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Nurse Robert Morse Educational Investigation

Hello all! This is the investigative research I have done on Robert Morse's credentials over the last few months. I hope this
helps clear up what the reality is!
Here are Robert Morse's credentials as best as I could track them down:
* Southern College of Naturopathy - Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine
* Brantridge Forest School - Doctor of Naturopathy
* Brantridge Forest School - Doctorate of Science in Biochemistry
*American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA) Member
*American Naturopathic Medical Certification and Accreditation Board (ANMCAB) Certified Naturopath
*Certification from Dominion Herbal College
* Certification from Iridologists International
* Certification from The Herbal School of Phytotherapy
* The School of Fitness and Nutrition Diploma
* Medical Association of Portugal Honorary Degree
* The International Association of Naturopathic physicians Member?
* The International Association of Naprapathic Physicians Member?
Looks impressive huh? Well lets get started... He supposedly received his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree from
the Southern College of Naturopathic medicine aka Southern College of Naturopathy. In searching for this college online
you will soon find the case SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF NATUROPATHY v. STATE BEEBE. The state of Arkansas won
a case against the Southern College of Naturopathic Medicine and Gary Axley on the grounds that they were allowing
unqualified students of their college to participate in clinical trials where invasive medical techniques were performed.
According to the case they found that:
SCN purported to confer upon its students a doctoral degree in naturopathic medicine after a two-week course at SCN's
campus in Waldron.
As explained in the case after receiving their degree the college told their students that they could then apply to various
health associations. The only problem was none of these Associations were accredited in the field of Naturopathic medicine
as recognized by the US Department of Education. The case states:
SCN informed its students that, once they had completed their degree, they would be able to apply to the American
Association of Drugless Practitioners, the International Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and the American
Naturopathic Medical Association for membership and board certification. However, the State alleged, these claims were
fraudulent and misleading, because none of those entities are recognized by the United States Department of Education as
authorized accreditation entities in the field of naturopathic medicine.
According to Robert Morse's business website drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com he is also a member of one of the
unaccredited associations mentioned above from this case. This is the American Naturopathic Medical Association.
According to the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA) website they have a nondiscriminatory policy in
regards to membership. The website says that they havemembership open to individuals with Doctor of Naturopathy
(N.D.) or Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (N.M.D.), as well as other health care fields.
I was in contact with an independent researcher who emailed ANMA in regards to who could be accepted to this
association. ANMA's reply was as follows:

Hi ****, Well not exactly we do have a supporting category which does allows lay people who just want to help ANMA
with our political endeavours. Practitioners qualify in the professional category. So many associations only allow members
from schools they or other members operate. We welcome graduates from all legally operating schools. Thank you, Julie
So you have an association that has a nondiscriminatory policy for membership that is welcoming all graduates from legally
operating schools. So if someone is applying with an unaccredited degree it would be discriminatory to not recognize that
degree as applicable for membership. So once you have one of these fake degrees the only thing you must do then is pay
$350 for a Professional/Associate membership.
Robert Morse's association with ANMA and his degree in Naturopathy from SCN does not make him any more of a
doctor than individuals who never went to college. The Arkansas case confirmed this. According to the case students who
completed the two week course at SCN were not eligible to transfer their SCN credits to any of the nationally recognized
or regionally accredited naturopathic medical institutions in the United States.
To become a legitimate licensed and practicing Naturopathic Doctor you would have to pass the national naturopathic
physicians licensing examinations (NPLEX). According to the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners:
To be eligible to take the NPLEX Examinations, you must have completed the appropriate academic requirements at an
approved naturopathic medical program (ANMP). An ANMP is a program that has accreditation or pre-accreditation from
the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME) and offers a minimum four-academic-year, in-residence
curriculum in basic (biomedical) science and clinical didactic studies, as well as clinical (experiential) training leading to an
N.D. degree (United States) or diploma (Canada).
Robert Morse has none of these requirements. This means that he is probably taking a risk still using N.D. behind his
name as it appears on his website and other places that he promotes himself. The Arkansas case ordered Gary Axley to stop
using this N.D. title in connection with Defendant Gary Axley's name or likeness, so as to indicate that he is a medical or
naturopathic doctor. So this was a very broad ruling that prevented Gary Axley from using this title in connection with his
name specifically while offering medical, healthcare, or healing arts services. or selling any medical, healthcare, or
healing art product or service.
