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These license terms are an agreement between Synaptics Incorporated and its affiliates ("Synaptics")
and you. Please read them. They apply to any Synaptics software and related documentation provided
by Synaptics whether accessed from a site, electronic media or paper documents ("Software").
By accessing, using or installing the Software, you accept these terms. If you do not accept them, do not
access, use or install the software. Instead, remove the software from your computer or other device
and return it to Synaptics.

1. SCOPE OF LICENSE. The Software is licensed, not sold. This agreement only gives you a nonexclusive, non-transferable license to use or install the Software for the sole purpose of developing,
manufacturing and distributing products that incorporate application specific integrated circuit devices
"ASICs supplied to you by Synaptics. This license extends only to use or installation of the Software for
use with ASICs, firmware, development kits or hardware supplied by Synaptics. Synaptics reserves all
other rights to the Software and any improvements, updates, upgrades and revisions. You must comply
with any technical restrictions or limitations in the Software that only allow you to use or install it in
certain ways. Synaptics may terminate this license at any time you do not comply with its provisions and
seek remedies available at law or equity. Upon such termination, you shall immediately cease using the
Software and return to Synaptics or destroy all copies of it in your possession. Synaptics has no
obligation under this License to provide technical support.
You may not:

Work around or gain access to any restricted or inactivated features or other technical limitations in
the Software;
Reverse-engineer, decompile, or disassemble the Software, except and only to the extent that
applicable law expressly permits;
Make more copies of the Software than specified in this agreement or allowed by applicable law;
Publish the Software for others to copy;
Rent, lease, transfer or lend the Software;
Use the Software for commercial software hosting services; or
Use or install the Software with ASICs, firmware, development kits or hardware other than that
supplied by Synaptics.

2. COPIES. You may make one backup copy of the Software. You may use it only to reinstall the
Software. The Software is confidential information subject to the terms of Synaptics' standard NonDisclosure Agreement and you shall not disclose it to any employee or third party except in accordance
with that Agreement.

3. INTERNET-BASED SOFTWARE UPDATES. Synaptics may provide Internet-based or email-based

updates to the Software from time to time. It may change or cancel them at any time. You may not use
your access to the Synaptics web site or file transfer protocol (FTP) site in any way that could damage or
impair anyone else's use or access to the updates. You may not use your access to the Synaptics web
site or FTP site to try to gain unauthorized access to any service, data, account or network by any means.

4. TRANSFER TO ANOTHER DEVICE. You may uninstall the Software and install it on another device
for your use. You may not do so to share this license between devices.

5. EXPORT RESTRICTIONS. The Software is subject to United States export laws and regulations. You
must comply with all domestic and international export laws and regulations that apply to the Software.
These laws include restrictions on destinations, end users and end use.

6. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This agreement (including the warranty below), and the terms for
supplements, updates, Internet-based services and support services that you use, and the nondisclosure agreement and the Synaptics sales terms and conditions are the entire agreement for the
Software and support services.

7. APPLICABLE LAW. California state law governs the interpretation of this agreement and applies to
claims for breach of it, regardless of conflict of laws principles.

8. LIMITATION ON AND EXCLUSION OF DAMAGES. You cannot recover any other damages arising
from this agreement or the use of the Software in excess of the amounts you have paid hereunder for
defective Software, and Synaptics will not be liable for consequential damages, lost profits, special,
indirect or incidental damages.
This limitation applies to, without limitation:

Anything related to the Software or its content (including code), and

Claims for breach of contract, breach of warranty, guarantee or condition, strict liability, negligence,
or other tort to the extent permitted by applicable law It also applies even if:
Repair, replacement or a refund for the Software does not fully compensate you for any losses, or
Synaptics knew or should have known about the possibility of the damages.

9. LIMITED WARRANTY AND LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. Synaptics will replace the Software at no
charge if Synaptics determines it to be defective. If Synaptics cannot replace it, Synaptics will refund the
amount you paid for the Software. You must uninstall the Software and return any media and other
associated materials to Synaptics with proof of purchase to obtain a refund. These are your only
remedies for breach of the limited warranty. Synaptics makes no other warranties, guarantees or
conditions, express or implied. Synaptics excludes implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a
particular purpose and non-infringement. SYNAPTICS' LIABILITY ARISING OUT OF ITS AGREEMENT WITH