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20 September 2016 / RCN / IX - 1
-----------------------THE CHAIRPERSON. (Continuing) believe in the wisdom of the Secretary.
They have passed upon all of these affidavits, they have worked on these witnesses,
and I would like to think that they did this in in accordance with the rules on and if
we apply the rules on regularity, then we can to to In the sense of the Chair, I
think this is a matter that can be dispensed with. After all, we have yet to hear the
testimonies. And Im almost certain all of the Members of this Committee would like
to hear what these witnesses would testify on.
So anyway, I hear no objection except comments, so there is a motion, it
has been seconded, is there any objection? There being none
REP. F. H. CASTRO. Mr. Chairman, my question has not yet been clarified. I
need the clarification and my question should be addressed.
THE CHAIRPERSON. This this is recommendatory. We will vote upon
whether or not we will recommend to the Speaker the grant of immunity pursuant to
Section 4 of the law. And as clarified by the Secretary of Justice, this is a prerequisite to the grant of immunity by the Department of Justice at the proper time. So
I hope I have clarified the matter with Your Honor.
REP. F. H. CASTRO. In amplification of that, Mr. Chairman, if our approval
here is condition precedent to granting of the immunity, will it now be timely for us to
ask these witnesses to testify even prior to the signature of the Speaker?
REP. FARIAS. Mr. Chairman, to pacify the Deputy Speaker, precisely, lets
vote on it now, then Ill bring it to the Speaker and get the definitive action of the
Speaker whether he will approve it or not. So we have to do this first so that we can
get the result.
REP. F. H. CASTRO. And we will have to do it first before we proceed with the
testimony of the witnesses.
REP. FARIAS. Of course, of course.

That is the clarification I was waiting, Mr. Majority

THE CHAIRPERSON. Thank you for that.
May I recognize also Vice-Chairsandali muna
REP. VICENTE S. E. VELOSO. Well, Mr. Chairman, I was about to say this
before the Honorable Majority Leader came up with his view, we must remember that

20 September 2016 / RCN / IX - 2
-----------------------one of the principal authors of Resolution 105 is no less than the Speaker himself. I
cannot imagine the Speaker denying the request of the lawyers of the witnesses, that
the witnesses be immune in whatever testimony they will give before this Body. But
just the same, since the Majority Leader already assured the Deputy Speaker that he
will be going straight to the Speaker and seek the approval, then we may as well now
vote on It, Mr. Chairman.
THE CHAIRPERSON. Thank you for that. So there has been a motion, and it
has been duly seconded, there being no objection, the same this request or letter
requesting the Speaker requesting the Speaker for immunity for the six witnesses
named by Honorable Roque is hereby approved.
REP. RANEO E. ABU. Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chairman.
THE CHAIRPERSON. Deputy Speaker Abu.
REP. ABU. For the record, Mr. Chairman, showing fairness and partiality by
the impartiality by the Committee, na-mention na iyong pangalan ni Secretary De
Lima, and for the record, Mr. Chairman, the office of Secretary De Lima received the
invitation coming from this Committee by Ms. Lyka Marcelo.

And on this letter,

paragraph 2, it read as, In this regard, we are inviting you, as the former Secretary of
the Department of Justice, to attend the meeting of the Committee on September 20
and 21, 2016, 9:30 a.m., Conference 3 and 4, Mitra Building, House of
Representatives, Quezon City, to shed light on the matter and to assist the
Committee in its inquiry.
So pinakikita natin iyong fairness, pinakikita ng Committee iyong fairness.
She invokes you interparliamentary courtesy.

And, personally, Mr. Chairman, a

manifestation that ang tamang kortisiya na maibibigay natin sa kasamahan natin sa

isang co-equal chamber ay magkaroon siya ng lugar kung saan mapapasubalian niya
kung ano man ang mga bagay na madi-discuss dito. Iyon ang pinakamagandang
kortisiya na maibibigay sa kung sino man ang mababanggit na pangalan dito.
Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Thank you for that manifestation.

REP. ACOP. Mr. Chair.
THE CHAIRPERSON. I understand, the

So we now

20 September 2016 / RCN / IX - 3
-----------------------REP. ACOP. Mr. Chair.
THE CHAIRPERSON. Secretary will now make a video presentation. But
before that
REP. ACOP. Mr. Chair.
THE CHAIRPERSON. Congressman Acop.
REP. ACOP. May I know if we have granted immunity to the witness that
will who will testify this morning?
THE CHAIRPERSON. Its being worked on by the Majority Floor Leader now
thats why his seat is now vacant. But the continuation is on the presentation of some
video materials prepared by Department of Justice as we await the disposal of said
request for immunity. So can we now proceed, Your Honor?
REP. ACOP. Mr. Chair, the as you have stated, the Majority Floor Leader is
already going to the Speaker. We havent voted, its a condition sine qua non that we
vote first.
THE CHAIRPERSON. It has been moved, there was no objection, we did
not we need not divide the house because there was no objection. So that motion
is carried.
REP. ACOP. So may I suggest that we do not let or allow the witnesses to
testify first kasi its for their safety.

Without the immunity granted, any person

mentioned in their testimony will be able to run after them. So we take care of their
safety also, Mr. Chair. Thank you.
THE CHAIRPERSON. Thank you for that. Are there testimonies or will they
be covered in your video presentation, Mr. Secretary?
MR. AGUIRRE. Mr. Chairman, it will just be a video, lets just watch it.
THE CHAIRPERSON. So can we give this time to the Secretary of Justice for
his video presentation?
MR. AGUIRRE. Opo. Actually, we are presenting this to show what kind of
bilibid we have before the SAF troopers took over last July 20.
Video Presentation

20 September 2016 / RCN / IX - 4