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Narrator: Greek mythology, a body of myths and teachings of the ancient Greeks.
Concerning the nature of the world, their gods, their heroes, and their origin. The
story of our heroes begin with the fall of one. Cronus was warned not to take Rhea
as his wife or else one of his children would overthrow him, yet he still did not listen.
In fear of the prophecy, he would eat every child Rhea would give birth to. But sure
enough the prophecy came true. When it was time for Rhea to give birth to her sixth
child, she hid herself, then left the child to be raised by the nymphs. To conceal her
act, she wrapped a stone in swaddling clothes and passed it off as the baby to
Cronus, who swallowed it. When this child grew up, he freed his siblings from their
fathers stomach. And with their help, they all together defeated Cronus and his
Poseidon: Brother, now that we have defeated our father, one must take up the
Hades: I suggest we draw lots, in order to determine which one of us will be ruler of
the universe.
Zeus: Very well, (they all drew lots. Zeus won, followed by Poseidon, then Hades)
Zeus: Well, I believe that makes me the supreme ruler.
Poseidon: I would be in charge of the sea.
Hades: And I the lord of the underworld.
Zeus: (steps forward) I AM ZEUS. The god of the sky and ruler of the Olympian
gods, as well as lord of the sky and rain. My weapon is the thunderbolt which I
hurled at those who displease or defy me, especially liars and oath breakers. I am
also the presiding deity of the universe, ruler of the skies and the earth, and was
regarded by the Greeks as the god of all natural phenomena on the sky; the
personification of the laws of nature; the ruler of the state; and finally, the father of
gods and men. I am the source of kingly power, the upholder of all institutions
connected to the state. I am also the protector of the people, and watched over the
welfare of the whole community. I watch over the mortals with tender solicitude,
rewarding truth, charity, and fairness, while severely punishing perjury and cruelty.
Even the poorest and most forlorn wanderer could find a powerful advocate in me,
for me, as a wise and merciful paternal figure, demand that the wealthy inhabitants
of the earth be attentive to the needs of their less fortunate fellow citizens. Once
again, I am Zeus, the god of the sky and the ruler of the Olympian gods.
Poseidon: (forward) I am Poseidon, second to Zeus in power amongst the gods, the
god of the sea and protector of all aquatic features. Brother of Zeus and Hades,
widely worshipped by seamen. I am married Amphitrite, one of the granddaughters
of the Titan Oceanus. I created the first horse, in which I named him Pegasus. My
weapon is the trident, with which I could make the earth shake, causing
earthquakes, and shatter any object. I am second to Zeus in power amongst the
gods. I was considered by Greeks to have a difficult quarrelsome personality.
Combined with my greed, I had a series of disputes with other gods during my
various attempts to take over the cities they were patrons of. Once again, I am
Poseidon, second to Zeus in power, the god of the sea and protector of all aquatic
Hades: (forward) I am Hades. The brother of Zeus and Poseidon, god of the
underworld and ruler of the dead. I am mainly interested in increasing his subjects,
and anyone whose deeds resulted in people dying was favored by me. The Greeks
were not keen on uttering my name, afraid of causing some kind of reaction that
would end up with them dead sooner. Instead, they decided to give me another
name, Plouton, deriving from the Greek word for wealth, due to the precious metals
mined from the earth. Thus, I also became the god of wealth. Although an
Olympian, I prefer the Underworld and I rarely left my kingdom. My weapon is a
pitchfork, which I use to create earthquakes, similar to the way Poseidon used his

trident. I also had a helmet of invisibility, which I had received as a gift from the
Cyclopes, in order to use it during the clash of the Titans. Again, I am Hades, brother
of Zeus and Poseidon, god of the underworld and ruler of the dead.
Narrator: Still later, one more attempt was made to unseat Zeus; the Giants
rebelled. But by this time, the gods were very strong, and they were helped too. The
giants were defeated and hurled down to Tartarus. From then on, Zeus and his
brothers and sisters ruled, undisputed lords of all.
And yet there were no human beings; but the world, now cleared of monsters,
was ready for mankind. It was a place where people could live in some comfort and
security, without having to fear the sudden appearance of a Titan or a Giant. Even
the place the good and bad should go to after death has been arranged. It was time
for men to be created. The gods delegated the creation of men to Prometheus and
Epimetheus. But Epimetheus have given the best gifts to the animals, until there
was no good left to men. He consulted his brother and Prometheus made men
upright like the gods, and gave them fire. And because of Prometheus love for
mankind, when Zeus hid fire from men, he stole it and gave it back. With this, Zeus
was angry, and he chained Prometheus to a rock. The reason for inflicting this
torture was not only to punish Prometheus, but also to disclose a secret very
important to the lord of Olympus.
Hermes: Tell me, Prometheus, who is she? Who is the mother of the child who will
dethrone Zeus?
Prometheus: Go tell Zeus this: Whatever you do, you wont be able to persuade
me that easily.
Hermes: Please, Prometheus, stop being stubborn! Just give me the name. Only
one name. And all of these torture will stop.
Prometheus: And what if I dont?
Hermes: These (Looks around) (Sigh) all of these tortures will just get worse. An
eagle will come at day and eat your liver, and at night your liver will grow back and
this will go on and on. You will not die even if you want to because of your
immortality. The only escape to these torture is
Prometheus: Is what?
Hermes: Is to just give me the name! Is that hard to do, Prometheus? I am trying to
help you escape these things!
Prometheus: If you are really trying to help me, why dont you just free me from
this chain?
Hermes: I I cant do that! Besides, only Zeus will be able to give you freedom. You
know me, Prometheus. You know me completely. I am just me. I am Hermes. I am
the Greek god of commerce, son of Zeus and Maia. Quick acting and cunning, I am
able to move swiftly between the world of man and the world of gods, acting as a
messenger of the gods and the link between mortals and the Olympians. I am the
protector of travelers, thieves and athletes. I occasionally tricked the other gods for
my own amusement or in an effort to protect humans. With the ability to move
freely between worlds, I also served as the guide of the souls of the dead to the
underworld and the afterlife.
Prometheus: And that is what we have in common! We both love mankind. We are
here to protect them. I believe that is enough reason for you to help me.
Hermes: No. Even I would have the chance to help you, I will not. Id still choose to
obey my father. But you are my friend, Prometheus. And it would be better for all of
us if you would stop this stubborn silence and just tell me the name.
Prometheus: No, Hermes. I wont. You know me as much as I know you. I am
Prometheus. I am one of the Titans, son of Iapetus and Clymene. During the
Titanomachy, the war between the Titans and the Olympian gods, I sided with Zeus,
helping him to overthrow the old gods. Siding with the winning side, I avoided being

