trent,
and Sally Don Weinaug. The first meeting of this
team will be on Thursday, September 29. It is my
plan to provide regular reports on the materials that
are being discussed and the plans for including the
entire congregation in the discussion. Please pray
for this group of people as we meet and pray together. Feel free to contact me if you have questions
about the process or the team.
John Pauls

Womens One-Day Retreat,

this Saturday. 11:00 a.m.
Scholarships are available for those with financial constraints. (Please
contact April Hite,
akhite@gmail.com or 865
-0985.) Pay at the door!
When: Sat., Oct. 1, 2016
Where: 1001 E 1200 Rd., SW Lawrence
Time: 11:00 a.m.
Cost: $20 (lunch/snacks provided)
Pottery Painting: (optional, $)

Youth Group Schedule:

Sunday, Oct. 2
Chupper: Pauls/Schenkel
5:30-Chupper (bring $2)
Upcoming dates to remember:
Oct. 9 (Family Promise in house)Mission Night/Park
Clean-Up/Sack dinner. Details TBA.

Remember in Prayer
You are invited to send prayer requests to:
(E-mail coordinator) Betty Colbert, bchilder@ku.edu
(Telephone Prayer Chain Coordinators) Hazel Nitcher, 8435302; Annie Merriam, 841-1384.
Local Congregation: St. Lawrence Catholic Campus
Regional Minister: ABC of the Great Rivers Region: Rev. Muriel
Johnson, serving in Columbia, Missouri
International Ministries Missionaries: Joel
& Patricia Magal, serving in
Joel Hoefle and Patricia Trish Magal are development workers serving in
Thailand and Myanmar.
Trish is developing and documenting
an approach to empower people to relate and dialogue in a more authentic
way in a cultural context, including both national and ethnic
considerations. Trish is teaching English, exercise, music, dance
and drama to women at the New Life Center Foundation,
Chiang Rai, Thailand.
Joel assists with developing tools and methodologies to build
greater trust and understanding within civil society, utilizing his
previous experience to enhance the effectiveness of initiatives to
facilitate positive transformation within communities and between groups who are in conflict with each other. The couple is
employed by Hope International (HI), an IM partner, and jointly appointed by International Ministries. They are the first global
servants serving in Myanmar since 1965.

Welcome New member

Meet Matt Tucker! Matt joined First
Baptist on September 11 during the
10:45 service. Welcome!

Registration: 1:00 pm
Walk Start: 2:00 pm
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
2211 Inverness Dr
Lawrence, KS 66047

Sunday Morning Volunteers

First Baptist Church
1330 Kasold Drive
Lawrence, Kansas 66049
785/843-0021 (fax)

October 2
Nursery 9:15-12:00 p.m.Amy Munsterman
Extended Care 9:15-12:00 p.m.Margaret Lambie
Sunday DriverNeal Purvis, 766-5244
Sunday A/VTBA SoundTBA
Wednesday Menu Sept. 28:

Life of the Church

Wednesday, Sept. 28
6:00 p.m.Mid-week meal
6:30 p.m.Sacred Music Academy
6:40 p.m.Youth Bible Study
6:40 p.m.Two-Way Sermon Feedback/
Preview Life Group
Thursday, Sept. 29
6:00 p.m.Yoga with Nancy
7:30 p.m.Chancel Choir rehearsal
Saturday, Oct. 1
11:00 a.m.Wms One-Day Retreat (home
of Nancy Burt)
Sunday, Oct. 2
8:30 a.m.Worship service
9:30 a.m.Sunday School
10:45 a.m.Worship service
5:00 p.m.ABY/Chupper
Looking Ahead:
Oct. 9: CROP Walk
Oct. 9: Family Promise Week
Oct. 23: Quarterly Business Meeting
Nov. 20: Thanksgiving Dinner & Worship & Pledge

-Pot luck dessert

Staff Whereabouts
Pastor Matt and family will be taking some vacation time later this week to Indiana,
Sept. 30-Oct. 3.

By the Numbers
as of September 18, 2016
Weekly Receipts:
YTD Receipts:
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Cumulative Giving:


Purchased to Date:
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246 chairs
4 chairs

Contributions (September)
Received assistance (# of individuals/families)

Church Office:
785/843.0020, ext. 203
(dont forget to like it!)


If you would like more detailed financial information, please contact

our bookkeeper at grassyclan@att.net, 917-9622.
Thank you for your generous giving. Your generosity helps to make
our many ministries possible. Offering envelopes are available each
Sunday or you may choose to give at www.firstbaptistlawrence.com
Look for Simplegive tab.