Arkansas may have different laws and different precedents set for these types of rulings when compared to Florida, the state
that Robert Morse currently resides in, but it appears he is still walking on a legal tight rope. Creating a private membership
club may be the tactic he is currently using to circumvent these legal challenges and certainly he has mentioned the legal
significance of his private membership club many times in his youtube videos. This tactic likely would not have worked for
Gary Axley after the court order demanded that he be permanently enjoined from entering into, forming, organizing, or
reorganizing into any partnership, corporation, or other legal structure for the purpose of avoiding compliance with the
terms of this Order.
Looking further into the Arkansas case we find out that SCN tried to hide information from the state after they filed a
motion to compel discovery on September 9, 2003. They even closed the college to try to bury the files and records and
transferred them to another organization called the Church of Natural Healing. I will quote the relevant portions below.
In its motion, the State pointed out that it had sent its interrogatories and requests for production twice, but SCN claimed it
had never received them. In response to this claim, the State faxed SCN's counsel another copy of the Second Set of
Interrogatories and Requests for Production. SCN responded to each request with the following:

Objection: Southern College of Naturopathic Medicine is the educational branch of the Church of Natural Healing. As a
result of the injunction, the Southern College of Naturopathic Medicine has been forced to close, thus all files and records
are in the possession of the Church of Natural Healing. Since the Church of Natural Healing is not a party, any request for
information would be outside the scope of this lawsuit and the discovery process.
The trial court held a hearing on the State's motion for sanctions on March 12, 2004. At this hearing, Debbie Axley, the
wife of appellant Gary Axley, testified that, as registrar of SCN, she could have created a list of students' names, addresses,
telephone numbers, and social security numbers, and that she was aware that she was under a court order to provide that
information. Nevertheless, Mrs. Axley stated, she redacted that information on the original copies of approximately 425
student files. At the conclusion of the hearing, the court found that Axley and SCN had willfully disobeyed the court's
order compelling discovery.
So as you can see the SCN certainly would not be considered by most to be a prestigious institution! Is it possible though
that an even more worthless Naturopathy degree could be obtained from this college? Worse than one obtained from a 2
week course? Unfortunately according to Robert Morse's own words the answer is likely yes...On the youtube video titled
Questions & Answers 62 Part 2 from the channel DrRobertMorseND he states that his degree from the SCN was given
to him as a honorary degree for his lifetime work. Honorary degrees are generally given without any work required. They
are not earned degrees and are not recognized as such by employers.
This is not the only education in question from Robert Morse.. He also received diplomas from the Brantridge Forest
School. As the diploma on the picture I provided shows they registered him as a Doctor of Naturopathyand according to
his business website this school also awarded him a diploma for Doctorate of Science in Biochemistry.
The Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) is the main institutional membership organization in the US that
recognizes accredited schools. According to their website they are the primary national voice for accreditation and quality
assurance to the U.S. Congress and U.S. Department of Education.
The Michigan Civil Service Commission has produced a list of unaccredited colleges and universities that is based upon
their exclusion from the CHEA. One of the unaccredited schools on this list is the Brantridge Forest School.
According to the 9th edition of the book Bear's Guide to Non-Traditional College Degrees the Brantridge Forest School
had the same address as the Sussex College of Technology and the University of the Science of Man. The book goes on to
describe the connection with these three schools.
"Sussex is run from a large private home south of London. At the same address and with similar catalogs, are the Brantridge
Forest School and the University of the Science of Man. They all offer "earned degrees' for which a few correspondence
courses are required, and 'extension awards' which are for the same degrees and diplomas for no work at all. Honorary
Doctorates are awarded free, but there is a $100 engraving and processing charge. Other programs cost from $100 to $500."
The Sussex College of Technology was operated by Bruce Copen. He and the Sussex College of Technology were
mentioned in a UK parliament proposition that was put forward on July 11 1973 for a new bill outlawing educational
organizations that the Department of Education and Science did not deem acceptable. Quoted below are the relevant parts of
this discussion.
Often, no doubt, it is to flatter one's ego but it is very often because people genuinely believe that these organisations are
colleges of education, and this view is strengthened because of the recognised high standards of British education, the belief

that this country would not allow such despicable methods to be followed here, and also because a person who genuinely
wishes to further his education, if possible by obtaining a qualification, is misled into accepting the authenticities of these
organisations. Who could blame them when these organisations are called the University of Winchester or the Sussex
College of Technology? Consider for a moment the similarity of the name with that of the genuine Sussex University.