punished with the rest of the Titans and was therefore not sent to Tartarus, the
Underworld. I have served Zeus well and I believe that my suffering is utterly unjust
and I will not give in to brutal power no matter at what cost. I refuse to submit to
cruelty and tyranny. Even if Zeus would hit me with his thunderbolt, or let the earth
shake, none of all this will break or even bend my will. Tell that to Zeus.
Hermes: (sigh) I guess that I couldnt persuade you anymore. (Sigh) So long, my
friend. (Walks away, then stop) Oh, and one more thing. Dont wish for this agony of
yours to end, not until a god would give up his immortality and be willing to die in
your stead. Farewell, Prometheus. (Finally walks away)
Narrator: And so, generations after, Chiron, a Centaur agreed to die in exchange of
Prometheus freedom. Zeus approved this, but this is not yet the end of
Prometheus suffering, for the eagle is still alive.
(Sound effect of eagle descending swiftly, then after, a complete silence.)
(Prometheus getting ready for the eagles attack, closes his eyes hard and after
realizing that the attack was interrupted, Opens his eyes slowly, then looks around
and sees Hercules, straight-faced)
Prometheus: Who Who are you?
Hercules: Really? Are you actually asking me who am I? Did I heard you ask? Who
am I?
Prometheus: I
Hercules: How long have you been here anyway? How come you dont know me?
Prometheus: Are you perhaps, Her- Hercules?
Hercules: Yes, thats me! I am Hercules. Last mortal son of Zeus. I am best known
as the strongest of all mortals, and even stronger than many gods. I am often seen
as a primitive, brutal, and violent man. I impiously wounded some of the gods; I
threatened a priestess of Apollo at Delphi when an answer to my question is not
forthcoming. Well, I created most of my own problems. However, viewing me as
simply a strong buffoon is unfair. I may have held grudges, but I would also do
anything to help a friend. I am too strong for anyone to force a punishment on me.
Their view of me shifted considerable over time. The early view focused on how
badly I managed despite my obvious gifts. As time passed the focus shifted to my
virtues. (Then looks at Prometheus and saw him still chained) Correct me if Im
wrong but, is it true that when a god die, you will receive your freedom?
Prometheus: Yes, indeed.
Hercules: But why are you still chained?
Prometheus: What do you mean?
Hercules: Try to move and escape.
Prometheus: What are you talking about?
Hercules: Just do it.
Prometheus: (he did move, and was surprise to found out that the chain is no
longer connected to the rock) whatHow... how did this happen?
Hercules: Well, Ill tell you on the way, but lets get out of here first. (Then walks
away together)
Narrator: Prometheus was freed from torture, and continued to live among the
And so, the gods were living harmoniously with each other, doing their tasks and
sometimes, helping mortals. Until one day,
Demeter: Persephone, my daughter, would you promise to stay here until I return?

Persephone: Where are you going, Mother?

Demeter: I am picking some flowers to bring back to Olympus.
Persephone: Can I help you pick some flowers, Mother?
Demeter: Of course, Honey. Ill be back. (Leaves)
(Persephone hums as she picks flowers, and puts them to her basket. Hades saw
her and fell in love with her at first sight.)
Zeus: Well, well, well, Hades. Its been a long time since we saw each other.
Hades: Yes, indeed, my brother. I just went up to the surface because I am planning
to go to Olympus.
Zeus: For whats sake, my brother?
Hades: Nothing. For no reason at all. I just want to visit my family. Oh, I have
something to ask you.
Zeus: What is it, my brother?
Hades: I want Persephone to be my wife.
Zeus: Persephone? Really? The daughter of Demeter?
Hades: Yes Zeus. What seems to be the problem?
Zeus: Nothing. I was just surprised.
Hades: Well, she is fit to be my wife. I mean, look at her. She is sweet, kind, and
Zeus: What about her physical attributes?
Hades: You know Zeus, what matters most is the character.
Zeus: Of course you also need to consider the outside appearance so that you may
know if you really are perfect with each other.
Hades: Shes perfect. She has everything I am looking for. The word beautiful is not
enough to describe her. (Still looking at Persephone)
Zeus: (mumbles) Love is blind indeed.
Hades: What did you say?
Zeus: I said of course she is! Besides I am her father. If I am good looking, then
same goes to her. Right? (Laughs)
Hades: Quit boosting up your ego, Zeus. Now, would you help me get Persephone?
Zeus: Okay brother. As you wish.
(Zeus walks up to Persephone)
Zeus: Hello my daughter.
Persephone: Greetings, my lord. (Kneels down)
Zeus: No need, Persephone. I am just looking for your mother. I have something to
ask her.
Persephone: What is it my lord? I can just pass on the message if you want.
Zeus: I would love to. Just please tell her to look for the narcissus. I am planning to
give it to someone else.
Persephone: My lord, is it okay for you to just entrust this task for me? I would be
willing to do it since my mother is nowhere else to be found.
Zeus: Why yes, thank you my daughter! Look for me at the Olympus.

Persephone: I will find it as soon as possible.

Zeus: I shall go now, Hera will be looking for me already. Farewell, Persephone.
(Walks away)
(Persephone looks for the narcissus, and searching and searching until a flower
attracted her.)
Persephone: Perhaps this is the narcissus. (Pulls it up from the root, then ground
began to shake) (Lights blink (open close open close)) (Persephone panics) What
what is going on? (Lights shut down) Aaaaah!
(Lights open) (Demeter rushes back to the place)
Demeter: Persephone? Persephone! My daughter where are you? (Looks around,
Looking for Persephone) Persephone! Persephone! (Saw Zeus) Zeus! Have you seen
Zeus: Yes I did, a while ago.
Demeter: Did you see her go somewhere? I heard her cry and I returned here as
soon as possible and now she was nowhere to be found.
Zeus: I-I-I didnt saw her going s-somewhere else. I-I just s-saw her h-here at this
spot, where Im s-standing.
Demeter: Zeus, please help me to find my daughter. She is everything for me. And
without her, I am lost. I am nothing.
Zeus: Demeter that is not how a god should act. You could not be dependent on
anyone. Even if it is your daughter.
Demeter: Zeus, when you left me, Persephone was the only one that kept me
going. I accepted my fate when you returned to Hera. I need Persephone. She is my
only treasure. Please Zeus, please help me look for her.
Zeus: Demeter, you know for a fact that the moment I help you, my wife will get
angry and jealous. And this will result to no good. Im sorry Demeter.
Demeter: I understand Zeus. But if you had any information about her, please let
me know.
Zeus: I will, Demeter.
Narrator: Meanwhile, after the ground shook, Persephone was taken to a place she
never knew of. She was taken to the Underworld, the kingdom of Hades, and her
soon to be home.
(Underworld scene) (Persephone waking up)
Persephone: (looks around) Where am I? What is this place?
Hades: (enters) It seems that you are awake already.
Persephone: Are you Hades? Is this the Underworld?
Hades: Yes it is, my love.
Persephone: my l-love?
Hades: Yes, Persephone. From now on. You will be my wife.
Persephone: Does that mean that I will be staying here, forever?
Hades: Yes.
Persephone: And and that I will not see my mother again?
Hades: Sadly, yes.
Persephone: Oh. (Stares blankly at the air.) I didnt even say goodbye. I hope she
is okay up there.

