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EMTP-RV Software Network Installation

manual Server
The purpose of this guide is to allow you to quickly install and run the FLEXlm license
server for EMTP-RV. This server administers a fixed number of "floating" licenses
that can be checked in and out by any number of users on computers connected to
your network.
A. How to install, set-up and start the EMTP-RV license server manager
1. Choose your license server machine. This will normally be a file server on your
network that will be available when any other computers on the network are in
use. If the license server is not running, the EMTP software cannot be run.
The license server can only be run on the single system that it is licensed for.

2. You

http://www.emtp.com/content/download using the login and password you received
by mail.

3. Download and run the license server installer (EMTP-RV_Server_Setup.exe).

4. Once it is installed, run the FLEXlm License Manager Utility software (start >
programs > EMTP License Server) and go to the System Settings tab.

5. Click on Save HOSTID Info to a File to save this information in a file named
6. Send the file network_hostid.txt to support@emtp.com. In order to
accelerate the treatment of your request, please add to your mail the
activation code we previously sent to you.


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7. Now we should have received your request. A license file will be sent to you
very shortly by e-mail (it can take up to 48 hours).
8. Open the license file (emtp_server_license.lic) provided to you using
Notepad or any other plain-text editor. You will see a line in this file like this
SERVER server_name hostid
The server name must match the network name of your server. If this is not
done already, change the name as needed. Do not change the hostid value;
this will corrupt your license. It must look like this line:
SERVER John f04da2344c9c
9. Place the license file emtp_server_license.lic in the EMTP License Server
folder, i.e. the same folder as the lmgrd.exe application (by default:
C:\Program Files\EMTP License Server) and start again the FLEXlm License
Manager Utility.
10. Go to the Config Services tab
11. Click the Browse button next to the "Path to the lmgrd.exe file" item
12. Locate the lmgrd.exe item in the EMTP License Server folder
13. Click the Browse button next to the "Path to the license file" item

14. Locate the license file you copied into the same folder
15. Click the Browse button next to the "Path to the debug log file"


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16. Write an arbitrary name for your log file and click on open.
17. If you wish to have the license server start automatically when your system
starts up, checkbox the Use Services switch and the Start Server at
Power Up checkbox.

18. Go to the Start/Stop/Reread tab and click on the Start Server button.
Check the status message at the bottom of the window to make sure the
server started successfully.


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19. To check your server operation, go to the Server Status tab, and click on the
Perform Status Enquiry button. Scroll to the end of the status text
displayed in the box below and verify that it shows that all licenses are
available for use.
B. Installing EMTP-RV on the client machines
To install EMTP-RV on each client, you can follow the EMTP-RV installation
C. Problem and troubleshooting
Do not forget to configure your firewall and your security settings to allow
connections between the server and the clients. If you have a doubt, you can
deactivate the firewall on all the machines and try again.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with our technical support if you require
some assistance:

EMTP-RV Technical support


POWERSYS is the worldwide commercializer of EMTP-RV www.emtp.com www.powersys-solutions.com

Offices France (worldwide sales except USA) : +33 (0) 442 610 229 sales@emtp.com
Offices USA: +1 727 412 8202 sales.usa@emtp.com


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