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32nd Reaper Division
4th edition

Sections & Positions Manual

If you're like me, the word "manual" makes you fall asleep. But don't worry, I will try and
make this as simple and easy to read as possible. That being said, there is a lot to cover. The
purpose of this entry will be to explain more explicitly, and completely, the responsibilities and
the powers of each section and position in the clan. That means leadership positions from Squad
Sub Leaders on up to Division Commanders. It also includes additional info on the
responsibilities of the Specialty Battalion members. Lets get started with the leadership
positions, lowest to highest.

Enlisted, NCOs, & COs:

At certain ranks in our ranking system, you gain certain statuses and powers along
with that status. Currently these are three statuses you can be within the clan outside of
leadership position titles and personal ranks. These are the standard Enlisted man, NonCommissioned Officer, and Commissioned Officer statuses. Lastly, there is the Reaper Veteran
status. However they do not have many more powers then COs. They simply receive the special
title change and the notoriety along with it. The way these work are very similar to how they
work in the U.S. Military in some respects.
Note: All leadership positions elevate you above the Enlisted status. That means that if
you gain a leadership position as an Enlisted member, you will receive a NonCom or CO status,
and the powers within that status as well. The status you gain, depends on the position. You can
find out which position grants which status further down in this document.

Enlisted members are ranked from L1, R1, to L2, R2. As an enlisted member, you have
no special privileges or powers in your status alone. You would need to gain a leadership
position or Battalion spot in order to gain any sort of powers. Or rank up into the
NonCom ranks or above.
Non-Commissioned Officer
NCOs are members ranked from L2, R3 to L3, R5. As an NCO, you are the auxiliary
support for the leadership structure. You are the middle-man between officially
designated leadership position holders, and the Enlisted membership. Your powers
include being able to take over as Fire Team Leader during the absence of a higher
ranking member. But perhaps most importantly, you will receive basic leadership training
and you will be among the first to be chosen for leadership roles when they become
available. If and when you become an official section leader, and/or a Commission

Officer, you will receive additional leadership training on different topics. The NonCom
status is one below the Commissioned Officer status as well.
Commissioned Officer
COs are members ranked from L4, R1 to L5, R4 AND/OR Company Commanders and
the Specialty Battalion Commander. As a CO, you have command, demotion, and
promotion powers over ALL NCOs and Enlisted. This means that if you are an NCO
leadership position like a Squad Leader, but you have a CO rank like L4, R1, then you
have command, demotion, and promotion powers over all NCOs below your rank in
addition to your Squad. A perfect example of this is AZ-REDBEAR since he is actually
my Co-Clan Leader, and is therefore higher than a CO, but hes also a Squad Leader. But
because he holds an L5, R5 rank he has command privileges over everyone.
Commissioned Officers are charged with the responsibility of giving assistance and
direction to the NCOs below them, and serving as support and guidance to any leadership
position that may need their assistance. More information can be found below in the
Section Leader articles.
Reaper Veteran
Reaper Veteran ranks are L5, R2, to L5, R4. They do not differ in regards to powers from
COs. However they have the different status title and therefore, the notoriety that goes
along with it.

Sitreps & EPRs

Situation Report Saturday:
Situation Report Saturday, or Sitrep Day for short, is a day in which ALL section leaders
submit reports that detail their current well-being for their sections. This happens every TWO
WEEKS on Saturday. In these reports, section leaders are expected to answer several questions
regarding their members. These questions are:
1. How many members do you have?
2. Are there any problems or concerns with your men?
3. Is there anything you need as section leader?
4. What is your section's current goal/objective?
5. How close are you to accomplishing that goal/objective?
6. Is there anything in your way of that goal/objective?
7. Miscellaneous. Is there anything else you would like to air out, or talk about regarding your
section(s) at this time?

These sitreps are very important for Commissioned Officers (COs) and Section Leaders
and it allows them to make more informed decisions regarding objectives and resources that need
to be relocated in order to help certain sections.