Hades: Do not worry, Persephone. I will take care of you. I

Thanatos: Well, well, well, who do we have here? A visitor from the surface! Well,
hello, my dearest Persephone.
Persephone: Who are you?
Thanatos: Well, let me have the honor to introduce myself, milady. I am Thanatos,
the daemonic representation of death in Ancient Greek mythology. I did not play a
major part in Greek mythology and rarely appeared in any stories, as I was mostly
displaced by Hades, the god of the Underworld. I am the son of Nyx and Erebus,
while my twin brother was Hypnos. I was believed to be merciless and
indiscriminate, and both mortals and gods hated me. However, I could sometimes
be outsmarted. Again, I am Thanatos, the god of death itself.
Narrator: While Persephone was adapting the nature of the Underworld, Demeter is
still looking for her daughter, and wandered around for nine days. No mortals or
even god were willing to help her. She then came to the Sun, and it told her
Demeter: (slaps Zeus) so this is the true reason why you refused to help me, huh?
You were actually the reason why she was taken away from me!
Zeus: What are you talking about?
Demeter: You cant fool me now, Zeus. Not now that I know everything you did to
me, and my daughter.
Zeus: I dont know what youre saying. Demeter, stop accusing me for something I
didnt-Demeter: So you want me to explain it? Fine. You teamed up with Hades and you
gave Persephone to him as his wife! Without me knowing! And when I asked you if
you saw my daughter at the time of the earthquake, you lied to me! You ruined our
life, Zeus. You and Hades. You ruined us, you ruined me. And I guess I cannot give
blessings to mortals and make them happy when I myself is devastated and angry. I
will make the ground barren and its all because of you, and your selfish acts.
(Attempted to walk away.)
Zeus: (holds Demeter at the hand) you cant do that, Demeter! All of them will die
because of starvation! Be selfless, Demeter!
Demeter: says the one who isnt. Why cant I do that? I am Demeter. The goddess
of corn, grain, and the harvest. I am the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. I make the
crops grow each year; thus the first loaf of bread made from the annual harvest is
offered to me. I am the goddess of the earth, of agriculture, and of fertility in
general. Sacred to me are livestock and agricultural products, poppy, narcissus and
the crane. I am intimately associated with the seasons. I was also known for
founding the Eleusinian mysteries. These were huge festivals held every five years
and very important events for many centuries. Yet, little is known about them as
those attending were sworn to secrecy. And because of these, I have the choice to
whether to withdraw harvest from mortals or no. You cant stop me, not unless you
give me my daughter back. (Finally walks away)
Zeus: Demeter, wait! (follows Demeter)
Narrator: Demeter left Olympus, and stayed at the temple built for her. She was so
devastated, and she kept the earth barren for years. Zeus sent many gods to
Demeter, one after another, to try to turn her from anger. But Demeter wouldnt
listen to any of them. Finally, Zeus thought that his brother have to give way. He
sent Hermes to the underworld, and relayed the message to them. Persephone was
happy, because she knew that Hades needs to obey Zeus command. He made her
ate pomegranate seeds, knowing in his heart that if she did so, she must return to
him. He then gave Persephone to Hermes, and they both returned to the surface
and went to Demeter. Demeter was so glad when she saw her daughter, and they
reunited. She became sad when Persephone told her mother about the

pomegranate seeds. Zeus then sent the oldest goddess, their mother, Rhea, to try
to persuade Demeter. And because of happiness, she finally made the fields
flourish, and gave back everything that she withheld from mankind.
Demeter: My daughter, it has been years since I last saw you. Would you mind to
introduce yourself to me again? I would love to know how you have been these past
years. I would like to know you all over again.
Persephone: Why yes, my mother. I am Persephone, daughter of Zeus and
Demeter, and the queen of the underworld. I was abducted by Hades, the god of the
underworld, infuriating my mother who made the crops wither and the earth barren.
Zeus intervened and tried to bring me back to the world of the living; however, I ate
the seeds of a pomegranate that Hades gave me, binding me to him for one third of
the year. Thus, it was decided that I will spend four months in the underworld and
eight months on earth with my mother. The period in the underworld corresponded
to the winter season, during which Demeter would make the soils barren due to her
grief, while my return marked the start of the spring.
Narrator: And so once again, the gods continued to live the way it is before,
sometimes intervening in the lives of the mortals. And before we move on with the
most famous event of the Greek mythology, there are some heroes that were
known. An example is Hercules, which we have introduced a while ago. Another is
Perseus, who was famous for one thing he did.
Perseus: (monologue)
Narrator: And so, we are now moving to the most awaited part of this mythologythe Trojan War. This all started at a wedding, and all of the gods, were invited to
(Merry songs, happy and noisy. Full of food and festivity)
King Peleus: Attention, my honorable guests! (Silence, except for Dionysus still
shouting; drunk; Apollo hushes him and Dionysus stops, smiles sheepingly, and then
drinks again, and laughs to himself) I would like to thank you all for coming to our
wedding. This is actually sponsored by Zeus and the rest of the Olympian gods. And
for those who do not know us, I am King Peleus, the son of Aeacus, king of the
island of Aegina, and Endeis, an oread nymph. I am the recently married this nymph
beside me, Thetis. But before I met my wife, I experienced so much trouble in my
life. I am one of the participants in the Argonautic Expedition. In a hunting accident,
I killed someone and had to flee. I reached Iolcus, where the kings wife fell in love
with me. I denied her advances, and then she falsely accused me of doing
something bad to her. The king, took me into a forest where he abandoned me just
before an attack by centaurs. I was saved by Hermes, the messenger god. Years
later, I met a beautiful sea nymph who was able to change form. Aided by Proteus, I
managed to win her heart. And here we are now.
Thetis: And I am todays bride, Thetis. I was courted by both Zeus and Poseidon,
but I married neither of them, out of fear of a prophecy that said my son would
surpass his father in glory. When Hephaestus, the blacksmith god, was thrown from
Olympus, it was I along with Eurynome that helped him and placed him on the
island of Lemnos. There, he worked for us as a blacksmith. I then met Peleus and fell
in love with him. (Looks at each other, and then smiles)
Peleus: Now, we are officially opening the party! (Dionysus shouts wohoooooo! And
was succeeded by other shouts and claps) (party song) (the gods and goddesses
are scattered, laughing and talking to each other.)
Hephaestus and Ares: Ares/Hephaestus have you seen Aphrodite?
Hephaestus and Ares: No I havent.
Hephaestus and Ares: You talk first.
Hephaestus and Ares: No you go first.
Hephaestus and Ares: Stop saying what I say! (Grunts)

Hephaestus: Why are you looking for my wife?

Ares: Why should I tell you?
Hephaestus: Because obviously, she is my wife.
Ares: Its none of your business.
Hephaestus: Oh really? You never change Ares. You are still arrogant even after the
humiliation I did to expose your acts with my wife.
Ares: In addition and agreement of what you have said, I am Ares. I am the god of
war, and son of Zeus and Hera. I represent the raw violence and untamed acts that
occurred in wartime, in contrast to Athena, who was a symbol of tactical strategy
and military planning. I am depicted as a violent personality, and I faced humiliation
through my defeats more than once. Because of this, I am disliked by both of my
parents. My father, Zeus hated me more than anyone else. As what Hephaestus is
saying, I am the lover of my sister, Aphrodite. Our union resulted in the birth of
eight children, including Eros, god of love.
Hephaestus: But without me, your strongest and best weapons wont be made. I
was the one who made almost all of your weapons. I am Hephaestus. I am the
Greek god of blacksmiths, sculptors, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes; thus, I am
symbolized with a hammer, an anvil and a pair of tongs. I am the son of Zeus and
Hera. However, Hera threw me from Olympus because I am crippled and I fell into
the ocean and was raised by Thetis and Eurynome. I was later accepted back to
Olympus, and became the craftsman of the gods, creating majestic armors, shields
and weapons. (Turns to Ares) Do you realize, that without me, youre useless?
Ares: How would you say so?
Hephaestus: Without the weapons I gave you, your battles will always lose. Those
mortals dont know how to make a weapon as strong as mine. And therefore, youre
useless without me.
Ares: (punches Hephaestus) Does it hurt?! See? Even without weapons, I am
strong. I can use my powerful fists in battle and I will never, ever need you for my
Hephaestus: How dare you
Athena: Stop the both of you! You two are making a scene! Arent you ashamed of
what you have just done? You ruined this wedding!
Hephaestus and Ares: He started it!
Hephaestus and Ares: No he started it!
Hephaestus and Ares: Stop saying everything I say!
(Dionysus steps out of the crowd)
Dionysus: (drunk talking) Isthaaap quarreling! Me is drinking. Me is sleepy. You is
loud and is noisy. (Sleeps) Lets start the party again! Yiheeee (music starts again)
Dionysus: I love parties! Yes! Yippee! Me so happy and full! I is wonderful! I is
Dionysus! I am the god of fertility and wine, later considered a patron of the arts. I
created wine and spread the art of viticulture. I had a dual nature; on one hand, I
brought joy and divine ecstasy; or I would bring brutal and blinding rage, thus
reflecting the dual nature of wine. I and my followers could not be bound by fetters.
I am the son of Zeus and Semele, and I was the only god with a mortal parent. I
became one of the most important gods in everyday life and was associated with
several key concepts. One was rebirth after death; my dismemberment by the
Titans and my return to life was symbolically echoed in viticulture, where the vines
must be pruned back sharply, and then become dormant in winter for them to bear
fruit. Another concept was that under the influence of wine, one could feel
possessed by a greater power. Unlike other gods, I am not merely a god to be
worshipped, but I was also present within my followers; at those times, a man would

