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Try to have "litterless"

lunches as much as

September has come and gone! Congratulations to

the students and volunteers who participated in our
17th Annual Terry Fox Run! The students also enjoyed
an apple on this past Friday in celebration of the
legendary Johnny Appleseed.
September was a successful month with the children
having learned our school and classroom routines. They
have been able to make new friends and are beginning
to accept and meet the demands of the grade three
The Family Life and Religion programs have allowed
us to explore our goals and the uniqueness of our
families. The students have all signed their class kites
and expressed a goal on their own personal kite. We
will begin exploring our uniqueness and relationships
with friends.
The children should now be able to track all their
reading in their reading folder. It is expected that
each student completes at least one level each month
and in turn submit their folder to school every two
weeks so that progress may be recorded. The students
are very good about reading independently in class
during silent reading time. We will continue to work on
reading with expression and intonation in our voices
while reading aloud. Throughout the year we will build
comprehension by making inferences and connections.
All students successfully completed writing a summer
recount and they are well on their way to completing a
descriptive paragraph about their family. We will be
working on comprehensive answers in response to our
reading selections and procedural writing during the
month of October.
Their new word wall words are recorded in their
agenda on the Monday they are introduced. It is a good
idea to have them practice the spelling of these words
on a regular basis.
Our daily leaders have presented excellent articles
and stories of interest. I am impressed with their
advanced preparation!

We have also enjoyed few creative stories our grade

three writers have published through the use of the
'Writer's Briefcase'.
We are continually experiencing math through
inquiry based learning. The children work continually
on the concepts and strategies associated with
numeration. They are learning to represent their
thinking in an organized manner. The Gr. 3 students
are beginning to understand the place value of
numbers and being able to represent numbers using a
base ten model in different ways. It is important that
all students practise their number facts using various
strategies to help them. Remember to check the class
website for math information. It is also beneficial to
practise counting loose change and practise telling
time on an analog clock.
In Science, the students are working on concepts
associated with Forces. They will soon try a few
experiments and do research on the chrome books to
learn about a variety of forces and the concepts
associated with them. It is important to review what
they have learned in science when their notebook is
sent home.

Welcome to all our parent and community volunteers
who will be assisting in a variety of ways with the
students. Please dont ignore the fact that as parents
you are one of the most important educational
partners working with me to ensure your child is happy
and successful at school.
Please keep the communication lines open by using
the agenda or giving me a quick call if you have any
questions or concerns.
Yours in education,
Katherine Shaw