I understand that there are now 30 of these organisations operating in this country and they are making a great deal of
money. Bogus degrees can cost anything up to several hundred pounds each, and the people who run these organisations
have been doing so for a very long time. To name just a few, we have Mr. Charles Brealy, who calls himself an archbishop
of the Old Catholic Church of England. There is a Mr. William Duncan, of University House, Coventry, who, I understand,
specialises in medical degrees; a Dr. Bruce Copen, who is Dean of studies at Sussex College of Technology. Let me say that
he is a doctor of nothing.
We find more about the Sussex College of Technology in the appealed case UNITED STATES of America, PlaintiffAppellee, v. Gregory E. CAPLINGER. This was a case involving wire fraud and international money laundering. Gregory
Caplinger marketed a drug that was supposedly good for treating HIV/AIDS and cancer. He misrepresented his credentials
to present himself as a legitimate physician to investors. The case stated that:
Almost all of Caplinger's medical degrees were mail order ones bought with no study required. For instance,
Caplinger claimed to have received a medical degree from the Metropolitan Collegiate Institute (MCI) in Great Britain and
a Doctor of Science degree from Sussex College of Technology, also in Great Britain. An expert witness for the government
testified that a medical degree from MCI could be bought for $100 with no study required. Sussex College of Technology
was a one-man operation run out of a private home where mail order degrees could be obtained at all levels in all fields,
with no study required.
According to Quackwatch.com a Sussex Police Department investigator obtained a letter from Caplinger that included
information about his education at the Sussex College of Technology. According to the letter he received a Doctor of
Science degree and his transcript showed that he completed 58 hours of study.
More information about Bruce Copen and the Sussex College of Technology can be found from the Indian court case Hari
vs State Of Kerala that took place in 1993. This case involved the appointment of an individual to a position within the
University of Kerala. This individual had obtained a Ph.D Degree from the Sussex College of Technology as a Doctor in
Mass Communication. In the text of this case they stated the Ph.D degree allegedly obtained from Sussex College of
Technology is only a title which could only be used for non-academic purposes.
I will quote the remaining relevant portions of this text below:
To support these contentions, the petitioner has produced several documents. As regards Sussex College degree, the
petitioner produced a photocopy of the Times Higher Education Supplement dt. June 13, 1975. In Ext. P9 it is stated that
Sussex College of Technology was started by one Bruce Copen, a former Corporal and this University offers wide range of
degrees. The petitioner has also produced a photostat copy of the Times' dt. June 18, 1972. There is an article with the
caption "Sussex degree factory sells Ph.D. for 155 pounds". It is stated that this institution sells various educational degrees
and these degrees are not recognised by the educational authorities in U.K.
The petitioner has produced a communication issued from the Department of Education & Science, Sanctuary Buildings,
Great Smith Street, Westminister, London (Ext. P11) to show that in U.K. there are several unrecognised institutions and the
Sussex College of Technology also appeared to be one such independent establishment. It is further stated that in Britain it
has been made a criminal offence to issue unrecognised degrees.

Based on the above facts, the petitioner contended that the third respondent, who obtained Ph.D. degree from the Sussex
College of Technology, made use of that degree for academic purposes and this amounted to grave misconduct. It may be
noted that the application of the third respondent was filed in 1982. That happened nearly 10 years prior to his appointment
as Vice-Chancellor. The counsel for the petitioner strenuously contended that the production of Ph.D. degree from the
Sussex University is a criminal offence and therefore the third respondent is not morally bound to continue as ViceChancellor.
So as you can see the degrees from Brantridge Forest School and connected institutions are not legitimate. It is anyone's
guess how long Robert Morse's study was from this school. His Naturopathy diploma states that he Completed a course of
study in Naturopathy. At least in this case it appears that he actually did some work to earn this degree as apposed to just
purchasing it, but if similar to Gregory Caplinger's education of 58 hours it still is not at all comparable to a nationally
respected and recognized degree that would give confidence to the public in regards to his ability to operate as a Doctor of
Robert Morse also claims he is a Board Certified Naturopath by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification and
Accreditation Board (ANMCAB). This organization just happens to have been formerly owned by the same person that also
used to own the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA). This individual is Donald Hayhurst. According to a
Seattle times article Hayhurst is one of the two businessmen who owns the bulk of these health-care credentialing
organizations that operate as mail-order factories. The article states:
Donald Hayhurst, 71, is the godfather of mail-order health-care credentials. He has issued thousands of credentials to
practitioners, and he accredits some schools.