possess supernatural powers and was able for things he would not be able to do
otherwise. (Because of drunkenness, he was about to fall, but Apollo caught him)
Apollo: Dionysus! I told you to stop drinking! Even if you are the god of wine, you
should be drinking moderately!
Dionysus: (pulls away from Apollo) who are you to stop me? I cannot be stopped! I
is a god! *hik* me is an Olympian! Hahaha
Apollo: I am also an Olympian, Dionysus. In fact I am your brother! I am Apollo!
(Catches Dionysus when he was about to fall again) DIONYSUS!
Dionysus: Of course I know you! Do you think of me as a stupid god?
(At the back was Athena and Artemis talking and then Artemis saw them, and then
bid goodbye to Athena, and walked to Apollo and Dionysus)
Artemis: (Laughs at first, then gasps mockingly) Dionysus is drunk again, huh? Oh
my. It should be very hard to nurse him. Am I right, twin brother?
Apollo: (mocks back) Yes it is, my twin sister. Would you like to try replacing me?
Besides, you were the one who helped our mother give birth to me. I suppose that
you have enough experience in the field of nursing.
Artemis: (smitten) well, sorry to say, brother, but that is beyond my responsibility. I
definitely refuse the offer. Besides, I have many things under me. And that job is not
one of them.
Apollo: Oh really? Would you please enlighten me?
Artemis: It would be an honor. (Mockingly bows) I am Artemis. (Monologue)
Apollo: (claps) what you just said is true indeed. You may be the goddess of many
things, but I believe that I am more talented than you.
Artemis: I dont think so, my brother.
Apollo: Do you want me to enumerate those to you?
Artemis: You are just boosting up your ego. Stop being boastful. Those things might
be your greatest downfall.
Apollo: And because I refuse to listen to you, just as how Dionysus refused to listen
to me,
Dionysus: Hey! I heard my name!
Apollo: (ignores Dionysus) I would be delighted to introduce myself and to show
you that even though I am younger than you, I can be better (Artemis stares) Okay,
I am Apollo. The son of Zeus and Leto, twin brother of Artemis. I am the god of
music, and is often depicted playing a golden lyre. I am also known as the Archer,
far shooting with a silver bow, the god of light; and the god of truth. One of my most
important daily tasks was to harness his four-horse chariot, in order to move the
Sun across the sky. I am an oracular god, as I am the prophetic deity in the Oracle in
Delphi. I am considered as the god of healing and medicine, either through me or
through my son Asclepius. At the same time, I could also bring forth disease and
plague with my arrows; it was considered that a god that can cause disease is also
able to prevent it. My holy tree is the laurel, and my holy animal is the dolphin.
Artemis: (Sarcastically) Yaaay! I am really happy for all of your achievements! (rolls
(Eris enters) (Claps mockingly)
Eris: Aww, you two are so adorable to watch. (All of the gods stopped everything
they are doing) (Artemis and Apollo aims their arrow at Eris) (Dionysus suddenly
wakes up, then imitated Apollo and Artemis pose, with his cup.) Hey, easy, you
two. Oh. Hi there, Dionysus.

Dionysus: (holds down the cup) Hi! (Then saw Apollo again, and imitated its pose.)
Hermes: (goes to Eris) Eris, you are not welcomed here. Please dont make any
more trouble.
Eris: Easy, Hermes. I just want to see the bride and the groom! (Sees Thetis and
Peleus) Hello, newlyweds! Best wishes!
Thetis: Who are you?
Eris: Ouch. You dont know me? Well, I would like to introduce myself to you all. My
name is Eris. I am the Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord. I am the daughter
of Zeus and Hera, others say I am the daughter of Nyx (dark night) alone. My
opposite was Harmonica. I had a son named Strife, whom I brought along with me
when I rode my chariot to war alongside Ares. Considered evil and war freak, sadly, I
was the only goddess not invited in this wedding.
Hermes: Now that you have seen them, can I escort you outside?
Eris: Okay, okay. (Walks, then stopped, remembering something.) Oops, I forgot
something. I have a special gift for all of you. (Throws the golden apple) Farewell,
my fellow guests. (Laughs evilly)
Apollo: What is that?
Dionysus: (drunk) obviously, that is an apple. Hahaha! What is so special about
Artemis: It has something written in it.
Hephaestus: It says (Squints eye, trying to read) To the fairest.
(As soon as they heard the inscription, Athena, Hera and Aphrodite immediately ran
to the apple)
Athena: Give it to me! I should get that apple!
Hera: No I should!
Aphrodite: What makes you think you two are the fairest? I should get the apple!
Hera: (gets the apple for herself) this apple is mine. I have all the rights to claim it.
Do you all know why? Because I am the golden-throned Hera. I am the supreme
goddess, patron of marriage and childbirth, having a special interest in protecting
married women. I am Zeus' wife and sister, and was raised by the Titans Oceanus
and Tethys. My sacred animals are the cow and the peacock. Others call me as the
chief of beauty, a glorious lady that even Zeus honored it. I often interfered with
Zeus's plans and I am often able to outwit him. And with him, I had 6 children, two
of whom were part of the deities of Olympus. And the rest of his children are not
with me. Our marriage is turbulent and we often clash I-Athena: And so? I dont care if you are the legal wife as they say it, but you dont
get privileges as much as I do. (Gets the apple from Heras hand) I am Athena. The
Greek virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature. I am the
protector of civilized life, of handicrafts and agriculture and the inventor of bridle,
who first tamed horses for men to use. I am the first born daughter of Zeus, and
also his favorite child. I am also allowed to carry his weapons like the aegis, his
buckler and even his thunderbolt. Fully grown and in a full set of armour, I sprang
out of Zeus head. Of the three virgin goddesses I am the chief and was called the
Maiden and Parthenos. And because of this, I became the goddess of intelligence
and wisdom. I am fierce and brave in battle; however, I only took part in wars that
defended the state and home from outside enemies. I am the embodiment of
wisdom, reason, and purity. My special city is Athens, my holy tree is the olive tree
and I am often symbolized as an owl.
Aphrodite: You know, you two are quarreling over something that both of you
wouldnt get. I mean, its actually obvious who really deserve the apple. Its me.
Already proven by my physical attributes. I am Aphrodite. The goddess of love,

