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Diagnostic test

Test A


1.01 Listen and choose the correct words. (10 marks)


Jill works in a shoe shop / a bank / a supermarket.

Jills friend / mum / boyfriend works in the shop, too.
This morning a man with big feet bought some shoes on the internet / didnt buy any shoes / bought some
summer shoes.
Jill is wearing big shoes / red shoes / winter shoes.
Mikes mum came to the shop on Saturday / before school / yesterday.
Mikes feet are small / normal / big.

2 Match the verbs with the phrases. (10 marks)
1 get

text messages

2 send


3 earn


4 stay


5 watch

at home

6 do


3 Write the past simple of the verbs. (10 marks)




Language focus
4 Complete the sentences. Use the present simple or the present continuous form of the verbs. (8 marks)
He isnt doing his homework now. (not do)
1 I usually ____________________ my grandparents at the weekend. (visit)
2 John isnt here. He ____________________ football in the park. (play)
3 Kay ____________________ right now. Its 12 p.m.! (not sleep)
4 They ____________________ meat theyre vegetarians. (not eat)

Diagnostic test

Test A

5 Choose the correct words. (8 marks)

I cant stand being / to be late.
1 She doesnt mind to get / getting up early.
2 We need to buy / buying some food.
3 I enjoy to watch / watching football matches.
4 Do you want to go / going home?
6 Complete the text using the past simple form of the verbs. (8 marks)
arrive beinterviewseesee

Did you see the news last night?

My best friend Sarah (1) ________________ on the news. Her plane (2) ________________ at London airport at
eight oclock. The President of the USA left his plane then, too! Some journalists (3) ________________ the President
for TV and I (4) ________________ Sarah behind him!
7 Read the answers and write past simple questions. (8 marks)
who / see / you Who saw you?
Ali saw me.
1 who / you / meet _____________________________
I met my aunt and uncle.
2 how many people / go / on the school trip
About a hundred people went.
3 who / buy / the computer
I did.
4 which / sandwich / you / choose
The ham one.

Diagnostic test

Test A

Write present tense or past tense questions. Then write true answers. (8 marks)

how often / you usually / the internet (surf)

How often do you usually surf the internet?
I usually surf the internet every night.
what / your teacher / right now (do)
which sports / you (like / play)
what / your favourite toy / when you / young _
(be / be)
why / you / that funny hat / when I / you / last Saturday (wear / see)

9 Read the text. Then write true or false. (10 marks)
Lottie Stevens won a TV talent show when she was fourteen years old. She wrote and sang a song and the judges
loved it. She beat ten other children who were all older than her. During the series she became famous and everyone
recognized her face when they saw her in newspapers or on TV. After the series finished, she and the other
participants did a tour of the UK. Lottie signed a contract with a record company and released her first album a few
months later. The new series of the talent show started at the same time and the viewers were more interested in the
new participants than in Lottie. Her album wasnt successful and soon everyone forgot about her.
But Lottie is a special girl and not just because she has a special voice. She decided to use her experience to help
others. Today she is sixteen and she works as a volunteer for a charity. She works with younger children. These
children all have problems because at some point in their lives something bad happened to them. Lottie helps them
understand that life isnt always as you plan it, but that it can always be exciting and fun. At the moment shes working
with David and theyre becoming good friends. David didnt speak for two years but now he phones and texts Lottie
every day.
Lottie was the oldest girl in the competition. false
1 Lottie appeared on TV. ________________
2 Her album was very popular and everybody bought it. ________________
3 Lottie is a year older than when she won the competition. ________________
4 Lottie doesnt earn money for the work she does with children. ________________
5 David still doesnt speak. ________________

Diagnostic test

Test A

10 Write the correct form of the verbs to complete the questions and sentences. Then choose present or past.
(10 marks)

What did you do (do) last night? present / past

1 Do you like camping? I _______________ (not mind) it. present / past
2 Are you into ________________ (swim)? No. I cant stand it! present / past
3 At what age _______ you first _______ (ride) a bike? present / past
4 What ________ (be) the last meal that you _______ (eat)? present / past
5 Who ________________ (teach) you to read? present / past

11 Write a short text about your interests. Use the questions to help you. (10 marks)
1 What did you like doing when you were a child?
2 What didnt you like doing? Why?
3 What are your favourite hobbies now?
4 How much time do you spend doing them?
5 What are you doing now? Are you enjoying it?
Total marks: Listening _______ / 10
Vocabulary _______ / 20
Language focus _______ / 40
Reading _______ / 10
Communication _______ / 10
Writing _______/ 10
TOTAL _______ / 100

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