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I believe that student should all be required to take physical
education courses because it is good for their health, can boost their confidence
level and spend their free time with beneficial activities.
We say it is good for their health because once students join the
physical education courses, automatically they have extra classes everyday
specifically for physical training. Thus, they cannot get away from doing
exercises and routines that are really good for the body and mind. Furthermore,
in physical education courses, students will eventually learned about various
healthy lifestyles whether in food intake or daily routines. If you say that by
taking physical courses, it will make the students will experience fatigue, that is
rather wrong. It is the otherwise, the students will feel more refreshed after a
good workout.
Next, through physical education courses, one can boost their
confidence level and have remarkable results. By joining a club or a team,
usually they will make a selection for the committee. When one was selected to
be the leader for the team, he or she will have to learn to speak and act like a
leader for the sake of the team. Furthermore, you can build up your muscle. Your
appearance will be more muscular and not thin and looks unhealthy, and more
comfortable to walk around. If your appearance does not undergo any changes
after doing physical exercises, your confidence level does not increase, you can
involve yourself in the tournament of your respective teams. Believe me, once
you enter, you have no choice but to be confident in yourself, by hook or by
Finally, we believe that if the students join the physical education
courses, they will have their time preoccupied with beneficial activities rather
than going around doing nothing or disturbing the peace, because teenagers, are
at their peak energy and they need something to spend it on. They can join their
daily or weekly activities that was planned by their clubs like visiting other school
to have friendly or just to test their skills in the field. They also can held
programmes for the community or for the district depending on their scale, the
students can increase their soft skills or communication skills by interacting with
different people. On top of that, they can participate in the tournament whether
an open tournament or competition that was held by other school. Besides
getting the medals for themselves, they inadvertently make their schools proud

and made known to other schools. Maybe if you would ask, does it not applied to
other activities besides joining the physical education courses, then the answer
is simple. If you already joined club activities, why should you think of other ways
to spend your free time. Its already prepared, you just need to grasp it.

In a nutshell, generally, it is better if the government required the

students to join physical education courses, because lots of positive outcome can
be made and thus ensuring the future of the children because certain people can
only excel in sports and others can excel in both. To be fairly, the first type of
children can be successful through this method. They can contribute to our
country on that matter and while relieving their stress, it also can serve as a
satisfying career for their life. For other students who excel at both, they can
choose either one to their liking, at least we can made the choices varies for all
of them. Only in that age, can they truly unleash their ambition whether in sports
or academically because as you get older, the strength diminished and the urge
to try something new is not as strong as when you are in that age. We believe
and we uphold our motion that students should be required to take physical
education courses.