desire and beauty. Apart from my natural beauty, I also had a magical girdle that
compelled everyone to desire me. I am the daughter of Zeus and Dionne, the
mother goddess worshipped at the Oracles of Dodona. I am the mother of Eros, or
most commonly known as Cupid. My holy tree was the myrtle, while my holy birds
are the dove, the swan, and the sparrow. I represent affection, and the attraction
that binds people together.
Hera: Is that all you got? Aphrodite? I wont be the supreme goddess for no reason
at all. And that is why I deserve the apple!
Aphrodite: Are you that desperate, Hera? To the point that you would use your title
and power to get what you want? You dont even deserve that title of yours. Do you
know why? Because Zeus doesnt love you. He was just forced to marry you and the
truth is, hes so sick of you interfering everything. He even
Hera: Stop.
Aphrodite: You heard Athena a while ago right? Do you even wonder why Zeus
never allowed you to use or even carry his weapons? Given that you are his rightful
wife? Face it Hera. He never(Hera slaps Aphrodite) How dare you! (Slaps Hera)
(Hera grabs Aphrodites hair and starts quarrelling)
Hestia: Stop it you two!
(Both of them stops, glaring at each other.)
Hestia: You both are quarrelling for an apple? Are you that childish huh? Especially
you, Hera? (Quiets) If you claim yourself the supreme goddess, you should act like
Hera: She sta
Hestia: I dont care who started it. You are second to the highest among gods,
following our mother. You among everyone should act decent as possible, especially
at a party like this. I am so disappointed. (Sighs) For those of you who dont know
me, I am Hestia. The goddess of the hearth, family, and domestic life. I am not
worshipped publicly, which is evident by the lack of temples and shrines attributed
to me; this comes in contrast to the Roman equivalent goddess Vesta, who
represented the public hearth. My name meant both a house and a hearth,
symbolizing the home and its residents. I also represented the coalition and
relationship between the colonies and the mother cities. I am Zeus' sister, but
although initially I am included in the Olympian gods, I was replaced by Dionysus. I
took a vow to remain a virgin, refusing to give in to the callings of Poseidon and
Dionysus: Hey I heard my name agaaaaaain!
Apollo: Dionysus!
Athena: Are you done with that childish acts of yours? This wont be resolved by
pulling each others hair and telling rubbish facts.
Hera: And what would you suggest we do, goddess Athena? It seems that you are
thinking of a way to resolve this since you are the goddess of intelligence and
Athena: Well, why dont we ask a god we three have in common, the mighty Zeus?
(Everyone turns their attention to Zeus)
Zeus: W-what?
Artemis: That is actually a great idea. (High five)
Aphrodite: My lord, between the three of us, who do you think deserve this golden
apple, and be considered as the fairest of all goddesses?
Zeus: Uhm, (tries to pick) (sighs, undecided). I didnt know this would be hard.
(Sigh) Well, why dont you ask Paris, the prince of Troy?

(The people parted, revealing Paris eating and trying to get another piece of a food,
then when he realize that they are all looking at him, he suddenly stops, then
laughs nervously)
Paris: Uhm yes?
Zeus: Paris, I am appointing you to decide which of the three you think is the
Paris: buwhaWH-Why me?
Zeus: Because I believe that you are a great judge of beauty, my friend. And I know
that you would choose who deserve it best without bias because you are not related
to them in any way possible.
Hera: Pick me, Paris. And I will make you ruler over all Europe and Asia.
Athena: No, Pick me, Paris. And if you do, I will give you skills in war and you will
lead the Trojans into victory every time they fight, and you will be able to lay Greece
in ruins.
Aphrodite: Be wise, Paris. Pick me, and I will give you the most beautiful woman on
Paris: (looks at Aphrodite) the most beautiful woman?
Aphrodite: Yes indeed.
Paris: Okay. I have decided.
Zeus: What is it?
Paris: I would pick this goddess because of her beauty standing out from the rest,
and I believe that I will be very much happy and contented of what she will give me
in return. This goddess is... (Drumroll) Aphrodite. (The crowd roars and cheers for
Aphrodite, as Paris gave the golden apple to her.)
Aphrodite: You are indeed what they say, Paris. You really are a great judge of
Paris: I am indeed. Now, when do I get my prize?
Aphrodite: Soon, Paris. Soon. Just wait for the perfect timing.
Narrator: The woman Aphrodite was talking about is none other than Helen. She
indeed is the most beautiful woman on earth, as shown by her many suitors. When
they assembled in her home to make a formal proposal for her hand they were so
many that her reputed father, King Tyndareus, her mothers husband, was afraid to
select one among them, fearing that the others might unite against him. One of
them was Odysseus, a suitor who had an idea to resolve this and therefore, he went
to Tyndareus to let him know this proposal of him, and the king agreed.
Odysseus: (Goes out from the curtain) (boys outside talking to each other) Okay,
guys! Quiet down and listen to me! (No one listen) (Shouts) Attention please! (No
one listens) (Sighs and then shouts) A MESSAGE FROM THE KING! (Noise dies down)
(Attentions on Odysseus) Okay. I would like to introduce myself. I am Odysseus. The
son of Laertes and Anticlea, and is well known as an eloquent speaker, ingenious
and cunning. I am the great-grandson of the Olympian god Hermes. I have a
younger sister, Ctimene, who went to Same to be married. "for he has much been
prayed for." Autolycus apparently in a sardonic mood, decided to give the child,
which is me, a name that would commemorate his own experience in life. Thus
getting my name, Odysseus. So I suggested something to the king a way to resolve
this problem. But first, I would like all of you to pledge to protect Helen and whoever
his husband would be at all cost. Repeat after me. I, (repeat) State your name
(obeys) pledge to protect Helen (repeats) and whoever his husband would be
(repeats) at all cost. (Repeats) Okay, so what I suggested is for all of us to draw lots.
Whoever gets the lucky straw will be Helens husband, and will be king of Sparta.
So, lets start! (They draw lots and Menelaus got the lucky straw) SO whoever got

