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Bible Believers' Newsletter 905

"We focus on the present Truth what Jesus is doing now. . ."
ISSN 1442-8660

Christian greetings in the precious Name of our Lord Jesus Christ; it's a wonderful day.
Among this week's news items is an article by Sydney-based Muslim writer and filmmaker Ruby
Hamad: "Muslims and Christians worship the same God that shouldn't be controversial." Like
the oxymoron Judaeo-Christianity or claims that "Jesus was a Jew," the bold presumption
Muslims and Christians both worship the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is an egregious
untruth with no scriptural basis. Such popular propaganda is directed to easily persuaded feebleminded worldly folk who are strangers to the god or gods they quite casually know not.
We have answered the author's presumptions as they question God's purpose, the meaning of
creation, and life. Since the Word of God comes only to a prophet we have focused our attention
upon many of God's vindicated prophets, the most recent and those yet to come. I pray this item
and our response will bless the author, our subscribers and readers.
Our main article, "Amos 3:7 speaks to Our Day" instructs us that the unchanging God always
sends a prophet warning of judgment and providing a way for an election to escape the wrath to
come. The prophets of Scripture have warned of an unprecedented convulsion of sun, moon and
stars; of earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions announcing the end of the Gentile
dispensation, followed by Satan's casting down to earth, the 'hot stage' of World War III, the
union of church and state in one world government and depression. But Amos, Malachi, Jesus and
other prophets promise us a prophet before the Seventh Trumpet sounds. Whoever that man
was, he has visited in this our day, completed His commission and gone to His reward. We need
to know who this man was.
This Newsletter serves those of like precious faith. Whoever will receive the truth is welcome to
feed their soul from the waters of the River of Life. Everything here presented should be
confirmed personally in your own Bible.
Your brother-in-Christ
Anthony Grigor-Scott

Russia names 'Color Revolutions', Foreign NGOs as Security Threats

January 11, 2016 Russia just issued its revised national security document which names
[Jew George Soros'] so-called color revolutions as a potential high
risk to the country . . . agitate and provoke an elected government
until it can be overthrown . . . "radical social groups which use
nationalist and religious extremist ideologies, foreign and
international NGOs, and also private citizens who work to undermine
Russia's territorial integrity" . . . intend to destroy Russia's
traditional spiritual and moral values . . .
Reuters and TASS are essentially reporting . . . a more prominent
role of Russia in the settlement of global problems and international
conflicts. Russia's independent national and international
proceedings provoked counter actions by the US and its allies who
intend to conserve their global and full spectrum dominance . . .
counter actions are increasing the pressure on Russia in political,

economic, and military terms . . . US and the EU masterminded an anti-constitutional overthrow

of the legally elected government which ended in a deep disruption within the Ukraine population
and a subsequent military conflict. Steady NATO encroachment on Russia's borders represents
another threat . . .
The Russian document comes rather late which could be an indication that Putin had initially
hoped that relations with the West might improve . . . NATO as well as Germany have modified
their military doctrines in the meantime . . . calling Russia a new enemy. An appropriate response
from Russia is actually overdue. Full story: globalresearch.ca

Marxism failed in the World, but conquered Western Academia

January 11, 2016 The one place that Marxism has succeeded is in conquering academia in
Europe and North America. Marxism-Leninism is now the dominant model of history and society
being taught in Western universities and colleges. Faculties of social science and humanities
disguise their Marxism under the label "postcolonialism," anti-neoliberalism, and the quest for
equality and "social justice." And while our educational institutions laud "diversity" in gender,
race, sexual preference, religion, national origin, etc., diversity in opinion, theory, and political
view is nowhere to be seen . . .
The West is threatened not by materialist decadence, but by academic-fostered self-hate . . .
Students are taught that the primary value is equality: not liberal equality of opportunity, but the
equality of result idealized in Marxist theory. They are not taught, and give no thought to
complementary values, such as freedom and prosperity. Equality of result is advocated under the
guise of (Judaeo-Catholic) "social justice," which means redistribution of wealth (Millennium
Jubilee) . . . The alliance between Marxist politics and Islamism as seen in the support of Hamas
(of Menachem Begin), Hezbollah, and the Muslim Brotherhood (MI6/CIA) follows logically.
Students now see themselves as defenders of Islam, along with all other non-Western cultures,
although they know little about these other cultures and their histories . . . Full story:
Comment: Laodicea means 'people's rights' or Judaeo-Communism and is the name of the final
Church Age (1906-1963) that ended in apostasy. Communism is a spirit that pervades the
churches since they "crucifying unto themselves the Son of God afresh" when they rejected the
revelation of the Seven Seals which brought Christ back to earth in W_O_R_D form, and the
world since it rejected the Absolute of His unchanging Word (II Timothy 4:3-4; Hebrews 6:6;
Revelation 3:15-20).

BIG LIES: Faked News and Images of Starvation in Madaya Surfing the Web
January 11, 2016 Images released by the Arab and western media about the besieged
people in Madaya show skeletal children or adults dying of starvation. However, searching the
internet one discovers a number of fake images released in social media were taken in other
countries and displayed on al-Arabiya news channel years ago. Al-Jazeera's tweeter page and
other Saudi-affiliated media outlets have released an image claimed to be a hungry man in
Madaya. This image which was released in 2009 belongs to a refugee in Europe.
Al-Arabiya al-Hadath pretends an image belongs to a child in Madaya; it was taken on March 31,
2014 in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus, where Palestinians
have long been taken hostage by the ISIL and al-Nusra Front terrorists. Saudi-driven claims this
man died in Zahiya when he died of cold, malnutrition and disease in the Damascus suburb of

