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Initial Evaluation, 10th grade ; Name/ Surname _________________________________

I a) Read the text attentively.

Pollution is the degradation of natural environment by external substances introduced directly
or indirectly. Human health, ecosystem quality and aquatic and terrestrial biodiversity may be
affected and altered permanently by pollution.
Pollution occurs when ecosystems can not get rid of substances introduced into the
environment. The critical threshold of its ability to naturally eliminate substances is
compromised and the balance of the ecosystem is broken.
The sources of pollution are numerous. The identification of these different pollutants and
their effects on ecosystems is complex. They can come from natural disasters or the result of
human activity, such as oil spills, chemical spills, nuclear accidents ... These can have terrible
consequences on people and the planet where they live: destruction of the biodiversity,
increased mortality of the human and animal species, destruction of natural habitat, damage
caused to the quality of soil, water and air ...
Preventing pollution and protecting the environment necessitate the application of the
principles of sustainable development. we have to consider to satisfy the needs of today
without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. This means that
we should remedy existing pollution, but also anticipate and prevent future pollution sources
in order to protect the environment and public health. Any environmental damage must be
punishable by law, and polluters should pay compensation for the damage caused to the
b) Answer to the following questions:
1. What is pollution ? (1p.)

2. What are the effects of pollution ? (1p.)

3. Write the most dangerous sources of pollution ? (2p.)

4. How to prevent environmental damage ? (3p.)


Find synonyms for the following words in the text: (2p.)

Effects _______________________________
Harm ______________________________

II. Fill in the blanks with the correct tense forms of the verbs in the brackets (15p.)
I usually __________ (go) to school by bus. 2. Yesterday morning I _______ (get) up at 6.30.
3. We needed some money so we ____________ (sell) our car. 4. " __________she ever
_________ (be) to Spain?" 5. "What _________ Peter _________ (do) now?" 6. Please don't
make so much noise. I _____________ (study) for my online degree. 7. Water _________
(boil) at 100 degrees Celsius. 8. Carol often ________ (learn) with her father. 9. Now Ron
__________ (phone) Jill again. It ___________ (be) the third time he _________ (phone) her
this evening. 10. It ____________ (rain) now. It ____________ (begin) raining two hours
ago. So it _____________ (rain) for two hours. 11. ____________ you_________ (hear)
anything from Tom since Christmas? 12. "_____________ it ____________ (rain)?" she
always ____________ (ask) me. 13. " ___________ you ____________ (go) out last night?"
14. New York _____________ (be) one of the largest cities of the world. 15. This house
_____________ (cost) 35,000 pounds in 1980.
III. Outline in writing your opinion on the following topic in the limit of 100 - 130
words: How to keep a clean environment in the Republic of Moldova ?20p.)

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