Hayhurst has doled out 4,000 ANMA memberships, at a cost of $350 apiece.
he had formed the American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board. Under this flag, Hayhurst accredited schools and
later issued credentials such as board certified naturopathic physician.
In 2003, Hayhurst split off that part of his organization. A man operating in Missoula, Mont., now doles out naturopathic
credentials to people who pay nearly $700 and pass an exam.
Digging further into Donald Hayhurst we find that he claimed to be a graduate of schools that never even existed or that
existed but with no record of him ever attending. In the caseDonald C. Hayhurst, Nmd, Phd., Plaintiff-appellant, v. Thomas
A. Kruzel, Nd. Thomas Kruzel stated that Hayurst claims a degree from a school whose existence is uncertain, as well as
a mail order degree from Clayton University". The case states that no U.S. licensing agency would recognize this
Kruzel supplied a Douglas County sheriff's report which investigated Hayhurst and his credentials. I will quote the summary
of that report below that is on the footnotes of this case:
The report concludes that Clayton University, listed on Hayhurst's application, "is not an accredited school and as such does
not grant valid degrees;" that the Utah College of Naturopathic Physicians, also listed on the application, "does not exist"
and likewise "does not grant valid degrees;" and that the UCLA Medical School, which plaintiff claims as yet another alma
mater, "has no record whatever of [Hayhurst] ever attending classes at that school or ever being enrolled [there]."
According to this case Hayhurst later filed a lawsuit against the county over the contents of this report and lost...
In 1991 the Naturopathic Physicians Board issued a performance audit report to the Arizona State Legislature which
included a copy of an Investigative report from the Townsend Letter for Doctors; a periodical for alternative medicine. This
report detailed Donald Hayhurst and his supposed credentials. I will quote from the report below:

Dr. Hayhurst reported in our interview with him that he received degrees in Naturopathy and Homeopathy from Clayton
University in St. Louis. When we called the school, the registrar explained that it is an independent study program by
correspondence, which uses local adjunct faculty selected by the students whose course of study generally lasts on average
one year. She stated further that the school does not confer accredited degrees per se, but a transcript diploma that says
whatever you need it to say. Donald Hayhurst also stated that he acquired a degree in psychology from UCLA. A call to the
registrar revealed that he was involved in the UCLA Extension program for a class in hypnosis from 10/6/88 to 10/8/88.
Hayhurst has told other people, for example his district assemblyman, Dr. Marvin Sedway, that he received his ND from
the Utah College of Naturopathic Medicine. This school seems to never have existed, although a prospectus was circulated
which had some blank diplomas in the appendices.
So Donald Hayhurst the former owner of the ANMA and the ANMAB graduated from the unaccredited Clayton University
which cannot grant valid degrees and will according to a school representative grant you a diploma that says whatever you
need it to say. He claimed he had a degree in psychology from UCLA when in reality he attended a 3 day class in hypnosis
there in 1988. He claimed to have graduated from the Utah College of Naturopathic Physicians when this college doesn't
even exist. Being a member of his unaccredited associations and accreditation boards certainly doesn't seem to be a glowing
endorsement or a mark of educational competence!
The Michigan Civil Service Commission list of unaccredited colleges and universities includes the American Naturopathic
Medical Certification and Accreditation Board (ANMCAB) Which now operates as the American Naturopathic Medical
Accreditation Board (ANMAB) and the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB). This confirms that
the ANMAB/ANMCAB is indeed not an accredited or recognized board certification body.
So even if Robert Morse was certified by this Accreditation Board it would be pretty insignificant due to the fact that it is
nationally unrecognized and unaccredited. The reality for Robert Morse though seems to be even worse as it appears he isn't
even currently a certified member of this accreditation board. Another independent researcher I have been in contact with
sent an inquiry to ANMAB recently questioning Robert Morse's membership to this organization. There response is below:
Thank you for your inquiry.
A search of our records shows that Robert Morse is not a member with our Board, the American Naturopathic Medical
Certification Board (ANMCB).
Several years ago, there was a split of organization and the ANMCAB is no longer in operation, which he may have been
with. The Board Certified member had options to stay current with our Board and other Boards. However, he is not with our
Board. You may want to ask him about his current certification membership.