Eastern Ghouta. You can see the real news and image here.
The Arab and western media claim Hezbollah and Syrian army forces are preventing dispatch of
foodstuff to Madaya. In reality Syrian forces have allowed tens of truckloads of food and medical
aids into Madaya, Shaghin and Sarghaya. "The humanitarian aids are under the terrorist groups'
control and kept in their warehouses in the city center. They sell the aids to those civilians who
can afford to buy them," army and popular forces' said.
Residents of Madaya who seek to leave are prevented by the terrorist leaders. This despite
agreements brokered by the UN between the Syrian government and the terrorists that 300
terrorists should surrender to Syrian authorities and leave Madaya. This was opposed by other
terrorists and not implemented. Terrorists don't allow the wounded to be transferred from Madaya
and have threatened to target vehicles carrying them.
All Shiite-populated towns have been besieged for years and photos show that the residents of
Foua'a have resorted to eating grass and herbs, but the Saudi-led and western media outlets are
mum. The Syrian army has several times tried to airdrop flour bags and bread . . . Finally, the
situation in Foua'a, Kafria, al-Zahra and Nubl as well as Madaya is for real vital, but the terrorists
supported by Saudi Arabia and Turkey are the main culprits . . . Saudi Arabia pretends concern
for lives in Madaya while slaughtering innocent civilians in Sana'a and Sa'da in Yemen with
missiles, cluster bombs and US and UK-made ammunition . . . Full story:
BIG LIES spread by Jewish-controlled News services such as: abc.net.au, BBC, CBC, al Jazeera
and Vice News are possibly a cover for Dnmeh Jew-ruled Saudi Arabia's 151 beheadings in
Comment: Were protests in the US when al-Jazeera English sought to broadcast in the USA a
ploy to up the price shady Mr. 'inconvenient truth' Al Gore and 'Hanoi Jane's' Ted Turner could sell
Current TV Cable Channel and CNN to oil-rich Qatar? Is al-Jazeera integral to the City of London's
mind manipulation in the re-conquest of the Roman Empire in the Middle-East and North Africa
en-route to Russia and China via Syria and Iran for one world Judaeo-Roman government?

US dropped 23,144 Bombs on Muslim Countries in 2015

January 10, 2016 Council of Foreign Relations resident skeptic Micah Zenko figured that since
January 1, 2015, the US has dropped around 23,144 bombs on Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan,
Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia, all countries that are majority Muslim (US State Dept stats).
Remarkably, they also claim that alongside the 25,000 fighters killed, only 6 civilians have "likely"
been killed . . . Full story: alternet.org

Why North Korea wants Nukes. Extensive US War Crimes against DPRK
January 11, 2016 Pyongyang has just cause to fear America. It knows how it raped
Southeast Asia, Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria. Truman's naked aggression was
devastating . . . Up to four million died, mostly civilians . . . In March 1952, an International
Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL) commission visited North Korea, investigated US war
crimes charges. Their report included documented evidence of toxic agents used, saying:
American planes have on various occasions used asphyxiating and other gases or chemical
weapons at least since 6th May, 1951 . . . Former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark drafted a

Report and Final Judgment on US Crimes in Korea (from) 1945 2001, showing Washington used
chemical and biological agents on the peninsula. By 1952, virtually everything in northern and
central Korea was destroyed. Damage assessments showed 18 of 22 cities were half or more
obliterated . . .
Pyongyang is vulnerable to the whims of US imperial policy. It sees a nuclear deterrent as its best
strategic response, giving Washington pause about again waging war. At the same time, wanting
peace and stability on the peninsula. US policy prevents it. World leaders blasted Pyongyang's
latest nuclear test, its first since February 2013, while ignoring the major threat of Western
arsenals and Israel's . . . Full story: globalresearch.ca

US Drone attacks Iraqi HQ, drops Weapons to Daesh

January 11, 2016 The US military drones launched airstrikes on the popular forces in an area
in Tikrit that had already been purged of terrorists, nine were killed and fourteen wounded.
"In an incident against which we have had warned several times in the past, the US-led coalition
attacked the Jund al-Imam Battalion popular forces' headquarters at Speicher base in Tikrit,"
Spokesman for Asaeb Ahl Al-Haq Battalion (one of the popular groups fighting alongside the Iraqi
army against the ISIL) Naeim al-Aboudi said on Sunday.
"The delay in operations to liberate Ramadi and Fallujah cities in al-Anbar province is the result of
the US interference," Commander of Imam Khamenei Battalion Haidar al-Hosseini al-Ardavi said.
"The American forces have recently expanded their heliborne operations in Huweija, Beiji and
Sharqat in the Northern parts of Salahuddin province with the goal of assisting the ISIL terrorist
group," Representative of Iraq's State of Law Coalition at the parliament, Awatif Naima, said in a
press conference . . . US planes have dropped advanced weaponry, including anti-aircraft
weapons, for the ISIL . . . Full story: syrianfreepress.wordpress.com
Comment: II Timothy 3:13 "In the last days perilous times shall come . . . evil men and
seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived".

What I learned about Climate Change: the Science is not Settled

October 16, 2015 I'll start by making ten short statements that should challenge your
assumptions and then back them up with an essay:
1. Weather is not climate. There are no studies showing a conclusive link between
global warming and increased frequency or intensity of storms, droughts, floods,
cold or heat waves.
2. Natural variation in weather and climate is tremendous. Most of what people call
"global warming" is natural, not man-made. The earth is warming, but not quickly,
not much, and not lately.
3. There is tremendous uncertainty as to how the climate really works. Climate
models are not yet skilful; predictions are unresolved.
4. New research shows fluctuations in energy from the sun correlate very strongly
with changes in earth's temperature, better than CO2 levels.

