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Tabor - School of Education - Lesson Plan

Pre-Service Teacher Name: Taylor Wilmot

Date: 05/09/16

Monday Week 7

Curriculum area:
Home Economics
Topic: Recipe


Students prior

Year level: 8

Lesson time: 75 minutes

Cross-curriculum priorities:
- Sustainability

General capabilities:
- Literacy
- Critical and Creative Thinking
- Person and Social
- Ethical Understanding
School: Temple Christian College
Independently develop criteria for success to evaluate the design
ideas, processes and solutions and their sustainability (ACTDEP038)
Lesson Outcomes:
By the end of this lesson, students will be able to apply their
knowledge of practical work by designing an assessment rubric for
their upcoming assessment
Student have written reflections for prior practicals and know what is
expected of them
Natural self-evaluation
Whiteboard markers
Skeleton questions
Laptops (both student and
Blank rubric for each student

Revised for Australian Curriculum January 2014; logo revision February 2016.

Lesson & time

Introduction: What hook will you use to get
students interested? (blank rubric on the board)
One student in
10:05 Regular lesson teacher to start the lesson and
this class has
run through some correction of a past
During group
work time, I will
10:35 Taylor to take over teaching.
be able to work
closer with him
o Get students to open laptops, if not
and be available
already open.
to assist him with
o Find blank rubric sheet on SEQTA
the task if
Run through of the task
o Designing a rubric for assessment
o This is important as it will help them
know what they are aiming for when
they cook.
Class brainstorm
o What kind of questions help you
assess how well the practical went?
Does the food taste nice?
Did our product meet the
assignment criteria?
Does it look nice?
Did we work well in a team?
Did we keep our area clean?
Work through the first category together as a
o Design experiences and algorithms
This focuses on the recipe
o What makes a successful recipe?
Do they have one?
Does is look like a recipe?
Did the recipe work?
If groups work
How do you know it worked?
through this task
Split into the practical groups and work through
quickly, they can
the rest of the rubric
be extended and
o Visit each group and assess how they
begin to think
are going.
about what
Student to pack up
qualities make up
o Homework: to complete the rubric if
each letter grade
they have not yet completed it. To be
e.g. what do Adone by next lesson
grade scones look
o Stand behind chairs and dismiss
Assessment of
Methods to be used:
Formative Assessment brainstorming at the beginning of the task
(formative/summ Formative Assessment walking around assisting students (who needs
extension? Who needs support?)
Evaluation for
Where to next?
Evaluation of
your planning

This task will greatly assist the students in knowing what standards
they should be aiming for in their upcoming practical.

As this is not a concept I have had to think about teaching before,

planning was a little hard, but overall, I think this is a well-planned
lesson, with a range of strategies being incorporated including: chalk
and talk, class discussion and group work.

Revised for Australian Curriculum January 2014; logo revision February 2016.