Enlisted Performance Reviews

Enlisted Performance Reviews (EPRs) is an idea stolen straight from the military. For our
purposes theyre going to be designed as a quiz that a section leader will ask himself ABOUT his
members individually. He will NOT ask the members these questions, these are simply for the
leader himself to use to create a systemic method of promotions and demotions.
Lower section leaders like Squad Leaders, Battalion Leaders, Clan War Team Leaders
and RSO Team Leaders will ask these questions about their members. Higher section leaders like
the Company Commanders, and Specialty Battalion Commander will take this quiz about the
leaders below them. So to summarize:
Lower section:
SLs judge Squad members then send results to their CC.
BLs judge their Battalion members, then submit results to SBC.
RSO TLs judge their RSOT members, then submit results to their CC.
Higher Section:
CCs judge Squad Leaders then send results of their test, AND SLs test results to me.
SBC judges Battalion Leaders then send results of their test, AND BLs test results to me.
After this is complete, the higher leadership (Commissioned Officers) and I will administer a
promotion, demotion, or no change to each member reported on. Note: A member who is a part
of several sections may have several EPRs submitted from different leaders. This will NOT
result in a double promotion or demotion. Instead the various EPRs for that member will be
averaged, and the resulting action will come from that. This will require communication amongst
the Upper Leadership.
Here are the Enlisted Performance Reviews questions:
1. Does (member) respond in sections group chat? ?/10
2. Is (member) active in-game? ?/10
3. Does (member) accept invites? ?/10
4. Does (member) participate in section events? ?/10

5. Does (member) show interest or initiative in learning about this ?/10 section or the clan in
6. Does (member) show interest in leading others? ?/10
7. How well does (member) interact with other Reapers? ?/10
8. How is the quality of (member's) leadership(if SLs), or communication(if members)? ?/10
9. How good is (member's) knowledge of his section/position?
10. Has (member) shown improvement in his negative areas since last EPR? ?/10
Each member or section leader has the opportunity to earn 100 points total. Think of this
like a real life test in school. A's and B's get promotions. C's and D's stay at same rank. And F's
get demotions.
Here are the point equivalents:
80-100 points = promotion.
60-79 = no change.
0-59 = demotion.
I understand that this might be slightly confusing to some people. Have NO hesitation to contact
me with any questions you might have. I want this done right.

Primary Positions
Position: Squad Sub Leader. (Non-Commissioned Officer)
Responsibilities: You now hold the lowest leadership position in the entire Division. Your
job is to assist your Squad's Leader in running the Squad. This could include sending messages
to Squad members, helping to run practices and more. You're essentially the First Mate on a ship.
Therefor your responsibilities will vary depending on what your SL needs from you. This
position does NOT require EPRs to be done.
Powers/Limits: Your powers include just about anything the Squad Leader grants you.
For example, if he makes a mini ranking system within his Squad, he can grant you
promotion/demotion rights over the Squad's members. However you and your powers are limited
to your Squad only. He does not have power outside of his Squad and neither do you.

Position: Squad Leader. (Non-Commissioned Officer)

Responsibilities: You now hold a position with a lot of flexibility and creative freedom.
You have a small domain and you have nearly total control over it. Your assigned job is to make

sure your Squad is as "healthy" as possible. You want a Squad with 6-12 active members at all
times. Your responsibilities will be to take part in the leadership thread discussions on Facebook,
as well as to submit "Sitreps" or Situation Reports on the health of your Squad, every Saturday. If
you are low on members, you are responsible for either Recruiting new members for the clan that
can then be placed into your Squad after they pass probation, or you can request the Recruiting
Battalion to recruit for you by going through the current Battalion Leader. This position is also
expected to conduct EPRs (info at top of document) on the 1st day of every month.
Powers/Limits: You have almost total control over your Squad. You can give your Squad
a name and motto, you can set practice and training times, you can challenge other Squads to
scrimmage yours. You can even recruit for your Squad as mentioned above. You can also assign
a Squad Sub-Leader to help you run your Squad. However your control is limited to your Squad
alone. If you wish to transfer a member from your Squad into another, you must first get
clearance from me and the other Squad Leader. If you wish to have another Squad's member, you
must go through the same process. You can create a ranking system within your Squad and
promote and demote your members as you see fit. But all of your actions must agree with
established, higher clan rules and regulations.