5. CO2 has very little to do with it. All the decarbonization we can do isn't going to
change the climate much.
6. There is no such thing as "carbon pollution." Carbon dioxide is coming out of your
nose right now; it is not a poisonous gas. CO2 concentrations in previous eras have
been many times higher than they are today.
7. Sea level will probably continue to rise??not quickly, and not much. Researchers
have found no link between CO2 and sea level.
8. The Arctic experiences natural variation as well, with some years warmer earlier
than others. Polar bear numbers are up, not down. They have more to do with
hunting permits than CO2.
9. No one has demonstrated any unnatural damage to reef or marine systems.
Additional man-made CO2 will not likely harm oceans, reef systems, or marine life.
Fish are mostly threatened by people, who eat them. Reefs are more threatened by
sunscreen than by CO2.
10. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and others are pursuing a political
agenda and a PR campaign, not scientific inquiry. There's a tremendous amount of
trickery going on under the surface . . .
Full story: medium.com

Desmond Tutu: I'd pick Hell over an Anti-Gay Heaven

July 29, 2013 "I would not worship a God who is homophobic, and that is how deep I feel
about this," Tutu said at a United Nations' gay rights campaign function in Cape Town, South
Africa. "I would refuse to go to a homophobic heaven. 'No,' I would say. 'Sorry. I mean, I would
much rather go to the other place'. . . "
"I am as passionate about this campaign as I ever was about apartheid. . . . For me, it is at the
same level." Pope Francis also said this week that he would not judge gay priests that are
sexually inactive, if he happened to learn about their sexual orientation. Full story:
Comment: It appears Bishop Tutu and Pope Francis share the same bed (Revelation 2:20-24).
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob certainly does not fear homosexuals whom he considers
abominable (Leviticus 18:22-30). The Bishop and Pope Francis are simply fulfilling an end-time
prophecy of Jesus Christ (Luke 17:28-30); they are "with it" and far from Him.

Shoe-shaped Church to attract Worshippers in Taiwan

January 14, 2016 What would take you to church? One Taiwanese religious group believes a
shoe-shaped church will do just the trick. The giant structure, which takes the form of a high
heel, is hoped to attract female worshippers in particular. The building is made from 320 pieces of
blue-tinted glass, and stands about 17 metres high and 11 metres wide . . . the church would
also include 100 "female-oriented" features . . . chairs for "lovers," maple leaves, biscuits and
cake . . . expected to open by February 8, before the Lunar New Year. Full story: youtube.com
Comment: I think it's the left foot. The right foot is a "lost sole." I don't want to sound like a
heel, but Christian women do not wear such high heels.

Law Professor on Australia's Demise by UN led Corruption

May 30, 2014 Professor David Flint presented an eye opening slide show
and speech on the workings of the Australian Government, Electoral practices,
the Australian Constitution, Agenda 21, and other topics during a FLAG Australia
meeting organised and titled A Night for 'We the People' (February, 2014). Full
story: youtube.com

Muslims and Christians worship the same God that shouldn't be controversial
January 12, 2016 Ruby Hamad: (Sydney-based writer and filmmaker). The Catholic Church
itself acknowledges that Muslims worship the "one God" . . .
Answer: The Catholic Church was at no time Christian as it is not "built upon the foundation of
the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief corner stone!"
Ruby Hamad: . . . but that doesn't suit those who want to cast Islam as the enemy in what they
see as a clash of civilisations . . .
Answer: "Those" are the City of London's Council on Foreign Relation's Samuel
Phillips Huntington, Albert Pike, Giuseppe Mazzini and their fellow-travellers who
devised "the clash of civilizations!" Judaism, false Christianity and Islam were
organized from the same root for "a clash of civilisations" to establish one satanic
world government which will form in the aftermath of the 'hot stage' of the present
World War III. Vatican II was the precursor of a federation of all religions that will
restore world peace in one totalitarian world government under Rome as foretold by the prophets
Ezekiel, Daniel and Jesus Christ.
Ruby Hamad: A university professor at an evangelical college in the US state of Illinois is about
to lose her job . . . Larycia Hawkins . . . in keeping with the rules of the college, is a practicing
Christian . . . claimed that Muslims and Christians worship the same God . . . Hawkins had
previously worn a hijab to show her solidarity with Muslim women in the face of anti-Muslim
sentiment and . . . seemingly liberal politics and progressive views on sexuality.
Answer: A Christian is one who is baptized into Christ. Such a one would neither think nor act in
this manner and is unlikely to be employed by Wheaton College.
Ruby Hamad: As someone raised in the Muslim faith, I find it bewildering that anyone denies
that the God of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are indeed the same deity. Muslims are taught
from a very young age that Mohammed is the last in a long line of prophets tracing back to
Adam, and that includes Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.
Answer: You are certainly bewildered and living under the "strong delusion" prophesied and
explained by the prophet Paul in II Thessalonians 2:11.
"Faith" if it is faith, is the mind of God in you. As God is infinite in His abilities and
therefore omniscient He is not now learning, nor is He taking counsel even with
Himself, nor is He at any time adding to His knowledge. If He can add to His
knowledge, then He is not omniscient. The best we could say is that sometime He will

be. But that is not Scriptural.

