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Jenny X.

+1 (510) 825 5561 7 jenny.x.lin[at]gmail.com r www.tinkre.com

Oregon State University
Assistant Professor of Economics

Corvallis, OR

International Monetary Fund

Economist Intern

Washington D.C.
JulyOct 2013

University of Michigan
Ph.D. Economics

Ann Arbor, MI

University of Michigan
M.A. Economics

Ann Arbor, MI

Yale University
M.A. International and Development Economics
Haas School of Business, University of California - Berkeley
B.S. Business Administration

New Haven, CT
Berkeley, CA

Magna Cum Laude

University of California - Berkeley

B.A. Economics

Berkeley, CA

Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa

Research Fields
International trade, international macroeconomics and finance, economic growth

"Financial Inclusion and Stability in Africas Middle-Income Countries" (with Yibin Mu). Africa on
the Move: Unlocking the Potential of Small Middle-Income States, Eds. Lamin Leigh and Ali Mansoor.
Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund, 2016. 107-130.
Using IMF Financial and World Bank Enterprise Survey data, we employ a binary choice model
to test whether the Z-score measure of financial stability is causally affected by various financial
inclusion indicators.

Works In Progress
US Firm Exports, Intellectual Property Rights and Welfare (with William F. Lincoln), Revise and
Resubmit, Journal of International Economics
Using US Census and Patent (PTO) data, we use difference-in-differences methodology to test
whether patent reforms increase the export likelihood of a patenting firm.
Trade Contracts and the Exchange-Rate Pass-Through Puzzle, draft available
Using foreign exchange and forward markets data, I employ Maximum Likelihood Estimation,
Nonlinear Regression and Vector Error-Correction Modeling in testing whether trade contracts
affect pass-through of exchange rates into import prices.
Trade Misinvoicing as a Means to Circumvent Capital Controls (with Hiro Ito), draft available
Utilizing China, Hong Kong, Japan, European Union and US Panel Customs Data, we use Fixed
Effects, Random Effects, Panel-corrected standard errors (with and without weights) models to test
whether trade misinvoicing is systematically caused by capital controls.
Last update: October 3, 2016


Uncertainty and its Effects on Comparative Advantage

The project builds a model of perturbation to ordinal-indexed sequences within an Eaton-Kortum
framework to gauge the impact of uncertainty generated by events such as trade sanctions on
countries comparative advantage.
International Price Differentials: An Analysis of the Mens Athletic Shoe Market
Using Nike micro data from 5 international markets, I test for the existence of and factors influencing
international price discrimination using Fixed Effects and Product Characteristics approaches.

Awards and Honors

URAP Faculty-Student Research Project Grant (Oregon State University, 2015)

Faculty Release Time Research Grant (Oregon State University, College of Liberal Arts, 2015)
CIBER (Center for International Business Education) Research Grant (University of Michigan, Ross
School of Business, 2012)
SYLFF Research Fellow (Tokyo Foundation, 2011)
Rackham International Research Award (University of Michigan, Rackham Graduate School, 2011)
Summer Research Fellowship (University of Michigan, Department of Economics, 2009, 2010)

Academic Visits
Oxford University (UK, 2012)
London School of Economics (UK, 2012)
Ludwig Maximilian University/CESIfo (Germany, 2012)
University of Tbingen (Germany, 2012)

Conference & Academic Talks

Western Economic Association International Meetings, 2016
American Economic Association Annual Meetings, 2016
Portland State University Seminar, 2015
EIIT Ljubljana Empirical Trade Conference, 2015
Oregon State University SPP Seminar, 2015
University of Michigan International Trade Seminar, 2014
University of Michigan Summer Seminar, 2011, 2013
University of Michigan International/Macro Seminar, 2013
International Monetary Fund African Department Seminar, 2013
Washington Trade Research Group Seminar, 2013
University of Tbingen Economics Seminar, 2012
Oxford University Economics Seminar, 2012
London School of Economics Seminar, 2012

Professional Affiliations
American Economic Association, International Economics and Finance Society, Western Economic
Association, Forum for Research on Empirical International Trade

Professional Service
Referee: Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Geography
Discussant: Western Economic Association International, 2016
Discussant: American Economic Association Annual Meetings, 2016
Discussant: EIIT Ljubljana Empirical Trade Conference, 2015
Last update: October 3, 2016



Intermediate Macroeconomics: Professor, Oregon State University, 2015International Economics: Professor, Oregon State University, 2014Economics of Globalization: Professor, Oregon State University, 2014International Economics: Graduate Student Instructor, University of Michigan, 2013-2014
Financial Economics: Graduate Student Instructor, University of Michigan, 2011
Intro to Microeconomics: Graduate Student Instructor, University of Michigan, 2009-2011

Other Research Experience

Research Assistant, Geographic Disparities in Federal Taxation Project (Prof. David Albouy), University
of Michigan Dept. of Economics, 2011
Research Assistant, Taxation of Financial Intermediation Project (Prof. Joel Slemrod), University of
Michigan Dept. of Economics, 2010
Research Assistant, Trade and Growth Project (Prof. Alan Deardorff), University of Michigan Dept.
of Economics, 2009
Research Assistant, Credit Booms and Banking Crises Project (Prof. Andrei Levchenko), IMF and
University of Michigan Dept. of Economics, 2009
Research Assistant, Empirical Solow Growth Model Project (Prof. Dean Yang), University of Michigan
Ford School of Public Policy, 2009

Mandarin Chinese: Native Fluency
German: Upper Intermediate Fluency
French: Basic Reading Proficiency
Technical: MatLab, Stata, LATEX, Mathematica, Maple, SuperLab, some Python, ArcGIS, EViews
Other: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere

Last update: October 3, 2016