Position: Company Lieutenant. (Non-Commissioned Officer)

Responsibilities: You are now basically a bigger Squad Sub Leader. Only now, your
"members" are entire Squads located in your Company. Your job is to assist your Company
Commander with whatever he needs done. Your overall goal is to ensure that your Company is as
"healthy" as possible. This position does NOT require EPRs to be done.
Powers/Limits: Again, much like the Squad Sub Leader, your powers are reliant on what
your Company Commander gives you. However the one key difference from you and a SSL is
that you have the power to promote people within your Company. However you must let me
know that you have done this, and your reasoning behind it. That way I can update the website as

Position: Company Commander. (Commissioned Officer)

Responsibilities: You're one of the big daddies now. But because of this, you also have a
good amount of responsibilities and weight on you. You are now tasked with taking care of 4
Squads, their members, their Squad Leaders and Sub Leaders and making sure your entire
Company is operating at full capacity. You want 4 Squads with 6-8 members each and an SL and
SSL in each. If you do not have that, it's your job to figure out how to get that. Work with the
Specialty Battalions to track down AWOL members, or recruit new members for a Squad of
yours that is low. You will also need to submit sit-reps into the Leadership thread every Saturday
and report on the general well-being of your Company. You should push your SLs to find an SSL
if they don't have one already, or to scrimmage other Squads and practice more. This position is
also expected to conduct EPRs (info at top of document) on the 1st day of every month.

Powers/Limits: You can now promote or demote anyone in your Company. AND as a
Commissioned Officer, you can demote or promote anyone below your rank as well. You can
also request a particular member in your Company to be assigned as your Lieutenant to help you
run the Company. However you must run all promotions/demotions by me and you only have
power over your Company.

Position: Division Commander. (Commissioned Officer)

Responsibilities: You're now the highest ranking member in the entire Division. Only a
handful of members have ever gotten to this rank before. You are tasked with helping to ensure
overall health of the entire Division. You are now my right hand man and have jurisdiction over
every section of the clan. You can essentially hop into Battalions at will and help out wherever
you feel needed. If you'd like to try recruiting one week, go ahead. If you want to hold a training
session, you can. Your only real, set task is to help out wherever possible. To be my
representative when I am not available.
Powers/Limits promote or demote anyone in the clan besides me and your fellow
Division Commander(s). You may challenge other clans to scrimmages. In fact there isn't much
you cannot do, so long as it doesn't break established rules. You cannot change rules.

Other Positions
Position: Specialty Battalion Commander. (Commissioned Officer)
Responsibilities: You are in charge of all 5 of the Specialty Battalions. Your job is one of
the biggest, and most valuable positions in the Reaper Division. There is only one SBC in the
clan, and they are in charge of the mechanics that run the Reaper Division machine. You are
in charge of assigning Battalion Leaders, 1 for each Specialty Battalion. Youre in charge of
protecting the overall health and efficiency of all of the Battalions and their leaders. The SBC
will issue objectives to the BLs of each Battalion, you will also take relevant information
produced from the Battalions to other leaders who need the information as well. For example, if
the Recruiting Battalion processes a recruit into a full Reaper, you then take that Reapers name
and give it to the Company Commander that will be receiving that new member. This way, the
CC can place that recruit into one of his Squads. In summary, the Specialty Battalion
Commander ensures that the Battalions are healthy and efficient, and that the flow of information
around sections of the Division remains open and fast. 99% of this job takes place on Facebook.
SBCs who do a good job can expect to receive numerous promotions, fairly rapidly compared to
general-population Reapers. They are also generally very well known among the Reaper
population. This position is also expected to conduct EPRs (info at top of document) on the 1st
day of every month.
Powers/Limits: You may assign individual Battalion Leaders to run each Battalion. You
can autonomously issue objectives to each Battalion. You can issue demotions and promotions,

and the details therein. Additionally, as a Commissioned Officer, you can demote and promote
anyone below your level. You can decide how many objectives Battalion members need to
complete in order to receive a promotion. Your powers are fairly extensive, but are limited to the
5 Specialty Battalions and NCOs below your rank. That being said, the Battalions are a very
pivotal and large part of the 32nd Reaper Division clan.

