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The Giver Chapters 7-8 Quiz

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1. Explain how the new children are identified before they are named.
2. Tell how the Chief Elder is determined.
3. Why doesnt Jonas like Pierre? Explain
4. Describe the character of Fiona and her abilities.

5. How many students are assigned to each job per year, and how this ensures a steady
flow of workers for the community?

6. Who gives the speeches and Assignments during the Ceremony of Twelve?
7. Explain how Asher was disciplined for using the incorrect word for snack. Assess
whether he received an appropriate or inappropriate consequence for misusing a word.
Provide reasons to support your answer.

8. What is Ashers Assignment? How does his Assignment affirm the Committees choice of

9. Describe what occurs as Jonas waits to be called to the stage.

10. Who said this? Match the numbers with the letters. (5pts)

____ a. I know that you are all concerned that you feel. I have made a mistake. I
have caused you anxiety, I apologize my community.
____ b. The Receiver in training cannot be observed, cannot be modified. That is
stated quite clearly in the rules. He is to be alone, apart, while he is prepared by the
current receiver for the job which is the most honored in our community.
____ c. You have been greatly honored, your father and I are very proud.
____ d. Beginning today this moment, at least to me, you are the receiver.
____ e. Although it is not simple at all, my job is to transmit to you all the memories
I have within me, memories of the past.
____ f. I am really interested; I dont mean that I am not. But I dont exactly
understand why it is so important. I could do some adult job in the community and
in my recreation time, I could come and listen to the stories from your childhood.



11. List the rules that govern the Receiver-in-Training.

12. Explain what a receiver is and what are the 5 qualities he must possess.

13. Explain Jonass reaction to Seeing Beyond.

14. Based on what you know about the Receiver, would you want this assignment? Provide
reasons to support your answer.

15. How does Jonas feel about becoming the Receiver-in-Training?