God is not double minded for "a double-minded person is unstable in all his ways" so whatever it
is, there is but one (1) faith, and that understanding is common to all of the saints, and
consistent from Genesis to Revelation (Isaiah 8:20; Amos 3:3; Malachi 3:6; Ephesians 4:5;
Galatians 1:8-9; Titus 1:4; Hebrews 13:8; James 1:8; Revelation 22:17-19).
Bewilderment voids faith's claims. Faith is Absolute, it is real. "Faith is the substance of
things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. By faith the elders obtained a good report"
(Hebrews 11). There is no record in the Bible or history of one apostle, prophet or person
experienced in the faith even hinting that the god of Judaism, what you presume is Christianity,
and Islam is the same deity or is even a single deity. This demonstrates the absence of faith
The word "god" means object of worship so in order to worship in spirit and in truth one must
know Him by understanding. "Without faith it is impossible to please Him: for he that comes to
God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him." If the
god of Judaism, Christianity and Islam was the same God "we would all speak the same thing;
there would be no divisions among us because we would all be perfectly joined together in the
same mind and in the same judgment" for God is not the author of confusion but guides into ALL
truth and shows us things to come.
Perhaps you are bewildered because you were "taught from a very young age that Mohammed is
the last in a long line of prophets tracing back to Adam, and that includes Abraham, Moses, and
Jesus." You "received the word with all readiness of mind" but as you matured you neglected to
"search the scriptures daily, whether those things were so" (Acts 17:11; I Thessalonians 5:21;
Revelation 22:17-19). The test for a prophet is found in Numbers 12:6, Deuteronomy 13:1-5 and
18:15-22. Have you established whether these men are all genuine prophets, or blindly followed
your teacher and parents into adulthood? The omnipotent God is certainly able to preserve His
Word through the ages and no prophet of God can contradict the THUS SAITH THE LORD of a
previously vindicated Prophet.
Most people simply accept the second-hand religion of their teacher but God has placed
everyone on free moral agency to choose or refuse with the certainty of reward or
punishment. By foreknowledge He knew before creation the decisions you would take and
therefore the destiny you have determined: were God an arbitrary judge who decides a man's
fate He would be unjust: you alone are responsible for the destiny of your soul.
By your testimony at least one of these prophets does not pass the test. If, as you claim,
Mohammed "is the last in a long line of prophets tracing back to Adam" who was William Marrion
Branham (1909-1965), the 'Elijah' of Malachi 4:5-6 and Matthew 17:11? His ministry restored the
children of God to the one and only faith once received by our apostolic fathers, the Prophet of
Revelation 1:1; 3:14 and 10:7 of whom Jesus said, "in the days of the voice of the seventh
angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He has declared
to His servants the prophets." This man was a prophet as thoroughly vindicated, or even more
thoroughly vindicated than was any prophet in all the ages from Enoch to this day, because this
man of necessity had the capstone prophetic ministry, and God has shown him forth. He did not
need to speak for himself; God spoke for him by the voice of the sign.
Like Moses and Jesus he had three signs, his first sign was whereby he held the hand of a
penitent seeking healing and a Supernatural sign appeared on the back of his hand by which God
indicated to him the nature of their disease. This would give them faith to receive their healing,
confident the God who knows their condition can also heal them.
The Prophet's first sign attracted the attention of a mixed multitude and immense numbers of
recognized God is alive. By this sign God revealed "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and
today, and forever," restoring sight to the blind, granting hearing and speech to deaf and dumb
mutes, healing heart problems, cancer, casting out demons and raising the dead.

Second was the Messianic sign of Hebrews 4:12, "discerning the thoughts and intent of the
heart . . . as it was in the days of Lot" (Genesis 18; Luke 17:28-30). By this sign God identified
Himself to Abraham and Sarah veiled behind the flesh of a created Man known as Melchisedec
before fire from heaven destroyed Sodom. By the same sign He identified Himself to the
Samaritan woman at the well veiled behind the virgin-born flesh of Jesus Messiah.
In the days of Lot three created men visited Abraham and Sarah's camp which was separated
from Sodom in the hills overlooking the fertile watered plains. Abraham worshipped one of those
men, calling Him 'Elohim,' which means "the self-existent one." And He discerned the thoughts
and intents of Abraham and Sarah's hearts proving He was the Word. This second sign also
identified God veiled behind the virgin-born Jesus Messiah, and in these last days it has revealed
the Son of man veiled behind the flesh of William Branham, a sinner saved by grace, revealing
"Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever" by the same and last sign promised to
us Gentiles before the close of our dispensation.
Jesus said "as it was in the days of Lot" our world would be in a Sodom condition when
the Son of man was revealed and two messengersBilly Graham and Oral Roberts
would minister to the churches in Sodom. William Branham ministered to Abraham's
separated group; his Message was the "midnight cry" of Matthew 25:6, which is the "shout" of I
Thessalonians 4:16 vindicated by the Voice of Christ the Archangel placing the Message from
Genesis to Revelation to bring His end time Bride to maturity in the unity of the faith for the
manifestation of the Sons of God and the translation (Revelation 18:4; 14:9-11; Ephesians 4:13;
Romans 8:19; I Corinthians 15:46-58).
Welcome everywhere under His first two signs, Jesus was rejected and crucified when He
delivered His Message. William Branham's third sign made him unpopular also; it was the
revelation of the Seals sent to waken the sleeping virgins, call them out from the Judaeo-Catholic
and once Protestant churches to be filled with the Spirit and meet the Bridegroom.
Jesus foretold that in the time of the second or (Gk.) 'parousia' Coming of the Son of man the
world would be scientifically and technologically advanced, sexually promiscuous and full of
violence "as it was in the days of Noah" (Matthew 24:36-51; Genesis 6:1-13) and the besetting
sin would be miscegenation, a repetition of the first and original sin between Eve and a man-like
creature called the Serpent which spawned the monster Cain. Today vote-seeking politicians and
apostate clergy applaud miscegenation under the euphemism "multiculturalism" yet it is accursed
of God and genocide to Adam's race (Genesis 1:11, 24-28).
William Branham was the Prophet vindicated by the above Scriptures, sent to us Gentiles with
warning (Amos 3:6-8) and the one (1) way to escape the great tribulation that is about to
descend upon earth for "the time of Jacob's trouble" when God will turn to an election of blood
Israelites descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacobnot non-Semitic, anti-Semitic 'Israeli' selfstyled Jews who have no history in Palestine. These genuine blood Israelites will return to the
land of their Covenant, primarily from the now Muslim lands of North Africa and the Middle East.
The people of these countries are subject to unprovoked genocidal warfare by the colonies and
occupied nations of the Empire of the City of London, UK, USA, Australia, Israel, etc., in
accordance with the prophecy of Genesis 27:39-41 on the one hand, and for global hegemony in
one world government under Rome as prophesied by Ezekiel, Daniel and Jesus on the other hand.
Isaiah prophesied concerning the repatriation of the twelve tribes to the Land of their
Covenant in the first half of Daniel's Seventieth Week: "You shall be gathered one by one,
O people of Israel. And in that day the great trumpet will be blown, and those who were about to
perish in the land of Assyria, and the outcasts in the land of Egypt shall worship the Lord in the
holy mount at Jerusalem" (Psalm 17:7; Isaiah 6:10-13; 11:11-16; 13:14; 27:12-13; 49:17;
Jeremiah 3:12-18; 16:15; 23:8; 31:8; Ezekiel 37:1-28; 39:27-28; Micah 5:3; 2:12-13;
Zechariah 10:9-12; Matthew 24:29-31, and so on). "The envy of Ephraim will depart, and Judah