Position: Battalion Group Supervisor 1 & 2: (Non-Commissioned Officer)

We have two Group Supervisors who are in charge of collection and sharing information
regarding their specific Battalion Group each. G1S or Group 1 Supervisor is in charge of
collecting the information for/from the Recruiting and Logistics Battalions. While G2S or
Group 2 Supervisor is in charge of doing the same, for Media, Police, and Training Battalions.
Responsibilities: As a GS, you are in charge of recording, and collecting all of the
information related to your assigned Battalions. Lets use G1S for example. You would be in
charge of the Recruiting & Logistics Battalions. For Recruiting, you want to collect information
regarding how many recruits we have, when they joined, who their Recruiters are, and so on.
You basically do the same job as the Battalion Leader, BUT you do not make any decisions. You
simply observe and collect information to help people in the future in case someone needs it. But
most importantly, you are specifically charged with keeping your Specialty Battalion
Commander up to date on exactly what is going on in your assigned Battalions. AND you help
back up your Battalion Leaders. If they forget something, you should have that info. If they lost
an objective, you should be able to remind them about it. Your job, in a nutshell, is to keep things
running smoothly in your assigned Battalions and to help your BLs below you, and your SBC
above you.
Powers/Limits: You have no real power in this position. Your power is subjective and
comes with how well you have been doing your job. But you do not have any decisive acting
power in your Battalions, or over your Battalion Leaders. You do however, have the SBCs ear. If
you believe, according to your observations and data, that something is wrong, it is your duty to
inform your SBC. Your SBC can then take action. Therefore, through your supervising duties,
you could have a form of power through your SBC. Because you dont have any specific
actionable power, you also dont have any limits. Youre just there to observe, collect, remind,
and generally help things keep moving smoothly.
BG1 = Recruiting & Logistics group. Supervised by the G1S.
BG2 = Police, Media, & Training group. Supervised by the G2S.

Position: Battalion Leader. (Non-Commissioned Officer)

Responsibilities: You are not located within the chain of command listed above. As the
Battalion Leader you are in charge of one of the Specialty Battalions, which are not located in
any Squads or Companies. They are groups of members tasked with specific jobs related to each
Battalion, and you are in charge of issuing those tasks or objectives. You are sort of like a Squad
Leader leading his Squad members. You are the Battalion Leader leading one of the 5 Battalions.
You will receive objectives from the Specialty Battalion Commander, and you will be in charge
of making sure those objectives get completed. You need to make sure your Battalions have
about 4-8 members in each and that each Battalion is active. This position is also expected to
conduct EPRs (info at top of document) on the 1st day of every month.
Powers/Limits: Your powers depend on what your Specialty Battalion Commander
allows you to have. Your task is to keep your individual Battalion healthy, strong, and active. So
whatever you need to do in order to make that happen is within your grasp.

Position: RSO Team Leader. (Non-Commissioned Officer)

Responsibilities: You are a Reaper Special Operations Team Leader. Which is a mouthful.
So you are a RSOTL for short. Your job is to make sure that your assigned RSOT is in the best
fighting condition possible. You and your team are to be among the best that the Reaper Division
has to offer. Your responsibilities include maintaining a roster of dedicated, skilled players who
can offer large amounts of game time. You should arrange practices and scrimmages often with
other Squads, misc Reapers or other RSO Teams. The RSOT's primary purpose is to handle the
Division's clan scrimmages and win. Therefor your prime responsibility is to win. This position
is also expected to conduct EPRs (info at top of document) on the 1st day of every month.
Powers/Limits: You are free to call team meetings, practices, trainings and scrimmages.
You have weight in suggesting promotions, demotions and team reassignments or assignments.
You will be in RSOT tryouts and will have a hefty say in who gets to join the team. You cannot
kick anyone from the team however. You actually cannot make any official roster changes.
However you are likely to be granted roster changes should your reasoning be sound.