Thank you,
Mary Edwards
Assistant Executive Director
American Naturopathic Medical Accreditation Board
702 914 5770
info@anmab.org www.anmab.org
Taking into account the information already presented here it makes sense that a board certification from this organization
under new ownership may be difficult to obtain now. Robert Morse received his degrees from Diploma Mills that are no
longer even in operation. Renewing his certification based upon these fake degrees is probably not as easy now in the
internet age where people can look these things up much more efficiently.

The uncertainties about Morse's credentials don't end here..According to the youtube video Questions & Answers 62 Part
2 Robert Morse has a certification from Dominion Herbal College and Iridologists International as well as from The Herbal
School of Phytotherapy which appears to no longer exist. His website states that he was given an Honorary Degree from the
Medical Association of Portugal. Again an honorary degree means he did no educational work to earn this degree.
On the formerly mentioned youtube video he also shows a diploma from The School of Fitness and Nutrition. A search for
this online shows this school come up in the classified ad section of various issues of the Weekly World News periodical.
It is displayed with many other schools for many different career choices all with the same address under the heading
FREE LITERATURE ON AMERICA'S NO.1 CAREER CHOICES. On the June 6, 1995 issue of the Weekly World News
the advertisement for The School of Fitness and Nutrition says:
Home study, learn conditioning, nutrition, exercise. Be a fitness or diet expert: Lead exercises classes: Manage a spa, gym
or weight loss center. Free Literature.
So again you have a home study correspondence program that clearly is not offering recognized or accredited study in the
field of nutrition but simply trying to get you to pay a fee for probably little to no course work to receive their diploma. The
link for this on google books is below.
In various places on the web Robert Morse's bio says he is a member of the The International Association of Naprapathic
Physicians. This may be a mistake because on the previously mentioned youtube video he shows a certification (which is
blurred on video) and calls it The International Association of Naturopathic physicians. This association is mentioned in
the SOUTHERN COLLEGE OF NATUROPATHY v. STATE BEEBE case as an unaccredited association like the
previously mentioned ANMA and appears to no longer exist.
So basically Mr. Robert Morse is a certified Herbalist and Iridologist with a couple honorary degrees, a couple fake
Diploma mill degrees, an unrecognized, unaccredited and expired board certification and a membership to a couple obscure
unaccredited associations.
So as you can probably see by now things are not as they seem on the surface with Robert Morse. Certainly education isn't
everything but to misrepresent yourself to the public puts your integrity and motives into question. With all that said you
have to ask what is the real unwritten standard that we have for Naturopathic Doctors? Robert Morse often inserts himself
with these Doctors of the past and preaches about true naturopathy over modern naturopathic medicine. That made me
wonder what type of education some of these healers had in the past.
Who better to start with than the father of American Naturopathy Dr. Benedict Lust. Lust attended the Universal Osteopathic
College of New York from 1896 to 1898, and then became licensed as an osteopathic physician. He received his medical
degree in 1902 from the New York Homeopathic Medical College and received an eclectic medical degree from the Eclectic
Medical College in New York in 1913.
John Bastyr trained at the Seattle College of Chiropractic and at the Seattle Drugless Institute. He also had training in
classical homeopathy and interned at Grace Hospital. Altogether Bastyr went to school for 6 years.
Dr. Henry Lindlahr attended the Homeopathic and Eclectic College of Illinois from 1900 to 1904. After his graduation in
1904 he opened the Lindlahr Sanitarium in Chicago and soon after founded the Lindlahr College of Natural Therapeutics.
He also was a graduate from the National Medical University in Illinois.
According to a publication by Morris Fishbein, M.D. In 1932 called The Bases for Naturopathy:

The average course runs through 24 or 36 months with a short school day. Students come and go as they please. One
school has twenty different names for its courses and offers a liberal reduction to a student taking four courses at the same
time. One school counts attendance in each class twice -once for naturopathy and once for chiropractic. Another school
gives each student two diplomas, each diploma bearing a different name for the school. These systems are planned primarily
to meet special requirements in various state laws.
So as you can see the educational paths in naturopathy in earlier history were varied in length. Many of these Doctors went
to multiple alternative schools on top of general medical schools.