will not vex Ephraim." So we see,"for fear of the Jews" blood Israelites descended from Abraham,
Isaac and Jacob will not return to the land for their redemption until after the utter defeat of the
modern Israel state and the mass exodus of their impostors and sworn enemy who have stolen
their land and their name (Zechariah 14:2; Revelation 16:18-19; Genesis 27:39-40).
The unchanging THUS SAITH THE LORD of these prophets Mohammed recognized as
vindicated of God is inerrant. Two Israelite prophets anointed with the same spirit that endued
Moses and Elijah will soon show Israel whence their forebears fell and reveal the seven Trumpet
mysteries wherewith God has chastised the nation since it murdered Him "manifest in the flesh"
to fulfil the part of Adam's KINSMAN Redeemer (Isaiah 44:5-8; 45:21-25; 49; I Timothy 3:16).
These men now on earth are the last prophets before the consummation (Zechariah 4:11-14;
14:4; Matthew 17:1-8; 24:31; Acts 1:9-11; Revelation 11:3-11).
Ruby Hamad: . . . there are differences in how adherents view that deity, with the most glaring
being the trinity and the status of Jesus as the son of God, both of which Islam flatly rejects.
Answer: Christians do not worship any trinity of gods, which is the pagan Babylonian religion of
Imperial Rome introduced at the Hegelian dialectic of the First Nicaea Council of AD325 where the
Judaeo-Roman Catholic church organized. It is "the mark of the beast" Rome imposed over
almost a thousand years of Dark Ages wherein they martyred sixty-eight million Christians; Rome
will again impose their trinity dogma on pain of death from the midst of Daniel's Seventieth Week
(Daniel 7:25; 9:26-27; Revelation 6:11; 13:15-18; 14:9-11).
Christ's mediation for trinitarian ignorance ended when redemption was over. Then Revelation 4,
5, and 10:1-7 were fulfilled and Christ revealed the Seven Seals through His Prophet.
Jesus Christ whom "Islam flatly rejects" is the one (1) Person of God manifest in virgin-born
flesh. The Bible is the story of God changing His form or unfolding Himself from the eternal Spirit
alone with His thoughts through faith in His Word to the manifestation of Himself in the flesh of
His glorified familyJesus Christ is the firstborn in this new creation of God-men, and His Bride of
all Ages is the continuation of the same creation (Revelation 3:14). One God manifest in myriads
times myriads and thousands of thousands. In this form the "saved" will worship God throughout
eternity in the renewed heavens and renewed earth (Daniel 7:10; Revelation 5:11).
Ruby Hamad: This argument, however, is easily dispelled given that Judaism also rejects the
trinity and doesn't even acknowledge, let alone worship, Jesus as God. And yet, no one is
proclaiming that Jews and Christians have entirely different gods.
Answer: If you do your homework as if eternal Life is dependent upon the results, which it is,
you will understand that Judaism is Pharisaism which is the antithesis of Yahweh Torah (the Law
and the Prophets); it is Talmudism that "makes the Word of God of none effect" (Matthew 15:9).
Furthermore, if you study Judaeo Catholicism, Jesus' prophecies in Revelation 2 and 3, and the
record of history, you will discover the Roman Catholic church is a Jewish construct. And if you
read the Babylonian Talmud which is the Jews' lewd holy [sic] book together with the Koran you
will discover that the objectives of the Talmud and the Koran are the same. The Koran is not a
book of prophecy, but a book of laws drawn from sources whence the Lord Jesus liberated
believers almost six hundred years before Mohammed.
If you study even more closely you will discover that unlike Christianity, Islam and Judaism are in
fact trinitarian religions. If you are aware that Judaism teaches that Jews are collectively their
own "Messiah" who is a prophet, then in Jewish eyes Mohammed was far from the last prophet.
Ruby Hamad: no one is proclaiming that Jews and Christians have entirely different gods.
Answer: Every prophet of the Bible proclaims that. The god of the Talmud is not the God that
inspired the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Many rabbis state their god is Lucifer and not
the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob worshipped by Christians. You would not know where to
find a Christian Church, have probably never met a Christian as we are few, and possess little

understanding on the subject you are addressing.

