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Repblica Bolivariana de Venezuela

Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Educacin

Universidad Nacional Experimental Politcnica de la Fuerza Armada
Ctedra: Ingles

Berrios, Reiver
Moreno, Mara
Pinzn, Kimberly
Zamudio, Anyelit
Caracas, mayo de 2016

Clinical Case:
73 unemployed male patient has an ATM with anterior disc
displacement without reduction. Total upper and lower edentulous, on
top has a prothesis badly adapted.
Who goes to the dentist for the realization of lower total prothesis.
The patient was admitted to the clinic after having coordinated their
appointment for the proper assessment reviewing your medical history
and selecting the best treatment.
Patient: Hi, doctor I'm Jose Rodrigo Lopez it's nice to meet you
Doctor: Mr. Rodrigo Hello a pleasure to serve you I am Dr. Miguel
Angel Tell me. Because comes to consultation?
Patient: thank you, the reason from my visit is to make me all revisions
and possible treatments, because I want to opt for total prothesis
inferior because of my edentulous.
Doctor: Oh! Great. I will make him exams I will give you an
appointment for tomorrow morning with our trusted technician.
Technical: Welcome Sr Rodrigo, nice to meet you I have the me
results of oral exams I perform he doctor, and it seems that everything
is in order to proceed with the prothesis.
Patient: That good news, I would like to stay posile, the most aesthetic
and good adaptation to avoid me discomfort future and to regain my
confidence and self esteem.

Technical: Sr Rodrgo no worry will be satisfied work and I will put my

best to his prosthesis.
Patient: thank you very much I'll be waiting for your answer.
Technical: I will be communicating with the dentist when you have the
final results of your prosthesis.
Doctor: Riinnn! Good afternoon I speak to the laboratory 'Arias Lab'
please I communicated with the technical Pedro Sanchez.
Technical: Hello Dr. Sanchez. What I help? if it is the case that sent
me, this almost ready just need polishing to send it and that you
review, if you need some adjustments.
Doctor: Oh! Perfect, if I called to ask about this case, if the prosthesis
was ready, and to inform you that I have two more cases on a partial
and orthopedic apparatuses.
Technical: delighted to receive their cases and to work with you, well
be in touch, for delivering the prosthesis to Mr. Rodrgo passing happy
Doctor: Mr. Rodrgo calls him Dr. Miguel Angel, to inform you that your
prosthesis this list to give tests. And check if it fits properly trusting that
the realization of his prosthesis to be successful, good morning sees
you soon.
Patient: Good afternoon, I come for my scheduled appointment for the
final test of my prothesis.

Doctor: Forward Sr Rodrgo a pleasure to see you again, your

prosthesis is ready, awaited the outcome is successful. I am relying on
the work I did together with my technical colleague.
Patient: I really am very satisfied; I never thought that this work would
be so clean now I can smile again without shame. I will contact you for
the care suggested.
Doctor: I am glad that the work is to your liking, we are always made
to order in my consulting room. Just remember to give health care. It
was a pleasure. Bye