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Audit Checklist:

For Clause 7.2.1:


How are Customer requirements determined? Any specefication being provided?

What are the requirements specified by the customer, including delivery and postdelivery activities?

What are the requirements not specified by the customer but necessary for intended or
specified use?

What are the statutory, regulatory requirements and any other requirements determined
by the organisation?

For Clause 7.2.2:


How are product and service requirements adequately defined/documented?

Are quotes/proposals reviewed prior to issue? Are they checked against subsequent
orders that are received? Can orders be received verbally?

Does the organisation has the ability to meet the defined requirements?

How are requirements reviewed to ensure they can be met? Who does the review?

Are the results of the product/contract review and subsequent follow-up actions

Are customer requirements confirmed, if the customer provides no documented


How are Contract or order requirements that differ from those previously expressed

Where product/contract requirements are changed, does the organisation ensure that
relevant documentation is amended? Relevant personnel are made aware of the changed

For Clause 7.2.3:


How is product/service information provided to Customers?

How are inquiries handled? Placing of orders? Changes to orders?

How can Customers provide feedback? Is there a process to handle it?

Does the organisation identify and implement arrangement for communication with the
customers relating to product information, Inquiries, contract or order handling, including
amendments and Customer feedback, including customer complaints