Ruby Hamad: Many Christians today see themselves at war with the Islamic State . . .
Answer: These are not Christians but people kept in ignorance by the Orwellian
taxpayer-funded fifth column called the ABC, disinformation and BIG LIES broadcast
as truth to those too lazy to "prove all things and hold fast that which is good."
Islamic State is a Jewish construct run by the City of London, Jewish-ruled USA, UK,
France, Germany, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the GCC, CIA, MOSSAD, MI6, etc., nothing to do
with Islam.
Ruby Hamad: As anti-Muslim and anti-Syrian refugee sentiment metastasises into outright
hatred and violence . . . not only denies some of the foundational beliefs of Islam . . . where any
perceived difference can be used as a justification for war and violence, it's not that far off.
Answer: "Anti-Muslim sentiment" broadcast on the ABC news does not come from Christian
sources but is City of London plan and policy in the Hegelian dialectic of World War III, pitting
political Islam against political Zion (the colonies and vassals of the City of London) to destroy the
power of both and introduce the first stage of one world government under Rome, then recommunise Russia to destroy all religion. Political Islam is even now being manipulated into
cannibalizing itself from within by the enmity of religious differences, while political Zionism is
destroying itself from within by the folly of party politics which is anathema to democracy,
bankruptcy and unrepayable debt to international Jewish banksters.
On our Church Website we invariably say "innocent Islam" whose "foundational beliefs" are
unknown to you. If you knew who founded Islam and for what purpose you would understand
that after so many centuries that purpose is being realized now. Syrian (and other refugees), like
so-called Jews and nominal Christians, are weapons of asymmetrical warfare deployed to fulfil
Matthew 34:37 and Genesis 6:1-4 as announced long ago in The Protocols of the Learned Elders
of Zion and more recently by rabbis. History is not happenstance but meticulous long-term design
in the greatest battle ever fought between Jesus Christ and Satan.
Loyal Syrian refugees are needed in Syria to defend and rebuild their nation in its valiant fight
against the murderous alien invaders: proxy armies recruited, trained, armed, paid and supplied
by the US, UK, NATO, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, the GCC, etc. Evil Syrians and the
vagabonds who invaded Syria are needed by the City of London to divide Europe.
"So you see, my dear Ruby Hamad, the world is governed by very different personages from
what is imagined by those who are not behind the scenes." . . . "Governments do not govern, but
merely control the machinery of government, being themselves controlled by the hidden hand"
(Benjamin Disraeli, Conningsby, p. 294-252). Full story: abc.net.au youtube.com


Amos 3:7 speaks to Our Day

Jesus said we must search the Scriptures, to recognize our day and its Message. Since
Israel's exodus types the Church in the second and third exodus, listen to Amos 3:1-8. "Hear this
Word that the Lord has spoken against you, O children of Israel, against the whole family which I
brought up from the land of Egypt, saying, You alone of all the families of the earth have I
chosen as My people and treated with peculiar favour: therefore I will punish you for all your
This prophecy applies to the whole family of Israel, although in this chapter destruction is
threatened only against the ten tribes, so they must be chiefly, if not solely, meant: they were
the majority of the nation, but Judah would not be spared (2:4-5). The greater the privileges, the
heavier the punishment for their abuse to which their ingratitude is added. When God's people
fail to glorify Him, He glorifies Himself by punishing them.
"Can two walk together, except they are agreed?"
We must be perfectly joined together "in the same mind and in the same judgment" (I
Corinthians 1:10; 2:16). Can God's prophets be unanimous in prophesying against you were His
Spirit not joined with them, or if their prophecies were false? Therefore I will walk with you only
to "punish you" as a "lion" walks with his "prey," and a fowler with a bird in his snare.
"Will a lion roar in the forest when he has no prey? Will a young lion cry out of his den, if the old
lion has taken nothing?"
An old lion roars most terribly when it has its prey in sight, upon which it immediately springs. A
young lion just weaned lies silent, until the old lion brings the prey near; then the scent rouses
him. Likewise, the prophet would not "roar" against Israel had God not revealed to him Israel's
sins as requiring punishment.
"Can a bird fall into a trap on the ground, unless the striker bar is set to spring? Does the trap
spring up from the earth, without catching the bird?" If a trumpet is blown in a city won't the
people be alarmed? Or shall there be evil [judgment] in a city, and the Lord has not caused it?
No, the Lord does nothing without first revealing His secret to His servants the prophets."
The coming of a prophet is a sign of impending judgment. In His grace God always sends a
prophet with warning and a way to escape the judgment. But every prophet is overlooked or
rejected and his Message is only received by the elected. As little as two men can walk together
unless they are agreed, little can misfortune as judgment upon sin occur in a city without the
Lord's Hand. Every effect can be traced to its cause, and every reaction is initiated by an action.
"When the lion has roared, who can help but fear? So when the Lord God has revealed His
dreadful Message, the prophet cannot but prophesy?"
The Lion of the Tribe of Judah has roared and the prophet of Malachi 4:5-6 and Revelation 10:7
has sounded the alarm in this our day, "but scoffers, walking after their own lusts say, where is
the promise of His Coming, for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from
the beginning of the creation." And when the seventh Trumpet blasts the close of our
dispensation they will go into the tribulation preaching their false gospel.
Jesus said the evidence of our Christianity is that the Holy Spirit will reveal the Scriptures God's
bringing to pass in our day (John 16:13). Knowing the future removes fear, and gives that peace
which passes all understanding (I John 4:18).
What should we anticipate for our day? To paraphrase Matthew, Jesus said, the race that sees
Israel restored to Palestine, won't die-out through old age before the Millennium. Israel was


