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Executive housekeeping responsibilities:


Room assignment/workload
Executive housekeeper is in charge in preparing and planning work schedule in advance.
Each room attendant will be assigned few rooms and their job scope will be clearly stated
by the executive housekeeper. Also, the number of room need to attend to will be divided
equally to each room attendant to ensure they can give their best services and also to
prevent from any dissatisfaction arise from the room attendants. Moreover, the executive
housekeeper must ensure the duties that have been divided will not overlap among room
attendants. Every system like HaleTechs software also play a very crucial role that will











Training is very important to the existing and new staff. Executive housekeeper must
provide training to new staffs by any means to ensure they can meet with the requirement
needs as a housekeeper. Moreover, it is to ensure both existing and new staffs can
understand the procedures, protocols and the systems of the hotel. Executive housekeeper
should not omit leadership training for supervisors. This training to ensure the
supervisors are updated with the current needs of hotel and customer and also currents
standards and regulations. Also, once software has been implemented for example
HaleTechs, the executive housekeeper must provide training to the housekeepers to


ensure they have sufficient knowledge and be able to use the software efficiently.
Room inspection
Executive housekeeper must check every room on daily basis to ensure the room
attendant meet the level and standard set by the hotel. Also, it is to ensure guest
satisfaction and for safety reason. Room inspection must be done before releasing it for
guest occupancy. Room inspection can be done by using check list and update the
checklist in the relevant report. The check list also can be updated in the systems such as
HaleTechs software after the inspection has been done daily.


Housekeepers report
Housekeeper executive must prepare rooms and guest report and those report can be
updated through system like HaleTechs software. This report will provide the availability
of the rooms before it can be released for guest occupancy. The report usually consists of
the date last cleaned, occupancy, housekeeping statuses, reserved rooms, occupied rooms
and guest information such as arrival date, departure date and number of guests. This
housekeeping report is prepared to make it easier to organize room cleanliness for the


proper care of the guests.

Inventory control
Inventory control is very important in every hotel. By using system like HaleTechs
software, it helps executive housekeeper to maintain inventory control and trace the lost
or defect inventory. Also, if the inventory has meet reorder level, they should order for
new inventory to ensure the hotel will have sufficient inventory to provide the best
services to the guest and meet guest satisfaction. If there is insufficient inventory, the
hotel will not be able to provide the best services to the guest and will not be able to meet


guest satisfaction.
Theft control of inventory
Theft can occur among room attendant and guests. Therefore, it is very crucial for the
hotel to have theft control of inventory. The inventory includes linens, guest supplies
(toiletries and amenities), cleaning supplies, furniture, equipment and others. Executive
housekeeper plays a vital role to ensure theft of inventory either by staffs or guests can be
reduced or controlled. Most importantly, the inventory record must be recorded properly
and during inspection, executive housekeeper must ensure the inventories are available
and not missing. Also, only authorized people can access the inventories under


supervision of authorized superior.

Cleaning control
Cleaning is a very important element in housekeeping. Executive housekeeper must
prepare schedule and cleaning scope for the staffs. Some might responsible to clean the
rooms and the others might responsible to clean the other part of hotel. The task must not
overlap and every section or area must receive full attention. Every part must be cleaned
properly to ensure the cleanliness image of the hotel can be maintained. Moreover,


cleanliness is important to ensure guest comfort and meet their expectation.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Executive housekeeper also must obey Occupational Safety and Health Administration.
According to this act, workplace must be safe which means workplace does not have
serious hazards and must follow all OSHA safety and health standards. These safety and
health standards can ensure the safety of employers, employees and also guests. Few acts
available in OSHA are provide slip-resistant footwear, shall maintain easy and open
access to each fire-alarm box, fire-call station, fire-fighting equipment, and each exit,
including ladders, staircases, scaffolds, and gangways, floor must be maintained clean

and dry and aisles and passageways must be kept clear and in good repair.
Going green
Executive housekeeper must ensure that all of the housekeepers practice environmentally
friendly housekeeping. Housekeeping staff must undergo regular training to ensure they
are continuously delivering a clean, healthy environment for building occupants. Green
cleaning can save water and electricity, improve indoor air quality, increase recycle
practice, increase occupant productivity and purchase environmentally-friendly products.
Housekeeping staff must routinely look for energy and water saving opportunities by
reporting water leaks to building liaison, turn off lights if not in use and turn off


computers and monitors, printers, copiers and coffee makers at night.

Accommodations for people with physical challenges
Executive housekeeper must ensure the facilities of the hotel can be used by people with
physical challenges. Also, appropriate training on how to attend and serve people with
physical challenges is necessary for the housekeeper. Executive housekeeper also must
ensure that facilities available in the hotel for people with physical challenges function
properly and can be used safely. For example, passage for disabled people, toilets for
disabled people, wheelchair accessibilities, level of showers, handrails, height of
wardrobe rails, bath grab bars and emergency telephone. This is very important to attract
people to come to the hotel with this kind of facilities. Means that the hotel is not only
suitable for ordinary people but also can fulfill the needs of disabled people.

Firstly, mistake done by front desk can cause trouble to housekeeping department. It is
because if front desk issues wrong key number to the guest and later on the guest has to change
to their original room, it will affect housekeeping department as they have to tidy up the related
room again. Thus, the workload of staffs in housekeeping department will increase. Moreover,
executive housekeeper also need to update housekeeping record on the date room last cleaned
and guest details. The solution of this problem is front desk should double check the key before it
is issued to the guest to prevent these kind of inconvenience from occur. Also, the key number
issued must be updated in the system to ensure no overbook occur.
Next, Anna always bring her work back to home. She has to finish her work in home and
also provided laptop and mobile phone by her management to ensure she can be reached even at
home. This kind of behavior can increase Anna stress towards her work since she cannot achieve
her work life balance. She should not bring her work to home and finish her work in her office to
ensure she can spend more time with her family and relieve herself from stress at work.