the straw with a yellow tip, then he will be the lucky guy. Whoever got the yellow tip
lot, please come to the front. (No one goes) Anyone? (Menelaus stands, then goes
to the front.) Who are you, mister?
Menelaus: My name is Menelaus.
Odysseus: (turns to the crowd) please welcome, the heir to the kings throne and
the husband of Helen, Menelaus! LONG LIVE THE KING! LONG LIVE THE KING (others
chant as well)
Narrator: And so, to claim what is rightfully his, Paris then asked Aphrodite about
his prize- the most beautiful woman in the world. Forgetting Oenone, a nymph in
which he was inlove with at that time, Paris is eager to get his prize.
Paris: Aphrodite, how much longer do I have to wait for me to get what you have
promised me? Its been years!
Aphrodite: It is not yet time. Just wait a little longer.
Paris: I have been waiting all these years and yet I wasnt able to have what should
be mine! I shouldve known better. You actually dont have the intention to give me
the woman, Am I correct?
Aphrodite: I didn--Paris: I guess I shouldve picked Athena. I know that she will give me those skills
right away unlike you, I have to
Aphrodite: Stop it, Paris! Okay, okay. I will give you what I have promised. Come,
follow me. (Paris follows Aphrodite, then she stops.) Oh wait! I almost forgot. Eros!
(Eros shouts at the other side)
Eros: What?!
Aphrodite: Come with me, I need you for our mission today.
Eros: I need to rest first! Im very tired!
Aphrodite: You could continue the nap when we go back. Faster!
Eros: (Eros grunts, and then enter) Where are we going?
Aphrodite: To claim his prize.
Eros: Prize? For what?
Aphrodite: Ugh. Do I have to tell you everything?
Eros: I should know. It would be nice if all of us knew what or where are we going,
not just the two of you. Besides, you are the one asking me a favor, right?
Aphrodite: Okay. So, we are going to go to Sparta, and get the most beautiful
woman in the world, Helen. It is all because of what I promised Paris in order for him
to pick me as the fairest among goddesses. (Looks at Paris, who is so much bored)
Oh, Paris. This is Eros, my--Eros: I am Eros. The Greek god of love, or more precisely, passionate and physical
desire. Without warning I select my targets and forcefully strike at their hearts,
bringing confusion and irrepressible feelings and loosening the limbs and
weakening the mind. I am the son of Aphrodite and Ares. I was often depicted as a
blindfolded male, who, carrying my bow and arrow, could target any human being
and make them fall in love with the first person they would see. I am married to
Psyche, and we had a daughter, Hedone. It was I who lit the flame of love in the
hearts of the gods and men. I am often portrayed as the disobedient but fiercely
loyal child of Aphrodite. My attributes were varied--from the usual bow and arrows,
to the gifts of a lover such as a hare, sash, or flower. I am always conceived and is
always represented as a handsome youth, a wanton boy, of whom a thousand tricks
and cruel sports are related, and from whom neither gods nor men were safe. I
tame lions and tigers, break the thunderbolts of Zeus, deprives Heracles of his

arms, and carries on my sport with the monsters of the sea. The things sacred to
me are the rose, wild beasts which are tamed by him, the hare, the cock, and the
ram. I am also
Paris: (-_-) Are you done? I just want to inform you that were running out of time!
Why are you here by the way?
Aphrodite: We need Eros and his arrows for Helen to fall in love with you. So heres
the plan.
Narrator: And so the three of them went to Sparta, with the plan Aphrodite has.
They found Menelaus and Helen at the palace, currently busy because the king,
which is Menelaus at that time, is setting out for a mission far away.
Aphrodite: Remember, Paris, only you would be able to see me and Eros. So that
Paris: Of course I know what that means. You have reminded me exactly fifty-seven
Eros: We are just making sure that the plan would work, you know.
Paris: K. (Rolls Eyes)
Aphrodite: Quit acting like a child both of you! Paris, Again
Paris: (turns his back to them and started going to the entrance of the palace)
Aphrodite: Paris! (Follows him, together with Eros) (Paris talks to the guard, and
then escorts him to the palace proper.)
Guard: (Facing the king) my lord, There is someone who would like to have a word
with you.
Menelaus: Who is it? (Paris steps out from the back of the guard)
Paris: Allow me to introduce myself to you, my king, and to those who dont know
me. I am Paris. I am the son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba of Troy. Before I was
born, my mother saw a dream in which her child was a flaming torch. The
explanation to the dream that was given by the seer Aesacus was that the yet
unborn child would be the doom of Troy. Aesacus also said on the day of my birth
that a child born of royals that day should be killed in order to save the kingdom.
However, my parents could not kill me, and instead gave me to a herdsman so that
he would do the deed. The herdsman, also unable to kill me, left me to die on Mount
Ida. (Faces Menelaus) I am here to ask you a favor.
Menelaus: And what is it?
Paris: I would like you, my king, to take me into your kingdom as a man seeking
Menelaus: And why should I do that?
Paris: Because of my royal blood, my relatives are looking for me, the only heir left
to the throne, to kill me like what they did to my parents. I fled from Troy, until I
reached Sparta. I want to regain my strength first and think of a strategy on how I
should defeat my enemies with the help of those who are loyal to our family. As
soon as I am ready, I would eventually leave this kingdom at peace and will reward
you someday for your kindness if we succeed.
Menelaus: No need to return the favor, Paris. I am accepting you as a refugee, and
therefore you can make or get anything you need for your attack.
Paris: Thank you for your favor, my king. Only a small room would be fit for my stay
Menelaus: No, Paris. As our refugee, we must give you what you deserve. And
because of your royal blood as you have said it, you may sleep at any room at the

Paris: But
Menelaus: No buts and excuses. I insist, Paris. You are a guest, so we should be
treating you as one.
Paris: Thank you my king! I will certainly not forget you and your kindness
Menelaus: It is okay, Paris. No need to
Guard: My king, the chariot is ready.
Menelaus: I think it is time for me to go.
Paris: Where are you going, my lord?
Menelaus: I am going around other kingdoms to transact business with them. Ill
be back after three months probably. Feel free and at home in here, Paris. Farewell.
Paris: So long, my king. May the gods guide you and protect you on your journey.
(Menelaus leaves with the guards) (Paris is left with Aphrodite and Eros)
Eros: Good job, Paris! You are indeed a great actor! (Raises hand for a high five but
Paris didnt respond so he receives it with his other hand) (Rolls eyes)
Aphrodite: Okay Eros. The moment you see Helen, you know what to do. Shoot the
arrow first to Paris, Then to Helen. Got it?
Eros: You dont need to remind me again and again. I know what to do. (Sees Paris
walking back and forth) What are you doing there?
Paris: Walking.
Eros: Hey, answer me properly!
Paris: How would I answer properly if you are giving me a sarcastic question?
Aphrodite: Stop it you two!
Paris: (sighs) Sorry for being hot headed. I was just thinking of what I will say when
I meet Helen. Should I introduce myself first or should I act like I dont--- wait, how
does she looks like? How would I know if the woman I am talking to is Helen
already? What if I forgot to speak? What if--Aphrodite: Relax, Paris! Do I need to remind you of what the plan is?
Paris: No thats okay. I do remember the plan. Its just that Im just nervous.
Paris: Why are you laughing?!
Eros: If you could see your face right now, you would probably laugh also. (Tries not
to laugh, then burst out of laughter)
Paris: What does my face looks like?
Eros: Its like the day you would meet Hades. (Laughs) Now youre as red as a
tomato! (Laughs)
Paris: Stop teasing me! (Eros laughs even harder) (Paris goes to Eros then locks
Eros head in his arms)
(Helen enters while holding a baby)
Helen: Uhm, mister?
(Paris suddenly stops, and Eros falls, and then Paris turns to Helen)
Helen: Excuse me, but who are you talking to, a while ago? (Paris, awestruck, didnt

Aphrodite: Eros! The plan!