restored in 1948, so the youngest of that generation at the age of accountability then, would be
67 now. Christ takes His Church Home seven years before the Millennium.
If we're to be a part of that Church, we'd better find the prophet of Amos 3:7. No
prophet, no first resurrection. I don't care what any church says. Jesus said, unless we find
that prophet, and become written epistles of his Message, we're none of His. Without that
Message we can't be born-again, and will perish in the tribulation. I'm telling you in the Name of
the Lord Jesus Christ, you must find that prophet and receive his Message by faith.
Few know Jesus promised us a prophet in this day. Quoting Malachi 4, He said, "Elijah truly
shall come before the great and dreadful day of the Lord; he'll restore the faith once delivered to
our apostolic fathers." In Revelation 10 He said, "In the days of the Voice of the messenger to
the Seventh Church Age [that ended in 1963: Four Square, Assemblies of God, United
Pentecostals, etc.], the mystery of the Seven Seals should be finished, as He spoke by His
servants the prophets".
Deceivers will try to tell you this was John the Baptist, but Luke 1:17 and John 1 inform us that
John was the Elijah of Malachi 3 and Isaiah 40. His ministry restored nothing: Jesus said John laid
the axe to the root of all spiritual principles. Three and a half years after his death, John's
ministry resulted in the hearts of the apostolic fathers being turned to the children of God, the
new church. The Baptist couldn't restore the hearts of the children to their fathers, without
denying Moses and the One he was sent to introduce.
The prophet Amos promised with warning before judgment is the Elijah of Joel 2:25; Zechariah
14:7 and Malachi 4:5-6. Whoever he was (past tense), he has been in our day, and according to
Matthew 17 and Acts 3, he has (past tense) restored the faith once delivered unto the apostolic
saints. No new gospel, but the faith or understanding on which Christ founded His Church on the
day of Pentecost.
Remember, Jesus told Peter, "Flesh and blood has not revealed who I am but My Father which is
in heaven has revealed this to you. And on this rock of Spiritual revelation of the Word, or faith,
I'll build My Church. And the gates of hell shall not prevail against faith." They prevailed against
Peter before conversion. But Christ's Church isn't built on flesh and blood, it's built upon faith.
And that's the mind of Christ in youa clear understanding of His Word, not what it says, what it
We must to look for the fourth Elijah. A fifth Elijah will minister to Israel during the
tribulation. He'll be a Hebrew. Ours is a Gentile, he's the "angel" or messenger to the Seventh or
Laodicean Church Age. According to Jesus in Matthew 24 and Zechariah 14, he'll come from
America, because he restores Light in the evening, the same S-O-N Light that shone in the East
at the morning offering in Jerusalem, is restored in the West. Amen!
God's Bible is perfect. Read it through the eyes of Melchisedec. Denominational sunglasses shut
out the Light. Throw the accursed things away. Jesus said in the last age the mother church and
her harlot daughters would be apostate. They'd be wretched, miserable, poorspiritually
bankrupt, naked of the Blood, blind to the faith, and know it not. He said, "I counsel you to
anoint your eyes with eye salve, so you can see past all that man-made creed and dogma; it is
It shall be Light, in the evening time, the path to glory you will surely find.
In the water way is the light today, buried in the precious name of Jesus.
Young and old repent of all your sin. The Holy Ghost will surely enter in.
The 'Evening Light' has come. It is a fact that God and Christ are One."
Amen! Not two or three gods. Jesus said, "The first commandment is, Hear O Israel, the Lord thy
God is One Lord." The angel said Jesus would be called "Emmanuel." Not a second or third part of
God, but God with us.


The prophet we're to look for was the angel or messenger to the Laodicean Church Age.
His ministry introduced Christ's second or (Gk.) 'parousia' Coming and is calling His own out from
all man-made religious systems into the unity of the faith for the manifestation of the Sons of
God and the translation.
Revelation 4 and 5 were fulfilled at the end of the Laodicean Church Ageafter Christ's ministry
of Mediation was fulfilled and the last saint predestinated to be born of part-Word was baptized
into the Body. Redemption was over and Christ came forward and claimed the Book. He was no
longer the Lamb, His intercession was over; He's the Lion and as such He's King and Judge. He's
claimed His redeemed. Now He opens the Seven Seals to reveal how He redeemed the Church in
each Age, and who they are. It is this revelation that calls the names of His end-time Bride from
the Lamb's Book of Life when they recognize it.
In Revelation 10, Christ descends from heaven as seven thunders utter their
voices. The Shout of I Thessalonians 4:16 is the Message of Malachi 4:5-6 and
Revelation 10:7 that brought Christ back to earth in W_O_R_D Form through
the mouth of the prophet you must find. It is the midnight cry which wakes the
wise and foolish virgins "Come out of Babylon and be filled with the Spirit"
(Matthew 25:6; Revelation 18:4). Christ swears His days of intercession are
over and "There should be time no longer." That which was in part is done away
and without a Mediator Part-Word cannot give the new birth. Since the Seven
Seals were revealed through the prophet of Revelation 10:7 that which is perfect or complete has
comeChrist, the fullness of the Word (I Corinthians 13:10)!
Peter taught, the Word of God comes only to a prophet, so as God is going to restore
the Word, and the second or 'parousia' Coming is not the physical or 'erchomai' return
of the glorified Jesus, He must send a prophet to introduce His Second Coming as John
the Baptist introduced His first Coming. The Man will not set foot on earth until all life is
destroyed in Armageddon and He returns to step upon the ashes of the wicked with the glorified
saints of all Ages.
Jesus said, "Don't look for a man. If they say He's in the desert or some secret place, believe
them not." They're looking for an 'erchomai' or physical Coming. Jesus is speaking to His elect
who alone have faith to see (or understand) His Word. This Coming is universal and it is now; we
see Him through the anointed eyes of faith, not by sight.
No Man can appear universally. Half the world's asleeptheir eyes are closed. And
underground miners wouldn't see Him. Clearly, those churches expecting the glorified Jesus to
drop out of the sky are not the Church He established on the Day of Pentecost. They're not the
Church He died to redeem, and not the Church He'll feast with at the Wedding Supper.
You surely know there is a true Church and a false church. The true Church is few in number.
Jesus said "Fear not little Flock, strait is the gate, and narrow the way, and few there be that find
it: but wide is the gate and broad the way that leads to destruction." Where does that put the
denominations? The Message of this last prophet to the Gentiles calls His people out from all of
them. Their end is in the Lake of Fire; I can prove that from Scripture. The false church will rule
the NWO during the tribulation. Daniel and Jesus taught us that. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD!
They'll force the mark of the beast, which is trinitarianism today as it was throughout the Dark
Ages, and kill all who refuse their doctrine or fealty.
Christ was only a Mediator whilst the Bible was sealed with Seven Seals. He hasn't been a
Mediator since 1963. It's later than most think. When the Seven Seals were opened, "Time was
no more." A new cycle commenced called the Seventh Seal. It cannot be stopped or delayed and
takes us right through the Millennium, past the general resurrection and White Throne Judgment
into eternity in the renewed heavens and renewed earth.
This Seventh Seal is the end of time of all things written in the plan of redemption sealed from


