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INTR 1020 Final Reflection Prompts

1. You began this course by exploring your future career and creating a
Weebly page that described the qualifications and skills necessary to
be successful in that career. In 3-5, well written sentences tell us what
career you chose and why you want to follow this path. What is your
motivation? If your choice no longer attracts you, what alternative are
you considering and why do you think this is a better match? The
career I have chosen to pursue is becoming a certified dietician. I like
this career because nutrition, along with physical activity, is (what I
consider) a work of art. Your body is a piece of art that can continually
grow and change, and I think that is fascinating.
2. In the second week you brought a set of notes to class and reviewed
them with a partner. Afterwards you revised them to make them more
useful for learning. In 3-5, well written sentences describe what
changes you made to your notes and explain why you found this
helpful. The changes I made in my notes include highlighting main
points and adding in more space so everything isnt crammed together.
Highlighting the main points will help me locate the material easier if
Im working on a worksheet. Adding more space to my notes will make
them look better and give me extra room if I ever need to add in new
3. In week 3 you came up with a degree plan. In 3-5, well written
sentences describe what you hope to achieve at UCBA and what plan
to do after UCBA. I hope to get my associates degree here at UCBA.
After UCBA, I plan to transfer to a 4-year college and get my bachelors
degree in nutrition. After all my schooling is finished, I hope to apply
my knowledge to the world and start changing lives.
4. In the fourth week you started doing research on your chemical
substance. In 3-5, well written sentences describe your compound and
what you found out about it. I researched the chemical Chloroform. I
found out it was used quite often as a solvent before everyone found
out how deadly it was. I also found out it is one of the most used drugs
in committing crimes, such as date rape because the victim has no
recollection of what just occurred.
5. In week 5, using Blooms Taxonomy levels as a guide, you wrote
questions about the chapter you had read in the Poisoners
Handbook. Share with us your two best questions and in 3-5, well
written sentences say why you picked them. Summarize how Gertie
got the mercury in her system. Explain why Charles gave no money
from Gerties death to her family. I picked these questions because
they are comprehension questions from the chapter. If you read the

chapter, you should be able to answer the questions. They are the
basics of the chapter.
6. In week 6 you did an assessment of an exam and reviewed how you
had prepared for it. In 3-5, well written sentences describe three study
strategies you used that worked well and tell us why they worked well,
or describe three study strategies that you are going to try for the next
exam and tell us why you think they might help you prepare. Im going
to study more for my next exam. 3 new strategies Ill try out include, re
writing my notes, looking back on old power points, and skimming
through the chapter(s). I hope these will help me by re-jogging my
7. Threaded through the whole course has been the Poisoners Handbook.
In 3-5, well written sentences tell us what you enjoyed most about your
chapter. What made the case particularly interesting? What made my
chapter so interesting was the whole situation with Gertie and Charles.
Science (having to do with chemicals) might not be for everyone, some
might even get bored while reading about this. So why not just add a
little reality TV like situations to grab the audiences attention even
8. Another piece of the course was creating an e-portfolio (Weebly) that
allowed you to build a professional online image as a UCBA student. In
3-5 well written sentences tell us what pages you found particularly
useful and why. What I found most useful about the weebly pages is
planning out our degrees for the future. While I may stress about the
future a lot, its always reassuring to know I have everything planned
out. And if I need to make changes, I will do so when the time comes.
9. And finally, in 5-8 well written sentences tell us what things you really
enjoyed in the course and why. What things should we definitely keep
in for next semester? During this class, I enjoyed a lot of things. We did
many activities that benefited each of us. The tasks we completed
during this class catered to each of us individually. Things like planning
what our futures will look like, creating the weebly webpages, etc. The
Poisoners Handbook really interested me as well.