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To disable automatic updates:

1) run gpedit.msc. This will allow you to edit the local group policy.
2) In the group policy editor, navigate to Computer Configuration -> Administrat
ive Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Update
3) On the right-hand pane, locate the setting called "Configure Automatic Update
s" and double-click it
4) Set this policy setting to enabled and pick whichever behaviour you want Wind
ows Updates to use. I recommend "notify to download, notify to install", but you
can completely turn updates off completely by setting it to never check or noti
fy. The 'schedule' drop-downs don't really matter unless you pick one of the aut
o-downloads/install options.
5) Click Ok and close gpedit.msc. Windows should now behave as you told it to (t
hough a reboot may be needed.)
To control Windows Updates via Powershell:
1) Download the PSWindowsUpdate Powershell module from Technet
2) Extract the zip file to C:\windows\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\modules\
3) Open a Powershell console as administrator
4) Set Powershell to allow unsigned scripts to run:
set-executionpolicy unrestricted
5) import the PSWindowsUpdate module:
import-module pswindowsupdate
6) Use the PSWindowsUpdate cmdlets to control the updates how you want.
#Type Get-WUList to get a list of available updates
#Use Hide-WUUpdate to hide updates. You can select them by certain criteria such
as the name, KB number, or -update type (such as hiding all drivers in the curr
ent update list)
Examples of Hide-WUUpdate syntax:
- Hide all updates based on their name (or part of their name using the * wildca
Hide-WUUpdate -Title 'Windows Mailicious*'
This would hide all updates whose names begin with "Windows Malicious"
- Hide a specific update using its KB number
Hide-WUUpdate -KBArticleID KB982861
This would hide the update with the KB number KB982861.
- Hide an update based on its type
Hide-WUUpdate -UpdateType driver
This would hide all currently available driver updates. You can also use 'Soft
ware' to hide optional software. This does not auto-hide future updates of the
same type though.
- To unhide an update
simply run the same command you would use to hide it, but add the following to
end of the command:
#Type Get-WUinstall to run an update check and install all found updates (other
than those you have hidden). #Unless you set Powershell to auto-confirm, it will
ask you before installing each update so you can also safely reject the ones yo
u don't want at this point.