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Globalisation has become a trend right now. Because of the
globalisation, we can talk about our idea, moreover the idea
about politics, freely. We can talk about politics anywhere
and anytime. Because of the globalisation, politics becomes
something that always can be found, heard, and seen in our
daily life. In spite of the fact that we always find, hear, and
see politics in our daily life, some of us or even the majority
of us may not know about the meaning of politics itself.
Well, politics has many perceptions from different experts,
but all of the perceptions point to these five perceptions:
state, power, public policy, decision making, distribution and
allocation (Agustino, 2007). Besides those five perceptions,
which were contributed by the experts, politics also has
another perceptions: politics is one of the ways to get power;
politics is something that can affecting and influencing other
people daily life; and politics is protecting and advancing our
interests, particular ideas or goals.
Since the globalisation becomes a trend, many experts doing
research about the effects of globalisation to our daily life,
moreover the anthropologists. Anthropologist known as the
person who studies anthropology. Well, anthropology itself is
a study of various aspects of humans within past and
present societies, anthropology is also a global discipline
where humanities, social, and natural sciences are forced to
confront one another (Haskings-Winner, et al., 2011).
Anthropology was built by natural science (the discoveries
about the origin and evolution of Homo sapiens, human
physical traits, human behaviour, the variations among
different groups of humans, how the evolutionary past
of Homo sapiens has influenced its social organization and

culture), and social science (society, the organisation of

human social and cultural relations, social institutions, social
conflicts, etc.).
Hence, according to the description about politics and
anthropology above, some experts did a research, and found
out political anthropology. Political anthropology, according
to the one of the experts, is not a science but rather an
approach that emphasizes and see politics as an element of
the elements of culture, and society, and also they affect each
other (Balandier, 1972). Political anthropology approach has
objects study that look like a mix between the object of
anthropology and politics, such as: power between the people
in a culture society, the values of social structure, and so on.
The political anthropology approach is also analysing the
descent and kinship system.