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I have had an extremely interesting journey in my career in education.

I immediately enrolled in
our local junior college the summer after high school ended and started the journey that would
lead me to my career today. My husband joined the Air Force and I initially went to a junior
college with the intentions of becoming a paralegal. While I was in the program though I
discovered that my personality was more toward helping others in a different capacity. The
thought of spending hours researching and not communicating with people did not appeal to
me. I did some soul searching and decided that I really wanted to help children, and the best
way I could do this would be to become a teacher. Between working part time and raising
children I finished my degree graduating Summa Cum Laude with the highest GPA in my class.
My next adventure was teaching first grade with a total of twenty-seven students. While I was in
first grade the Whole Language method was used to teach where all objectives are taught
around a theme chosen by the teacher. I was fortunate to have a wonderful partner teacher
who made my first year a very smooth and enjoyable one. I also enrolled in a graduate program
the summer after my first year of teaching and I was able to complete my masters degree by
the end of my third year. The next grade level that I taught was third grade. I enjoyed the
objectives that are taught in third grade and I really loved teaching eight and nine year olds. I
spent six wonderful years there and I had a wonderful professional development network of
colleagues who met regularly with each other to share ideas and strategies with.
After six years in third grade I decided I wanted a change and I moved buildings and began fifth
grade Communication Arts. While I was in fifth grade I was instrumental in pushing the change
for our school to increase the amount of time spent teaching communication arts from fifty
minutes four times a week to one hundred minutes five time a week. My next move was to
teach sixth grade science where I had to interview for the position within my building. I was
chosen and I enjoyed three years of experiments and the challenge of designing hands on
lessons for a larger amount of students with a broader range of abilities then I had in
communication arts.
My next move was back to fifth grade where I taught both communication arts and social
studies. While I was back in fifth grade I decided to expand the amount of areas I could instruct
in even further, and I tested and received certification for library media, special education,
middle school social studies, and high school business.
My most recent move was my biggest. I took a leap of faith and left the district where I had
worked, both as a paraprofessional and as an educator, for a combined total of eighteen years
to become a library media specialist. I had to leave many close friends and colleagues to
embark on my current role education which is at a pre-k through eighth grade school where I
serve as the Library Media Specialist, and I teach one elective class for middle school. It was
challenging at first because I was in a district where there wasnt another librarian to ask
questions to, but it was a great move and I love my new position in education.
During the years I have been in education there have been many changes in theory, testing,
and technology. Over the years I have been the head of the Communication Arts Departments
and of several different committees. I have deliberately changed positions within the education
system to gain more experience and knowledge. I am hoping that the background and many
experiences that I have had during my career will allow me to relate and be a valuable resource
for the classroom teachers that I am helping.

My hopes are that I can use my PD4ETS training to gain more knowledge about technology
integration within the classroom and share that knowledge with others, specifically to help
classroom teachers in my school district implement BYOD in the classrooms.