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A Detailed Lesson Plan in History(Secondary)

Prepared by: Ciara Jace S. Marquez (BSE 2-3)

Type of Demonstration: Data Analysis
At the end of the lesson,the students will be be able to
1.Identify the works of Tiberius Gracchus and Gauis Gracchus.
2. State the government system before Christ.
3. Appreciate ancient history.
4. Have the moral lesson which is fighting for corruption.
II. Subject Matter
Tiberius Gracchus and Gauis Gracchus
Reference/s: Ancient and Medieval History by Carlton Hayes
Materials: Visual Aids ,Flash Cards,Pictures
Values: Develop the moralistic values about government and its people.
III. Procedure
A. Learning Activities
Good Morning Class
Lets pray first
(Checking of Attendance)
.say present..
Please pick up the pieces of paper
under your chair
For this morning ,our discussion is about
the Gracchus brothers.Their name is
Tiberius Gracchus and Gauis Gracchus.

Good Morning Maam Ciara
(One student will lead the Prayer)
(Students raise their hand and say
present as the teacher calls in their
(Students pick up the pieces of paper)

Analysis and Lecture

(The teacher will show visual aid about
government and poverty.)
What can you say about these

(The students will recite)

(The teacher will discuss the ff.)

. (The teacher will show flash cards and
pictures about the government system)
What can you say about these flash
cards and pictures?
The Gracchus brothers came from elite
family. When Tiberius Gracchus became
the tribune (133. BC) He promised that
he will give lot /property of lands to
those people suffering poverty.The
problem is the senates disagree. The
senate accused him that he was just
longing for sympathy Tiberius Gracchus
died because of the excitement during
the election.
After 10 yrs. His brother Gauis Gracchus
became the tribune(121 BC). He gave
seeds and crops to poor people and
more rights to plebeian. (The teacher will
show charts about plebeian.)
Gauis Tiberius also died because of
excitement in Rome. Those excitement
and result of death were cause by
selfishness and corruption of the people
in the same senate which is also
happening until this century.
Students do you have any
clarifications ,questions, or violent
(The teacher will answer the questions)

(The students will ask questions)

IV. Evaluation
T1 Tiberius Gracchus was a tribune in Rome
F2 Gauis Gracchus is the brother in law of Tiberius Gracchus
T3. The people loved the Gracchus brothers.
F4. Tiberius Gracchus died during election
F5. Gauis Gracchus died during election
V. Assignment
Make a diary about Tiberius Gracchus and Gauis Gracchus. (At least 3
paragraphs)Write it on your notebook.