Eros: Oh yes! Yes. (Scampers, and then aims at Paris, and successfully hits him.) I
cant hit Helen!
Aphrodite: Why?
Eros: Shes moving! I cant just shot an arrow! Its irrevocable!
Aphrodite: Paris! Say something!
Paris: Oh, yes! Uhm Ahhh Uhm H-hi!
Helen: Oh, hello! I have no intention of being rude but, may I ask your name?
Paris: Oh. Im Paris, the prince of Troy. I am here as a refugee, my lady.
Helen: Hi, Paris, I am Helen, the queen of Sparta, and this is my daughter,
(Handkerchief falls and then Paris picks it up, because Helen is having a hard time
to pick it up. Paris then gives the handkerchief to Helen, and their hands touched,
and they looked at each other, and smiled.)
Narrator: With that touch, helped by Eros arrows, they fell in love with each other.
After some time, they grew closer to each other. With that, Paris asked Helen if she
would agree to elope with him, leave Sparta, and be together for the rest of their
Paris: (strums guitar) Helen, listen to this song. (Sings Youth) What if, What if we
run away? What if What if we left today? What if we said goodbye to safe and
sound? What if What if we're hard to find? What if What if we lost our minds? What if
we let them fall behind, and they're never found. Helen, will you runaway with
Helen: I I dont know. You see, I have a daughter, I cant just leave her alone!
Also, now that Menelaus is not present, I am the ruler of this kingdom. What if-Paris: (holds Helens hand) dont you trust me?
Helen: I... do. But--Paris: You dont need to worry about everything. This will go everything smoothly
and quickly. (Holds Helens face) I love you. With all my heart, and with everything
that is left in me.
Helen: I I love you too. And I am willing to be go wherever you go, till death do us
Paris: (Smiles) Meet me later at the garden at midnight. Only get what you need.
Farewell, my love.
Helen: Take care, Paris.
Narrator: And so, their plan was successful. They went to Paris hometown, the city
of Troy. They went there and Paris introduced Helen as his wife. Meanwhile, on the
palace, Menelaus came back to found out that his wife is now gone. Furious, he
invoked the oaths of Helens former suitors, thus, creating an army. But two
important people is missing: Odysseus, the King of the island of Ithaca, and Achilles,
the son of King Peleus and the nymph Thetis. Odysseus, who was one of the
shrewdest and most sensible men in Greece, did not want to leave his house and
family to embark on a romantic adventure overseas for the sake of a faithless
woman. He pretended that he had gone mad, and when a messenger of the Greek
army arrived, the King was plowing a field and sowing it with salt instead of seed.
But the messenger was shrewd too. He seized Odysseus little son and put him
directly in the way of the plow. Instantly, the father turned the plow aside, thus
proving that he had all his wits about him. However reluctant, he had to join the
army. Achilles, on the other hand, was kept back by his mother, knowing that if he
went to Troy, he is fated to die there. His mother, made him wear womans clothes

and hid among the maidens. Odysseus was sent by the army to get Achilles, and
disguised as a peddler, he went to the court where the lad was said to be, with gay
ornaments in his pack such as what women love, and also fine weapons. While the
girls flocked around the trinkets, Achilles fingered the swords and daggers, and at
that moment Odysseus knew it was him, and went back to Greeks along with
Achilles. At last, the Greek army is complete, and the Trojan War is about to start.
(Sound effects of Trojan War)
Thousand ships carried a great host of fighting men and the Greek Army was very
strong, but the Trojan City was strong too. The King and the queen had many to lead
the attack and to defend the walls. For nine years victory wavered, now to this side,
now to that. Neither was ever to gain any decided advantage. Then a quarrel
between two heroes, Achilles and Agamemnon, both in the Greek Army, suddenly
rose because of another woman. This resulted to death of some of their soldiers.
Because of this, Thetis, the mother of Achilles, got as mad as Achilles himself.
Thetis: You picked up a fight with your comrades, Achilles? What have you done?
Achilles: I did not pick a fight! I just did what I think is right. I gave back Chryseis
back to her father so that Apollo could stop the pestilence he has given upon us and
that we may focus on the war against the Trojans. And now, he took my maiden in
replacement of Chryseis. Unbelievable, right?
Thetis: This would have been better if you just listened to me.
Achilles: No mother. I am not afraid of whatever prophecy is said about my life.
Whether I die or survive in this war, the important thing is I did my best, and I am
proud to say that I am part of either the victory or defeat of this army. Dont
interfere with my decisions, mother. I dont need you
Thetis: You dont need me anymore? Fine. Im done here. Just remember Achilles.
You will face consequences of every decision you make. I guess I have nothing to do
now in here. (Leaves)
Narrator: Thetis then went up to Olympus, to ask a favor to the Olympian gods,
most specifically to Zeus. (The Olympian gods and goddesses Zeus, Ares, Athena,
Artemis, Aphrodite, Hera, Apollo and Poseidon is present.)
Thetis: Zeus. I need your help.
Zeus: What is it, Thetis?
Thetis: Would you promise to help me?
Zeus: It depends on the request. State it.
Thetis: My son, Achilles refused to listen to me, and told me that he doesnt need
me anymore. And because I dont have any business with the Greeks anymore, I
decided to go to you and ask you to grant the Trojans the overall victory.
Hera: What? That is not possible! Greeks are more powerful than the Trojans. They
are known all over the world and indeed they have so much influences.
Poseidon: I agree. Also, they are great sailors and I can sense that they are indeed
strong and fierce in battle. Besides, Odysseus is on their side. Also, with Diomedes
and Anchises themselves, It would be hard for the Trojans to defeat them.
Apollo: But the Trojans have Hector. And I believe that Hector is smarter and
stronger than those three combined.
Athena: No, Apollo. Troy is destined to fall. As the prophecy have said, Paris would
be the reason for this. It would have been prevented if he chose to give me the
apple. The war will probably happen, but I will give him enough strength and skills
to lead those Trojans into victory.

Artemis: Well, I guess that is where well disagree, my friend. Even without Hector,
Priam and Hecuba also have many sons who can defend the country from outside
enemies. They are not that weak as you think of them.
Ares: Also, Troy have the best walls around the boundaries. It would be hard for the
Greeks to surpass them. Paris is not a loss for the Trojans.
Narrator: As the gods and goddesses defend their sides, Zeus have decided to
agree with Thetis, but he remained silent and did not stop the others in debating
over which who is deserving to win. Hera, noticing his silence, knew what he was
thinking, and he threatened Hera by telling her that he would lay hands upon her if
she did not stop talking. So she kept silent, thinking of ways how to make the
Greeks win the war. Meanwhile on the battlefield, a great match is happening. The
match between Paris and Menelaus.
Menelaus: Its been a long time, my friend. Or should I say traitor?
Paris: You may think of whatever you may call me but I will never give Helen back
to you.
Menelaus: Lets just finish this.
(Fighting begins, Paris throwing his spear, but Menelaus caught this and then hurled
it back to Paris. It rented Paris tunic, but it didnt wound him. Menelaus draw out his
sword, but the sword fell from his hand, broken. He then attacked Paris. Seizing him
and dragging him using a rope. Aphrodite cuts the rope, and smoke effect,
Aphrodite takes Paris away. Menelaus grunts, and leaves)
Narrator: As the Greeks and the Trojans fight with each other, the gods and
goddesses are present among them, helping their sides. When the Greeks are
almost defeated, Patrocolus, a beloved friend of Achilles saw this and asked Achilles
if he could borrow his armor. Achilles agreed, and also gave him his men. Patrocolus
killed many Trojans with Achilles armor until he came face to face with Hector, and
gave him mortal wound, and he died. A messenger then came to Achilles to report
what happened.
Messenger: My lord, with my utmost sadness, I am here to report you that your
friend Patrocolus is killed by Hector and he also have your armor.
Achilles: What? Patrocolus is dead?
Messenger: Yes, my lord.
Achilles: You may go.
(Achilles gets ready for the battle)
(Thetis enters)
Thetis: What is happening?
Achilles: Patrocolus is now dead and I am going to kill Hector for this. I will avenge
my friend.
Thetis: Dont go, my son. You know for a fact that you
Achilles: I know, mother. I know it since the day I went here and disobeyed you.
And I will accept whatever my death would be after I kill Hector. Dont worry about
me, mother. I know that every time I go out to fight, there is a possibility that I may
die. I know the consequences. And I am ready to face them.
Thetis: Well then, just wait until morning. I will bring you arms fashioned by the
divine armorer, Hephaestus.
Achilles: As you wish, my mother. (Hugs Thetis)
Narrator: The next morning, Achilles found his comrades eating, but refused to eat
and just waited for them to finish, and then led the army. This will be the last battle
between two great champions, as all the immortals knew. As they were fast