Position: Clan War Team Commander. (Non-Commissioned Officer)(RETIRED FOR NOW)

Responsibilities: Your job is to lead one of our two Clan War Teams. You must keep your
roster up-to-date and your members trained and educated on how clan wars works. You must
have the clan war app, and you must keep up on the results of the clan war while you are in it.
This position is also expected to conduct EPRs (info at top of document) on the 1st day of every
Powers/Limits: You have the ability to remove or add any members onto your roster. You
can also create requirements from your roster members so long as they do not conflict from the
requirements given to you from me. You can also bench players if they do not show up to clan

wars, and if you believe it to be necessary, you may request a member to be demoted by
submitting a complaint to me. Because of your position, the request will likely be put through.

Position: Event Manager. (Non-Commissioned Officer)

Responsibilities: Your job is pretty much what the title of the job suggests. You will be
managing all of the clans events in our Facebook group page. You will work with Squad
Leaders, Company Commanders, Battalion Leaders, the Battalion Commander, me, and on your
own to organize, schedule, and invite relevant members to any event that needs to be made.
Examples of the types of things you will be scheduling are:
ROTM events, EPR days, Sitrep Saturdays, Squad scrims, Clan scrims, Clan practices, Reaper
versus Reaper sessions, Clan wars, etc.
Here are the events that have static dates:
ROTM - 24th of every month.
EPRs - 1st of every month.
Sitreps - every 2 weeks on Saturday.
Clan wars typically happen every 2 weeks. Check Beachhead Twitter for updates.
Squad scrims, Training Battalion events, and the like will need to be scheduled on a case
by case basis, when members are available to run the sessions. You should not schedule much
more than 2-3 of the same events. For example, scheduling 3 months worth of Sitreps would be
a little spammy, plus we may not have the same section leaders by that time, and we may forget
about the event by the time it arrives. So try not to schedule too many repetitions of the same
event. Additional information will be provided to you when needed.

Battalion: Recruiting.
Responsibilities: Your job as a Recruiter is a very important one. There's also quite a lot
to your job. If you're looking to be an integral cog in the Division's work machine, this is
definitely one of them. I'll break down the order of operations on your main task, recruiting.
1. You are to scout randoms for talent.
2. Upon seeing a potential recruit, you should message them with some information regarding
the clan to see if they are interested in joining. (If potential turns out negative, consider directing
them to our brother clan The Reapers Army)


3. Once interest is established, you begin preliminary screening. You ask the basic questions:
Age, Timezone, Mic, Amount Played per week, then do a stats check. If they answer positively
and their stats look close to, or above our minimums, direct them toward our website.
4. Explain to them that they must register at our website and read our Rules and Reqs page,
specifically about Recruit Requirements and objectives. Once done, confirm that they have
5. After registration, direct them to our Facebook group page and have them join and introduce
themselves as a new Recruit along with his exact PSN name.
6. Make sure he understands when his two weeks begin and what to do during them. You are to
then help them pass their two weeks while testing them with additional objectives given at your
discretion. The main objectives to worry about are listed on the website. Your side objectives or
challenges are merely a means to gather more information about what type of player they are.
7. Once he finishes his two week mark, report this to your Battalion Leader and me. Include all
your opinions on the recruit and any additional info on if he should pass or not, and what level
you believe he deserves if he passes.
You are much like a real military recruiter and a teacher wrapped into one. You are an ally to the
Recruits, and therefore should teach them as much as you can in order to ensure the best new
members for the Division possible. You should also do this because if you consistently bring in
bad recruits, bad things may happen for you. You will receive the same thing that you bring in
basically. It's in your best interest to bring in the best recruits possible and to help them pass
Powers/Limits: You may pass judgement on potential Recruits. If you deem them suitable
Recruits, send them to our website to register. However, keep in mind that you are only our first
line of filtering. Our 2 week probation is the main filter. So even if you are not sure, trust the
probation to weed out the bad ones.
Positions: There are only two main positions here. "Recruiter" and "Battalion Leader".
There is 1 Battalion Leader per Battalion, so 6 total. And they all report into the Specialty
Battalion Commander, who is the head of all of them.

