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-------------Fix Gecko Pause Start option
Gecko 1.9.3
-------------Loading games no longer requires a second disc spin-up
-Added support for the new Homebrew Channel ID
-Fixed channel loading to use the selected hook type, instead of always using th
e VBI hook
-Improved the 002 error prevention method for channels
-Add support for using cIOS for rebooter
-Fix dol/elf loading
-Add support for System Menu 4.2
-Bug fix for poke function in gameconfig.txt (thanks to WiiPower)
Gecko 1.9.2
-------------If necessary, cIOS will be used for channel loading
-A few more gameconfig options were added
-Some video mode fixes
Gecko 1.9.1
-------------The "No Hooks" option should work correctly now
-Displayed code line limit was one line greater than the actual limit, that is n
ow fixed
-Displayed channel names are more complete
-Improved Gamecube disc detection
-Games that use IOS 36 (for example, Super Smash Bros. Brawl) no longer require
a second disc spin-up when loading
-------------Moved rebooter to a menu item
-Fixed a bug that prevented the codes and patch folder from being found if in da
-Fixed a bug that caused a core dump if background.png is in the root directory
of the SD card
-Language and video mode settings from WiiRD are now used if a game is started f
rom WiiRD
-Fixed a rebooter bug that caused the currently inserted game disc not to show u
p in the disc channel
Gecko 1.9
-------------Added channel loading with hooks, channel menu supports same database.txt forma
t as AnyTitle Deleter MOD to replace the channel IDs with channel names (put dat
abase.txt at the root of the SD card)
-Ocarina works on channels
-ELF/DOL loading from geckoload now works
-Optionally the directory data/gecko can contain the codes folder, patch folder,
gameconfig.txt, config.dat, and background.png instead of the root of the SD ca

-GC memory cards are no longer detected as a USB Gecko
-Changed how exit works; if a loader other than the homebrew channel was used (o
r an old version of the HBC) it will return to the system menu
-Fixed a text overlapping bug that would happen if a disc error occurs and Ocari
na is on
-------------GC memory card crash fixed thanks to Nuke
-A core dump that occurs on some Wiis when launching certain games should no lon
ger occur
-Fixed codeliststart for gameconfig.txt
-A minor Ocarina fix to ensure ASM insert codes will work properly
-Exit no longer causes a core dump if Gecko was launched by a loader that lacks
return to loader functionality (such as preloader); instead exit returns to the
Homebrew Channel, or resets the Wii if the Homebrew Channel is not installed
Gecko 1.8
-------------Multidol games work through Gecko's game loader, rebooter is no longer required
for them
-To ensure games are fully functional the game loader now uses the IOS requested
by the game (as a result there is no 002 error, that error is due to game loade
rs booting a game with the wrong IOS)
-If a game requests an IOS that you don't have, the game's update partition will
be searched for the IOS and the option to install the IOS will be given if it i
s found (if you have a modchip, turn off update blocking!)
-It is now possible to select not to load the debugger, which increases the numb
er of code lines allowed by Ocarina
-New hooks have been added so that most (if not all) Wii games can be hooked
-Rebooter will use the hook selected on the config menu to hook games
-Rebooter is now compatible with preloader
-The menu interface has been improved, and you can load a custom background by c
reating a 640x480 PNG-24 file, naming it background.png, and putting it at the r
oot of your SD card
-The menu configuration can be saved, and the saved configuration will be loaded
automatically when Gecko starts
-A configuration file can be created for game specific settings like hook type;
see "gameconfig file format.txt" (in the "docs" folder) for details
-New code types are supported by the code handler, see "new code types doc tech.
txt" (in the "docs" folder) for details
-GPF (gecko patch file) support; see "gpf file format.txt" (in the "docs" folder
) for details