Although these schools of the past were not up to par to the rigorous standards we now have today they certainly were far
superior than mail-order correspondence schools that allowed options for receiving degrees for no work at all. Robert
Morse's educational experience or lack there of would likely not give confidence to the public now or at any time in the past
in his ability to competently function as a legitimate doctor of any kind.
As we know now Robert is not a Doctor of anything, but even with his lack of credentials and experience in the medical
world he always seems to prop himself up as someone who is superior and more knowledgeable than other natural health
practitioners. He in many cases shows a disdain for modern Naturopathic Medicine and claims it is not true Naturopathy.
Unfortunately it would be difficult to argue as a representative of true naturopathy when you have zero legitimate
educational college or university training. Even with that he still is bold enough to lecture other naturopaths about what the
correct approach to healing is. Some quotes from Morse and my comments below:
People ask me about getting a naturopathic degree....most of these schools..like southwest and Bastyr they need to change
their curriculum..they need to think more of this level and become truly naturopathic schools..medical doctors on the other
hand need to go to naturopathic school...because when you start practicing naturopathy without a license I don't like
that....In all fairness I don't give a hoot about licenses..licenses just limit your freedom..
So they need to start implementing more mail-order paid for Diplomas in their curriculum Robert? He doesn't like it when
medical doctors practice naturopathy without a license but he must not like himself either then because he has never been
licensed to practice as any type of Doctor. This is why he immediately says...oh well I don't care about licenses though...He
loves to hide behind the US constitution in terms of licensing and other things so he can morally cover himself.
Unfortunately that game is probably about to end.
...that shows this naturopath has no clue about health, no clue about what causes things...This is the problem of why I went
to the school I did. I love the school I went to..whether they are still in business or not who knows..i dont know..i never did
look them up.. I did follow them into America and stuff but man I love the guy that opened up this school..I just love the
He loves the curriculum of one the owners of the Diploma mills Bruce Copen or Gary Axley? The guys that had to run, and
hide to cover their tracks from the law and were eventually forced to close as the law prosecuted those who ran degree
mills? Oh ok great. I guess you love that curriculum because you really value your free time..
(Doctor Morse how do I become an N.D. Like you? What schools would I have to attend?) ...Get in your herbs..learn to
become an herbalist,become a detoxifying specialist and you will go miles further than if you became an N.D

..and then they will become exactly like you right? No legitimate naturopathic Degree just herbalism and the personal
pseudoscientific ideologies you came up with by yourself. It's difficult for him to recommend naturopathy when he has a
disdain for those who actually went to college. It is interesting that he claims in many of his youtube videos that he can
teach people to be healers in less than a week. This all makes sense now because his own training for his degrees were
likely not over a month or so! He often bolsters his credibility by speaking about all his varied education and experience.
Speaking about his 40+ years of experience all the sudden doesn't seem like such a good thing when its 40+ years of
deception to his followers. If he would mislead people about his entire educational training for this long what else do you
think he would be dishonest about?
In many videos he talks about working in hopsitals. In the video called Dr Robert Morse's Healing Health Centre
Explained on the GoodthinkTV youtube channel he states that he worked for years in hospitals and I know how we
cover things up. Maybe it is true that he has worked for years in hospitals but certainly not as a Doctor as his degrees
were mail-order and honorary.
One thing is clear..what triggers him the most is if you question his credentials. On the video previously mentioned
Questions & Answers 62 Part 2 Robert Morse reads the concerns of an individual that was questioning the legitimacy of
his credentials. He gets noticeably agitated and upset reading this question and instructs the cameraman to show all his
diplomas on the wall. Below is the dialogue for the beginning of this video.
You know if you want to call me a liar my friend then get off my site... I don't deal well with your kind of people. If you
are going to call me these sort of things get off my site and go play on someone else's site or we will block you. I don't like
blocking people but you know when you start calling this sort of thing like this. I don't know who you are or who you think
you are but this information obviously isn't good enough for you..(It's hard to convince my family that this diet works when
Dr. Morse....When Brantridge forest school is well known as a degree mill). I don't know that its a degree mill at all. I don't
know that. That was back in the 70's when that happened. I don't agree with that. You must be trying to break this down. (I
don't care if it's a prestigious degree but I do care that he is lying about his education) LYING ABOUT MY EDUCATION?!
