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Submitted in partial fulfillment of the recuirement for the

award of
Diploma in
Submitted by

As a part of the curriculam of a diploma student, He must have
to attend Industrial. So that he will get a better knowledge of
Industrial atmosphere and floor work. As a part of it, I went for
Industrial training at RICO INDUSTRY at dharuhera to gain
some practical and shop floor experience. These give me the
opportunity to have an exposure to experience. These give me
the opportunity to have an exposure to experience and to
interact with Engineers, supervisors and workers.
During it , I went for that discipline , sense of responsibility ,
orderliness , proper communication , leadership guidance are
necessary to convert company or organization objectives into
products through channel called production. The changing
industrial scenario and environment needs trained and
experienced engineers who can affectively handle the
manpower without many grievances and ensure the effective
utilization of machines and materials to achieve the objectives
laid down by the organization . .
I might not have understood all the procedures and process of
industry but I have tried my best to gain practical knowledge
from this training. I think that this training has provided to be
beneficial in upcoming life.

It brings me the immense for an opportunity to have
undergone training at RICO INDUSTRY.
I would like to thank my training supervisior
Mr.Johny,Mr.Ramdyal for his valuable guidance throughout
my training and also to thank all the Engineers and operators
for their valuable support during my entire training period.
There is always a sense of gratitude which one express to
others for their helpful and needy services, which they render
during all phases of life. I too would like to do the same as I
really wish to express my gratitude towards all those who have
been helpful to me during different stages of my Industrial
training and encouraged me with their ideas and views, which
were guiding and motivating factors in completion of mighty
and tedious tasks of project report writing to be a success.
In presenting this report I would like to convey my deep and
great gratitude towards all engineers and operators at RICO
INDUSTRY for their guidance.

Company Profile

Ricos consolidated group total turnover is over US$

245 Million

Ricos integrated services include design,

development, tooling, casting, machining and
assembly across ferrous and aluminum products.

Rico is a world-class engineering company supplying

a wide range of high precision fully machined
aluminum and ferrous components and assemblies to
automotive OEMs across the globe.

Rico Auto Industries

Manufacturing Locations:
1. Dharuhera
2. Bawal
3. Maneaser
4. Gurgaon
5. Bhiwadi
6. Haridwar
7. Sanad
8. Chennai

Rico Auto Industries, incorporated in 198485, is a worldclass
engineering company supplying a wide range of high precision fully
machined aluminum and ferrous components and assemblies to
automotive OEMs across the globe. Its consolidated group total
turnover is over $285 million (Rs 1100 crore).
Rico Auto is a dynamic worldclass engineering company, supplying a
broad range of high precision fully machined ferrous and aluminium
components and assemblies to automotive OEMs globally. The
company enjoys an excellent reputation for our customer focus, quality
and costcompetitiveness. Its engineering excellence, advanced design
and development capabilities, strong customer relationships and
proven scalability, have helped it become a preferred supplier to OEMs
across the globe.
Today it has earned a reputation of being a reliable high quality supplier
capable of supplying global volumes and also of an integrated and
innovative development partner capable of developing complex
products. It is increasingly positioning itself as a strategic design
development partner which helps it with early sourcing opportunities.
It has achieved critical mass now and estimate that it would continue to
grow its export at a fast pace in the next few years.

Current Global Customer Base

In automobile industries:
Hero,Honda,Bajaj,Maruti Suzuki,BMW,Land

In system supplies:
GKN Automotive,Komatsu, Allison Transmission,
Honeywell, Tata Steel, FCC Clutch Technology Rico,
Jatco, Perkins, Detroit Desiel, Continentel, Kohler

Engines, Mushashi, AVTEC, Trelleborg, Megna


Parts manufacturing in
RICO Dharuhera Plant

Wheel Hub Assembly

It take a procedure to make the wheel hub:
Aluminium Metal is taken from store.
Furnance is established to make the aluminium in
molten state (800oC).
The molten aluminium is carried from furnace tank to
die casting machine.
Then the molten aluminium is filled by the injection
method in the pattern of the die casting machine.
After that we get the wheel hub (but it is having
inaccurate sizes.)
The wheel hub is machined in CNC machine (the
program is set in the machine.)
It is then carried to quality checking department.
Finally it is stored in store department.

Centrifugal Clutch
Asssembly of two
Parts of Centrifugal Clutch are as follows:


Oil filter cover

Clutch Weight
Clutch Spring
Clutch outer housing

Centrifugal clutch is only assembled in RICO

Dharuhera plant. In this a separate bock is provided
for centrifugal clutch assembly.

Engine Casing
The procedure to make the engine casing is:
1. Convert the aluminium in molten state at 800oC.
2. Carry the molten metal to the die casting machine.
3. Then the molten aluminium filled by the injection
method in the pattern of the die casting machine.
4. After that we get engine casing (inaccurate Size).
5. The work piece is then machined in the VMC machine.
6. Quality of the work piece is then checked in quality
7. It is then taken to store.

Brake Pannel Assembly

Parts of Brake Pannel are as follows:

Brake Shoes
Brake arm
Wheel Hub Plate

It also assembles in the RICO Dharuhera plant. It

supervises by a block supervisor. After Assembly
check the accuracy in quality inspection block.

Machines in RICO auto industries

Dharuhera Plant
1. CNC
2. VMC
3. Multi Drill Machine
4. Milling Machine
5. Lathe Machine
6. Grinding Machine
7. Furnance

Brief description of CNC

1. What is CNC Machine?

The full form of CNC is Computer numerical control. If

we want to produce a finished product from a block,we
have to undergo through some chromatic
operations. Those operations are performed one by one by
Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) in CNC machine.
which means some theoretically programmed commands
which were prearranged in a storage medium.When those
programs are executed the operations are performed one
by one.

2.Advantage of CNC machine:

CNC machine is used in modern industry for not only

reducing the production cost, but also it saves the time
and increase the profit and accuracy of the job. CNC
machine is most useful for complex machining.
To keep pace with the modern world, machine tool
industries are introducing computerization by a CNC
machine, which has the flexibility in design and
production. Earlier CNC machines were applied as basic
conventional machines like lathe, milling machines etc.
Later the CNC machines are used for added efficiency in
all sectors of production like milling, turning, grinding,
drilling, threading, tapping, punching, nibbling etc. Now
introduction of automatic tool changers, Automatic pallet
changer in a CNC machine, makes machining operation
faster and reduces the loss of machine time.