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Participant Reflection Prompts for Phases 1,2 & 3

Think about the stage. As you think you may be able to organise your
reflections into different categories:
What did we do?

We choose titles of topics such as interpersonal skill , communication skill and

leadership skill. Also, we started to create and design a website and special
pages for everytopic.
How did we do it? Why did we do it this way?

We shared some ideas and did brainstorming. Initially, we talked about our topic
and we thought that how we can improve ourselves. Furthermore, we said that
we should talked with people who have a range of ability about academic and
professional life. Then, we should go to next to these people and generated
outline. For example, we thought to go some universities to speak with students
and instructor .As a result, we decided our sub-topics. We did do this in that we
need talked to these people who managed to succeed in their job and life.
What knowledge have I learned or developed?

We learned lots of information about our topics and well known how we can
manage to be successful.
What skills and attitudes have I learned or developed?

We learned a lot of skills when we researched our topics especially for academic
life. In addition, we learned how we can developed these kind of ability.
How can I apply my development during this phase to other learning situations?
Teamwork is more effective than working individually and it contributes to our
developments and learning situations. Because when we work together we can
focus and can learn a particular assignment due to having more time rather than
working individually . After that, we teach us some information about another
particular assignment by the way everyone has an idea.
How can I apply my development during this phase to other life situations?
We know that teamwork is significant for us and we learn a lot of beneficial
informations thanks to our project. Now, every member has an opinion and
experience to be a part of group.

Here are some questions to help prompt your reflection. Answer the
questions that you think are relevant to your experience. You are
welcome to add other reflections using the categories suggested

What part(s) of this phase most surprised you?

------When we were informed about the Pbl topic , we surprised because this
topic so suitable for an university student and it makes wondering us because of
the fact that we started to think about our skills and we thought researching
which is related to being successful, can facilitates show up our intelligence and
skills. On the other hand, While we were doing research, we were surprised owing
to the fact that we found variety of skills which did not come in our mind.
However, some people own these skills.
Which part(s) of the phase was the most fulfilling? What part was the least
fulfilling? What does this suggest about the way you work and learn?

After we talked to people we understood some affect on skills by asking some

questions which are related to our topics. Consequently, we acquired different
points of view. However, the least fulfilling part is that we couldn't choose our
topic of presentation.
Consider your experiences during the phase. How did you feel about the
experiences during the phase? How do you feel now? Describe any similarities or
What skills, knowledge and attitudes do you think you developed through this
------This phasegave self- confidence to us and it helps us to improved researching
skills, creating websites knowledge and ready to being a group attitudes
What does your performance in this phase suggest to you about your strengths?
What does your performance in this stage suggest to you about your
opportunities for development?
What did you learn from the phase about how you react? (Working in a team,
meeting deadlines, team responsibility, team creativity...)
-------Working in a team is most important thing Ive learned.When I heard first,I
didnt believe its importance but I was shocked when I was learning it.ts so
surprising for me and We have learned a lot of management skills which are
beneficial and available to using in work life such as;
-What is teamworking?
- What is our responsibility in our project?
-How can we enhance ourselves?
-How can we make a plan of our project weekly action plans
-How can we improve our project and topics?
-How can we search and study our project?

Were any of the experiences of this phase familiar to you?

Yes, online researching in internet and finding resources about our topics are
familiar to us.
Now that you have reflected on the phase what might you do differently in the

This project is crucial for us since we will have similar project in our department
and our professional life.
What would you like to be able to do better? How could you improve in the

First of all, time was very limited. Also we spent a lot of time for researching. We
should work harder and we must perfect our communication with each other.Thus
we can spend less time and find new ideas and new remarks. We believe that
these ways can improve ourselves and carry the real success.
How has studying / thinking about the topic material had an impact on your
It makes to notice us that effects of the being successful in professional and
academic life and we cant say one of thing is the most important.We learned a
lot of information when we researched it and these information changed our
ideas and thinking.Also before time we can think of only one subject and look
only one way but thanks to this project we can look at from different angles.