Battalion: Police.
Responsibilities: You have some autonomy here. You are largely free, and even expected
to work alone and constantly in this Battalion. Your standing task is to make sure rules are being
followed. What that means can vary widely. For example if you catch a fellow Reaper glitching,
talking shit to another member, or breaking other rules, it's your job to report them. If you are in
a message box that is going off topic, it is your job to keep it on topic by reminding the
occupants. If a member has been officially AWOL (2 weeks with zero activity on Facebook and
PSN) then you should begin tracking him down by messaging him and asking where he is. You
should also ask around and see if any other members have seen him. If he does not reply and you


don't find any info from other members 48 hours after sending him that message, report all your
findings to your Battalion Leader and me. You can also work as Moderators on the website as
well as other higher positions in our other group pages. Lastly, you will also interview recruits
during their probation about their experience thus-far, whether they have heard from their
assigned Recruiter or not, and if they have any questions at that time.
You will also be given specific tasks from time to time from your Battalion Leader or me.
Powers/Limits: You will have more weight in terms of suggesting demotions than
standard members. You also have the official power and duty to keep others in check. It's your
primary job to ensure that all Reapers are maintaining our Reaper name and the respect that goes
with it. This is especially important with interacting with outside gamers.
Positions: Same as the Recruiters, there are only two. "Officer" and "Battalion Leader".

Battalion: Training.
Responsibilities: Your jobs mainly include helping run training sessions or to run a
session alone or with a fellow trainer. Your job is also to be highly knowledgeable on our ingame tactics and communications. Because of this, Trainers are typically more experienced
members that have been around for a while. This means that recruiting for this Battalion will be
more difficult than the others. The Field Bible is your friend. Between training sessions you are
encouraged to help create new tactics and entries for the Field Bible. You're equal parts Trainer
and "Tester of new ideas". Feel free to pitch new formations and tactics for us to try in game.
Powers/Limits: Trainers/Instructors have demotion abilities within their hosting session,
and can demote attending members whom they deem to be disrespectful, disruptive, etc.
Positions: There are actually 4 current positions in this Battalion, and it may be more
accurate to call them sections or levels. For example Level 1 Trainers take the easiest sessions.
The RvR scrims, fun game nights like Gun Game matches, etc. Level 2 Trainers take Basic
Reaper Training sessions and train new recruits and members. Level 3 Trainers train more
experienced members on our more advanced tactics and communication. Buddy Team training,
stuff like that. And the 4th position is the Battalion Leader.

Battalion: Media.
Responsibilities: Much like the Police, you are fairly autonomous. Your job is constantly
happening. Your task is to collect gaming news, articles, videos and more. Anything that can help
our members learn more about the games they may be interested in. Special attention should be
paid to games that we play often and information that can offer a tactical advantage to our clan
members within those games. Early information on things like new map packs for COD can
allow us to begin working on formations to use on those maps and so on. Your job is really rather
easy. When you find a link to a story or article, post it in the Media's Facebook message box and