Sometimes people like you disgust me. I'm not lying about my education its what I got. You want to see the degree on the
wall? Are you a trouble maker man? You like that? ..But uh..I don't know what you are talking about. You are a kook! I
appreciate if you stay off the website. You aren't wanted here. You obviously don't understand the information. Ignorance
you know. I wasn't given any degree. Yes I was. I was given a degree from the South...Southern School of Naturopathy..for
my lifetime work....we weren't given these things we worked for them.
Robert Morse makes incredible contradictions one after another in the final part of this dialogue. This probably wouldn't be
noticed unless you payed close attention..He says he wasn't given any degree and then right after says yes I was. I was
given a degree..from the southern school of naturopathy.. Then a bit later he reverts again and says we weren't given these
things we worked for them. As we know now straight from his mouth later in this video he called this particular degree an
honorary degree which means in reality he was given this and didn't work for it. I guess lying for so long can cause a sort
of mental disorder and when you attack the source of that things really start to short circuit cognitively.
It seems as though the only thing he has worked on is molding a story about his life that fits a false reality that he dreamed
up in his head. If you question that reality he really gets flustered. Some one came out and questioned his credentials more
recently and he became very agitated. See the Dialogue below:
we are looking him up and turning him over to our attorney..He eluded on a facebook site that I have been charged with
felonies in the past and stuff like that..No no. No one has ever won over me..ever..states have tried..When I see people like
this that have no clue to what we have been through all these years on a planet like this..These people are part of the
problem on this planet not part of the solutions. This level of ignorance only serves these people badly and keeps them tied
karmetically. So you never want to do that. You never want to judge others...but to come down and insult others and say lies
like this is only going to get you in trouble with our attourneys..Because I do not let things stick..You get that by now I am
sure...Slander is a bad thing..and lies..it's one thing if you disagree but when you lie thats a problem..and real problems with
people like that...People are out there like that..they are all over the place..they lie all the time, they have no self worth

themselves..They are so many people like that on this planet and don't be one of those.
Robert Morse seems to be an expert on mentally ill people who lie all the time and have no self worth. Could it be
because he is one of these people himself? In trying to defend himself from the information presented by this researcher he
uses a straw man attack against him. He claimed that this person eluded to him being charged with felonies when in reality
he only shared a screenshot of an article from capitalsoup.com. A website which serves up a daily dish of news and opinion
straight from the source, including government agencies, political campaigns, and statewide associations.
The source from this article came directly from the Florida Department of Health. The title of the article is Florida
Department of Health Investigation Leads to Issuance of Formal Cease and Desist Order and Citation In Port Charlotte.
The article stated that:
The Florida Department of Healths (DOH) Fort Myers Unlicensed Activity (ULA) Unit announced that a joint
investigation with the Charlotte County Sheriffs Office has led to the issuance of a Formal Cease and Desist Order and
Citation to Robert Morse in connection with the unlicensed practice of medicine and naturopathy, both 3rd degree felonies,
punishable by a minimum of one year imprisonment and a $1000.00 fine.
They decided not to prosecute him even though this was the second incidence where they sent him a cease and desist order.
Additionally, in 1996 Morse was issued a Cease and Desist Order by DOH for improperly using the title of Doctor. Since
this was a second effort on Robert Morses part to hold himself out as a health care provider, although not properly licensed,
the Charlotte County Sheriffs Office forwarded the case to the 20th Judicial Circuit State Attorneys Office for review and
prosecution. The State Attorneys Office declined prosecution.
So Robert Morse was right in stating that he did not have a felony from these cases, the problem is that he is arguing with an
imaginary straw man that he created for himself to make his argument seem more reasonable. He goes on to lecture this
individual saying You never want to judge others right after he calls him ignorant and tied karmically....Another mental
contradiction. Right before he says don't judge he makes a giant sweeping judgment of morality and competency. He then
calls him a liar and threatens him legally when he was only providing links and information to sources just like I have
shared here that prove the truth about his phony mail-order degrees.
What I have presented here about Robert Morse's credentials has been based upon fact. I have my own opinions and have
asked my own questions but they have been based upon the information that has come from official sources. What I have
presented is not hearsay, it is not anecdotal. Robert can say all he wants. He can call names all he wants..It doesn't matter
because I know the truth and now you do too.
I did not do this research to try to tear down Robert Morse. I did it only to show the truth of his educational past. If he won't
tell you the truth then someone else will. This has nothing to do with the content of what he actually teaches. That is an
entirely different discussion so please don't attack me based upon what you believe is the best way to natural health. Thanks
to all of you who stay open minded! Peace!

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