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CCansdian Security Service canadien dt Intelligence Service renseignement de sécurité »[ Ses. Sere PS/Sorv. Sec. SP Director - Directeur Rocolved | Beou [ro Ne CCM # 23962 MA 16 206 [re tD. (0.004 34 SECRET [re Bsenes 200-4 For Information oe MAY 2.0 2016 Lis ences cous czas | MEMORANDUM TO THE MINISTER IE AN INFORMATION SHARING ARRAN cc RSI ‘OF CANADA INFO) SHARIN ISSUE: “To advise thal the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) and Global Affairs Canada (GAC) have established a information sharing rangement in accordance with the Security of Canada Information Sharing At (SCISA), ‘BACKGROUND: In Janoary 2016, you were advised that the Commissioner of the RCMP. the Deputy Minister of Global Affairs Canada (GAC) snd I ssved a joint communique regarding the implementation of the SCISA to our respective employees a stations abroad. This message was intended asa first. in sensitizing officials to their responsibilities under the SCISA, "7 DISCUSSION: Information collected by GAC through the provision of consular services canbe directly relevant 10 vestigation of hres th seu of Canada This aye instances where cons services are provided 0] or 170,97, Son“ nm Onn KUGAGK CE, Sewn", Ce On IG ACA 200001 one Pursuant to the SCISA, Government of Canada inttutions may now diselse information relevant othe national security jurisdiction of designated recipients, which includes CSIS- Disclosures may occur proactively, in the event an institution identifies information relevant to rin retgons to a request made bya designated ‘Asalays, please do no hesiateto conic! me should you require further T ce Deputy Miniter. Public Safety ce. Deputy Minister. Global Affairs ce. National Security Advigoe Enclosure (1) “Ths doeuret conse eord which may eject omar exemption dr he Aces fron ‘crore Privy Te fonation ornligeace ay be peed ye ois othe Cana {sido Ao Te arin or sligese mt nt be lee or sd nce iho pcos ‘inh Caan Ses nels See 00002