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Matukad Island Camarines Sur

Matukad is Matukad is not just known for its fine sand and
vista of rock formation, Matukad is Matukad because you
have to climb in order to be awed once again by Matukad
Island shore line and waters. Matukad actually means to
climb. The sharp rocks will lead you to see the 180 degrees
view of the sea including Matukad Island's shoreline.
Not only the shore and the sea that made people want to
climb the sharp rocks of Matukad, the tale of the milkfish
habituating the lake only visible when you climb the rocks
adds excitement to its visitors

Park Albay

Tiwi Hot Spring National

Springs in the Top 5 Tourist

Spots in Bicol-Philippines. Its
hot waters are believed to
have medicinal properties.
Naglagbong Lake offers the
hottest waters. The
Geothermal Electric Power
Plant is also located in Tiwi.
It uses steam from the
natural hot springs to
generate electricity

Mayon Volcano Albay

The province of Albay is generally a
mountainous place. It is a paradise
about 460 km south of Manila. Apart
from its prestigious wonder Mayon
Volcano, it is also the home to many
scenic views like waterfalls, natural
springs, beaches, underwater and
marine life. Furthermore, the town is
also known for its crafts made from
indigenous materials like handicrafts,
cutleries and ceramics. Tourists will
definitely enjoy the beauty of Albay and
the famous Mayon Volcano

Maribina Falls Catanduanes Province

The tourist destination nearest the capital
town of Virac, it is the most popular and
widely publicised of the Water falls in
Catanduanes. With its 3-tiered crystal
clear cascades surrounded by lush
greenery, the visitor will sure be well
satisfied. It is an ideal place for picnics
and daytime bonding with family and

Buntod Sandbar and Reef Marine

Cagsawa Ruins of Daraga, Albay
Masbate Province

The Bontod Reef in Masbate is a proof

that Masbate City is a good example of
excellence in recovering and protecting a
marine sanctuary. It is a strong evidence
of the resilience of life that anything on
the verge of destruction and extinction
will grow and multiply again if taken care
of really well. Mother Nature is really
forgiving. She will continue on providing
us with great wonders as long as we
correct our ways and return to being
guardians of the environment

Subic and Tikling Beach Sorsogon Province

The sand here is quite fine and when viewed

from afar it takes on a pinkish-white hue.
On closer inspection we could see why:
mixed in with the creamy white sand grains
are particles of deep red color produced by the
crushing of red corals. Along with nearby
Tikling Island, this pinkish sand is
the unique trait of the islands here in Matnog

Albay will not be complete without having

a stopover at the famous Cagsawa ruins.
The municipality of Daraga is devoted in
keeping Cagsawa as the most visited
place in the province. A matter of fact, the
local government of Daraga will provide

Daragang Church Albay

The Daraga Church is a cultural
and architectural treasure that is a
priceless part of Albayano
heritage. Today, the church is one
of the most visited destinations in
the province of Albay. The church
is easily accessible from the city
of Legazpi
Peafrancia Basilica Minore Naga

This beautiful church in Naga City is steeped in a

beautiful story and a rich history. The Peafrancia
Basilica Minore houses an image of the Virgin Mary
that was sculpted in 1710. It was commissioned by
Dominican priest Miguel Robles de Covarrubias who,
as stories have it, was personally blessed by the Virgin
and was witness to some of her miracles.
Lahos Island (or Lajos
Island)has fine white sand
shore like a thin sheet of
paper in-between of two
identical rocks. During hightide, it eventually disappears
and can only be seen again
during low tides. This is where
it gets its name, Lahos also
means Laho which is
vanish in English word.