the foundation of the world. Every bit ends. It's the end of the struggling world. It's the end of
struggling nature. It's the end of the trumpets, the end of the vials. It's the end of the earth. It's
even the end of time. Time runs out, the Bible said so. In Revelation 10:6 the angel said, "Time
will be no more." Everything runs out in the Seventh Seal.
We've been in that cycle since Christ opened the Seven Seals in 1963 and revealed them through
His prophet. There's no more delay. That's why the world is falling apart. That's why the people
are going insane. The government doesn't uphold the law yet they enact more and more laws.
Our police are powerless. Our Judiciary has a mind of its own. Our elected representatives have
sold us out to a foreign-controlled political party system.
No one has answers to these problems, because any suggestions put forward never apply the
Absolute of God's Word. Seldom are answers directed to the cause of a problem but
accommodate its effects and all too often the motive and objective is mercenary.
God has always warned the world of coming judgments, in order that it may receive His
way of escape. He warned Noah of the coming Flood, Abraham and Lot of the future destruction
of Sodom, told Joseph of the seven years' famine, Moses of the ten plagues on Egypt, Jonah of
the destruction of Nineveh, and so-on. Various prophets were told in detail of the coming events.
In every case their warnings were startlingly executed. Christ's first Coming was foretold from
Genesis to Malachi. Equally plain and inevitable of fulfilment are the warnings of Jesus and the
prophets concerning the oncoming judgment that daily comes nearer to every nation on earth.
God said in Isaiah 42:9, "My former prophecies all came to pass, and I declare new things.
Before they happen I tell you of them".
From Amos 3:7, we know God must send us a prophet, before the end of the Gentile
dispensation. As Israel was restored to Statehood in 1948, we know that whoever he
was, that prophet has been and has fulfilled his ministry.
Malachi 4:5-6, Matthew 17:11, Acts 3:19-23, Revelation 10:7 and 18:4, and the other Scriptures
we have discussed, tell us that the ministry of this prophet has RESTORED the apostolic faith,
FINISHED the mystery of God, and is now calling His people OUT of Babylon into the UNITY of the
faith, for the MANIFESTATION of the Sons of God and the translation.
Now Australians have a happy-go-lucky, she'll be right mate, laid-back attitude to life; quite the
opposite to Christians. We're dealing with God's unchanging Word. It's the Absolute; it is Life or
death, it's precise and will bring to pass exactly what it has said on time in its designated season.
We're at the end-time. We know that, because God told Daniel and John to Seal the Bible until
the time of the end. Once the Seven Seals were opened, "there should be time no more . . . and
in the days of the Voice of the seventh angel, the mystery of God should be finished." That
happened in 1963. Christ is no longer a Mediator. Once He claimed the Book, He became Judge.
In vain the denominations worship Him in the Office of Son of God and Mediator. He's now Son of
Man and Judge. Jesus foretold, "The Father would give Him authority to execute judgment as
well as to impart eternal Life, because He is the Son of Man" (John 5:27).
We're very definitely in the end time. Christ was a Mediator only while the Book was sealed. As
our Mediator, He was a Go-between, interceding with God in behalf of the ignorance, or errors of
His elect. From the foundation of the world the Bible was sealed, and God winked at this
ignorance; now He commands all men, everywhere, to repent, and come out of Babylon because
He has appointed a day wherein He will judge the world in righteousness.
Near-enough is not good enough. We must have the testimony of Enoch and be in the
unity of the faith. Jesus prayed in John 17 that we may be one or in agreement having His mind
in us, all speaking the same thing without division, being perfectly joined together in the same
mind and in the same judgment as He and the Father are one.


Unless we're walking in the Light God is manifesting now, unless our lives are written epistles of
"the present Truth," we are not and cannot come under the blood, or be born-again, and can't
have fellowship in the Spirit. God is only writing epistles of lives that are manifesting the Word
He's fulfilling now.
Now this messenger of Malachi 4 and Revelation 10:7 is going to do two things. One:
According to Malachi 4 he'll turn the hearts of the children to their fathers. Two: He'll
reveal the mysteries of the seven thunders in Revelation 10 which are the revelations
contained in the Seven Seals. It will be these divinely revealed "mystery-truths" that
literally turn the hearts of the children to the Pentecostal fathers.
If you haven't found that prophet, there is no way you can receive God's ministry of restoration
to the apostolic faith. Without this ministry there is no way you can be born-again today. PartWord and a Mediator were done away with the revelation of the Seven Seals, when that which is
perfect, the fullness of the Word came.
That prophet was William Branham who lived from 1909 to 1965. I can tell you
about these things, but it's up to you to prove them by God's unchanging Word, and
let that Word live through you. Near-enough is not good enough. We have got to
have perfect faith. No one will get to heaven by guess-work, and since the mystery
of God is finished, we've got to receive it by faith, or understanding, that God may
see it live in us. In the first Exodus the Pillar of Fire and the prophet Moses led Israel
out from Egyptian bondage. In the second exodus the Pillar of Fire and the Godprophet Jesus led the church out of bondage to Judaism (Acts 9:1-9). In the third exodus the
Pillar of Fire and the Prophet William Branham, whose voice yet speaks, lead Christ's end-time
Bride out of the apostate church.
What's the alternative, Brother Anthony? Well, as you've listened you are responsible before God
to prove what you have heard. The alternative is condemnation and the tribulation. Those who
are restored to the apostolic faith will be translated to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb in the
Sky. Malachi and Jesus said those who are not restored will be smitten with the curse on the
earth in the tribulation plagues. Peter, John and Luke said, "Every soul that will not hear that
prophet will be destroyed from among the people". nl905.htm