to the Division's group page feed for everyone else to see. High ranking members of the Media
Bat will then take those links and post them on our Facebook fan page and Twitter.
Positions: The positions here aren't exactly official yet, and this Battalion is typically
small. But we have a guy who handles the Reaper's Facebook news page and others who handle
our social media accounts.
Update: 12/14/2015 4:47 PM.
The Media Battalion has received two further sub-sections.
The Public Relations Section, which is about 1-3 members in size, and is in charge of updating
our social media accounts. I.e. Facebook news feed, Instagram, Twitter, etc. PR guys will also be
in charge of interacting with anyone contacting us. Answering messages and tweets, and so on.
The Video Ops Section is about 1-5 members in size, and is in charge of creating, managing,
posting, and sharing the news regarding new YouTube videos and Twitch channel streams. There
will be a section manager for this section who is in charge of organizing streaming schedules for
Twitch, and organizing our Twitch channel contributors.

Battalion: Logistics.
Responsibilities: To challenge other clans to friendly scrimmages with us for practice.
Your number one priority is to remain respectable and nice. You are representing the rest of the
Division when reaching out to other clans and their leaders. Proper grammar and a friendly
demeanor are required. Your responsibilities are fairly similar to a Recruiter's but for clan
scrimmages. Here is your order of operations:
1. Find a player with a clan tag and message him asking if his clan would be interested in a
friendly scrim for practice. Preferably find his clan leader and speak with him directly.
2. Work out match details such as time, modes, number of players, maps, rules, etc.
3. Notify your Battalion Leader and me about your contact with this clan and continue to work
out a match that is as close to our preferred set up as possible.
4. I will give a go ahead or a no go on the match, you will then deliver the message.
That's the extent of your involvement. I will then assign an RSO Team to handle the clan scrim.
Powers/Limits: You are free to broker a deal with the other clan and ours for this
scrimmage. But you are to work to get the match as close to our preferred settings as possible. If
the other clan simply won't budge on this, you are free to terminate the deal yourself and work on
a new one.
Positions: This Battalion again only has two. "Member" and "Battalion Leader".


Battalion: TRA Taskforce. (Currently not in use)

Responsibilities: For those who don't know, we have a brother clan. Founded by me,
GTAmerc and led by members of this Battalion, who are 32nd Reaper Division members. In the
future TRA members may be included in this Battalion to assist as well.
Your job will be a general one, but I'll try and simplify it.
1. Keep the TRA Facebook page from becoming stagnant. Update with relevant info, gaming
tips, clan updates, gaming memes, etc.
2. Get the members to add each other, play together and so on.
3. Introduce TRA members to 32nd members.
4. Act as Field Commanders to the TRA members when in game. Give them direction and
training via example in game.
5. Educate them on the ideals of the 32nd Reaper Division and TRA. Teamwork, respect,
communication, etc.
Powers/limits: You may give TRA members orders and directions in game and out. You
have powers to recruit new TRA members, kick members, and suggest them for transfer to the
32nd Reaper Division. You can organize practice sessions, TRA versus TRA scrimmages, etc.
You cannot create Squads, Companies or other clan structures, or alter the rules and
requirements. You may bring them up for discussion with me however.
Positions: There are a few here. "Field Commander" is someone who is trained and
experienced in the 32nd Reaper Division, who leads TRA members and trains them in pub
matches. These people are the basic members of this Battalion and are immediately the highest
ranking members in TRA parties. These would be similar to Reaper Team Leaders. "War
Commander" is the person in charge of TRA's Clan Wars, the roster, who is on it, etc, etc. All
clan war details go through or come from him.
Section: RSOT. "Reaper Special Operations Team"
Responsibilities: Your job as a RSOT member is to win and to be the best player possible.
This means training with your fellow RSOT members and being the best possible. Playing GBs
and watching MLG matches is suggested, but not required. You may also be pulled into training
sessions to help train recruits and new members.


This concludes the Sections and Positions manual. If you still have questions or
comments about any position within the 32nd Reaper Division, or one now exists that is not listed
in this manual, please contact GTAmerc on Facebook or via PSN. This manual is subject to
changes and edits at any time, however I will try and make sure that the most recent edition is
available to everyone online.
Thanks for reading!
32nd Reaper Division
Clan Founder & Co-Leader