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Le Caf De Moss

Georgia Author Research Report

8th Grade Language

Guess Who is Coming to Dinner?

Before coming to the restaurant:
Make sure you invite your special guest, a Georgia
author. He/She may either be alive or dead.

DUE September 7, 2016

Create an invitation, related to his/her style of writing or
person that you feel they would like.
Decorate it
word it
Address it in a manner you feel suits him/her.
You may use Microsoft publisher or any other online
program. After completing this task, share it with me
so I can make your reservation.
Invitation is to include:
Time, date, location, attire, theme of party, colorful
and decorative as well as an RSVP

Appetizers: Due August 31st

Web research and Note Taking

This assignment will be taught and scored by Ms. Roediger

o On Thursday August 25th, Mrs. Roediger will visit our classroom to teach you about the
researching process.
o She will cover credible sources
o How to cite
o The differences between internet source and a database

You will:
o Evaluate 3 online sources- using the provided handouts
o They will relate to your chosen author
o These will be Due

Wednesday August 31st at the beginning of class.

Main Course: Due Tuesday October 4th


Read a novel OR 1-2 short stories, poetry, speech, or play written by your author
o Be sure to keep a copy of the novel, short stories, or play
Create a biographical essay of your author including:
o His/Herr life as a child
o Education
o What he/she is known for.

- Find and read a novel, short story, poem, speech or play written by your author. You will also
need to read at least two articles/interviews with your Georgia author. Report through your
readings how the author views his/her success and who does he/she owe his/her success. What is
their inspiration? What is their chosen style of writing? These are only a few questions that can
be conveyed in your report.
You must use a MINIMUM of three sources to cite your information used within your essay.
During the main course, you are to construct your essay. Your report will include:
a lead
a thesis statement- taught in class
3 body paragraphs to represent your chosen author
o Childhood
o Education
o what they are famous for- novels/ awards
Closing/ conclusion
o Restate your author
o Where are they now?

o Your opinion of the chosen novel and how it relates to the authors style

Dessert: Due October 13th

Create a presentation using technology (prezi, power point, glogster, webpage, etc.)
Edit and review your
Presentation: develop some sort of presentation (PowerPoint, re-enactment, creative
display) that you will share with the class. Be prepared to share what you learned about
your author, his/her style, and influences.
You will also need to include notes for an oral presentation to support your technical presentation.
You entire report needs to be done and handed in on the due date which will be established closer to
the end of the 1st nine weeks

Down and Dirty Check-off List

Invitation inviting person to dinner party DUE 9-7-16
Evaluate 3 online sources- Ms. Roediger DUE 8-31-16
MLA STYLE Essay of 2 pages in length, typed, double spaced, lead, thesis statement, 3
body paragraphs, conclusion, and listed bibliography at bottom of essay DUE 10-4-16
Presentation: power point, poster, collage, re-enactment, or some sort of creative display
Oral presentation to accompany the technical presentation- DUE 10-13-16

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