approaching, Achilles drowned, and his army was left on the other side. Luckily, he
survived, and then went ahead. He arrived at the gates of Troy, and there stood
Hector outside. He knew that this would be his end. Athena was with Achilles, but
Apollo has left Hector, and now he was alone. As Achilles was fast approaching,
Hector got scared and then ran away. Athena made him stop, and couldnt move.
She then appeared beside him as his brother Deiphobus, and with this ally he
thought, Hector faced Achilles.
Hector: If I kill you, I will give back your body to your friends and do the same thing
with me.
Achilles: (smirks) Madman. There is no covenant between sheep and wolves, nor
between you and me.
(Achilles throws his spear, and misses its aim. True Athena brings it back, Hector
throws his spear, and the spear hit the center of Achilles shield.)
Hector: Deiphobus, the spear! (Looks at his side, to found out that his brother is
nowhere to be found. Looks at Athena beside Achilles, with his disguised brother)
(bows down his head) the gods have summoned me to death. At least I will not die
without a struggle, but in some great deed of arms which men yet to be born will
tell each other. (Draws out his sword, and rushes to Achilles, But Achilles draws his
spear, making Hector fall) Please A-Achilles give my body to m-my mother
and f-father.
Achilles: No prayers from you to me, you dog.
(Hector gives his final breath)
Athena: Good job, Achilles. You have won this battle.
Achilles: Thank you for helping me.
Athena: My pleasure. Now I must go back, for I have many things to do in Olympus.
Farewell, Achilles.
(Achilles sits down, and closes his eyes) (Paris enters, with Apollo on his side.)
Paris: Is that Achilles?
Apollo: Yes he is. He who killed your brother Hector.
Paris: My brother is dead?
Apollo: Yes. Such brave warrior has been killed by Achilles. You must avenge him!
Paris: But how would I do that? I cant even throw a spear properly!
Apollo: Dont worry. I will guide you. Use my bow and arrow. (Gets it, then positions
the bow and arrow) Aim it at the heel.
Paris: The heel? Why?
Apollo: Because that is the only way for him to die.. When he was a child, he was
dipped into the river of Styx thus making him immortal. But his mother didnt
realize that his heel was left mortal because it was where his mother held him. So
the only way to kill him is by this.
Paris: But--Apollo: Think of your brother. Think of those Trojans whom Achilles have killed.
Their souls are crying out for revenge! Do it!
Narrator: Paris let go of the arrow, and it hit Achilles heel. Because the arrow was
poisonous, it immediately killed him. Paris then ran away to leave and escape. After
sometime, Paris was killed by Prince Philoctetes, by his bow and arrow. Paris then
pleaded him to send him to Oenone, who lived on Mount Ida, his lover before he
eloped with Helen. Oenone refused to heal him, still angry for leaving her. Oenone
watched Paris died, then grieved and killed herself. As for Helen, she was saved by

Aphrodite during the Trojan War and gave her back to Menelaus. And together, they
again ruled Sparta, with their daughter, Hermione.
And now, please welcome, the heroes of the Trojan War, as they introduce
themselves to us including the most beautiful woman in the world, Helen of Troy.
Helen: I am Helen of Troy. I am the daughter of Zeus and Leda, and my step-father
was King Tyndareus of Sparta. The twin sister of Clytemnestra, and sister of the twin
brothers Castor and Pollux, also known as the Dioscuri. I was considered to be the
most beautiful woman in the known world, the face that launched a thousand ships.
Initially I was abducted by the hero Theseus, who left me in the protection of his
mother Aethra while he was away adventuring. During that time, Athens was
invaded by the Spartan army led by Castor and Pollux, taking me back and
capturing Aethra instead. Later, a number of suitors tried to win my hand,
eventually Menelaus being the victor. All suitors, though, were bound by an oath to
assist, in case I would be abducted in the future. My marriage to Menelaus, king of
Sparta, made me ascend to the throne of the city as a queen. We had a daughter,
Hermione, and three sons, Aethiolas, Maraphius and Pleisthenes. Our marriage
marked the beginning of the end for the age of heroes, which was Zeus' decision
and was brought upon with the culmination of events to the Trojan War. Again, I am
Helen of Troy, The face that launched a thousand ships.
Menelaus: I am Menelaus. I am the king of Sparta, husband of Helen. I am one of
the main characters involved in the Trojan War. My parents were Atreus and Aerobe,
while my brother was Agamemnon who ruled over the city of Mycenae. I was one of
the many suitors of Helen, and when Odysseus made us take an oath to protect the
future husband of Helen at all cost. He then suggested to draw lots, and luckily, I
was chosen to be Helens husband. We then had a daughter named Hermione.
When Helen eloped with Paris, the prince of Troy, I was furious. I invoked the oath of
all the suitors of Helen, and we fought against the people of Troy.
Achilles: I, Achilles is a hero in Greek mythology and one of the main characters
that participated in the Trojan War. I am the son of Peleus, king of the Myrmidons,
and Thetis, a nymph. Both Zeus and Poseidon were in love with my mother, Thetis,
however Prometheus warned them of a prophecy that said the son of Thetis would
be greater than his father; so, the two gods decided to withdraw, and King Peleus
ended up marrying her. When I was born, my mother wanted to make me immortal
and thus, dipped me in the river Styx. However, she did not realize that my heel, by
which she held me, was not touched by the waters, and so that was the only part of
my body that remained mortal.
Hector: I am Hector. I am a Trojan prince and the greatest fighter for Troy in the
Trojan War. As the first-born son of King Priam and Queen Hecuba, who was a
descendant of Dardanus and Tros, the founder of Troy, I am a prince of the royal
house and the heir apparent to my father's throne. I am married to Andromache,
with whom I had a son, Astyanax. I acted as the leader of the Trojans and their allies
in the defense of Troy, "killing 31,000 Greek fighters", offers Hyginus. I am known
not only for my courage but also for my noble and courtly nature. I am peace-loving,
thoughtful as well as bold, a good son, husband and father, and without darker
motives. I am martyr to loyalties, a witness to the things of this world, a hero ready
to die for the precious imperfections of ordinary life.
Odysseus: I am Odysseus. The one who led the Greeks into victory. It was I who
thought of using a large wooden horse in order to enter the city of Troy and attack
them from within. We then ambushed them and that is the reason for the fall of
Paris: As you all know, I am Paris. The brother of the mighty Hector. He was killed
by Achilles, and so I have to avenge him. The Trojan war started because of my

Narrator: And that ends the story that once was a great part in the lives of the
Greeks. Presented to you by our very own, Grade 10- St. John students. Once again,
Gods: We are the gods,
Goddesses: goddesses,
Others: and heroes