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Arcadis IT GUIDE

Beaulieustraat 22, 6814 DV, Arnhem
PO Box 33, 6800 LE, Arnhem

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Arcadis IT GUIDE

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This guide contains everything you need to know about IT at
Arcadis. It contains a number of components. For example,
you can find out how IT at Arcadis is organized as well as how
to use the various services including IT support. In addition,
many practical issues are explained, including applications
and settings for PCs and the network, how to deal with
documents, how backups are made and how to work when
you are away from your usual locations. The first chapter
deals with what you need to get started.
The effectiveness of IT within Arcadis is created by finding the right
balance between users taking responsibility for their own IT tasks,
knowledge and activities, and the central IT systems and facilities. Once
you have finished reading the guide you will be able to get started with
IT at Arcadis at full speed.
The Arcadis IT department is responsible for all the IT services required
by the company. The department consists of several different sections.
The Infrastructure section focuses specifically on the so-called
infrastructure part of IT. This includes all central and individual
computer systems (from servers through to PCs), network connections
including Wi-Fi, email facilities and other IT system hardware or
software. User support for PCs is provided by the Support section, who
also run the help desk. The Business Applications and Engineering
Applications sections are responsible for the administration and

development of internal applications required for supporting the

operational processes. These are the financial and project management
systems, although many web applications and the Arcadis spreadsheet
and design software are also their responsibility. The Digital Solutions
for Clients department provides external IT services that are
commercially significant. Arcadis IT is a global service department
producing, aligning and standardizing IT services within all regions
where Arcadis is present. This guide has a specific focus on the UK,
Continental Europe and the Middle East, but most services are globally
available and it will enable you to make optimal use of our IT portfolio.
On our Intranet pages, you can see how the department is organized,
including the other specialisms. You can also read about how the IT
supply and demand is balanced at Arcadis, for example how agreements
are made about which hardware and software is used in the company,
and how the efficiency and quality of the various IT services at Arcadis is
arranged as effectively as possible.
As Arcadis is rapidly undergoing changes to accommodate the changing
needs of our clients, IT is adapting in parallel as well. So stay connected
through our social media channels, intranet pages and service bulletins
to make the best use of IT for your daily work.



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Arcadis IT GUIDE



IT Policies and Procedures
Connecting to the Network
Email basics



IT Service Desk
First/second line support
Global IT Setup
IT Support Limitations
Computer names
24/7 Availability of networks and servers
Service availability
Preventive maintenance
Color coding of IT messages



Declaration of computer use
User accounts for Arcadis staff
User accounts for non-Arcadis staff
How to deal with user names and passwords
Are there exceptions?
Leaving Arcadis
Long periods of inactivity


Wireless connections (Wi-Fi)
Wired network
Guest network
Non corporate network
Desktop As A Service (DAAS)
Using Office 365
Email retention times
Arcadis corporate identity
Email Signature
Connecting to network printers

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Skype for Business

Setting up a Skype online meeting
Skype client for smartphones
Skype for business and fixed telephony
Software installation
Updates and changes
Arcadis on your iPad
Accessing files with your iPad
iPad/iPhone and Wi-Fi
Working at an Arcadis location abroad



Workspaces on the network
Network drives
Size of the network drives
OneDrive for Business
File name lengths
File lifespan
Encrypting data on your hard disk
USB sticks
Sending large files
OneDrive for Business
Confidential information on your PCs
Securing documents with certification
Data classification and confidentiality
Creating PDF files from Microsoft Office
Cloud storage with third parties


Collaborating with individuals
Collaborating with a group of colleagues
Advanced collaboration
Collaborating with external partners
Mobile collaboration



Home and mobile use
Limitations to consider with external access
Home PC security



Backup you own data
Backing up server data
Live backup
Historical backup
Alternative ways of securing data
Restoring server data
Exceptions for restoring data
Backing up PC data


Your password
Password quality
How to change your password?
Saving passwords locally
Power-On password for laptops
Permanent PC settings
Corporate identity
Email addresses
Email settings
Emailing more than 500 people at Arcadis
Email SPAM filtering
Internet usage settings
Standard language on PCs
Antivirus settings
PC power consumption



Software & licenses


Network printers
Personal printers
Supplies (consumables)
Mobile phones and/or smartphones
Tablets (iPads, etc.)
Other issues concerning PCs, printers and
ancillary equipment
Ordering IT Equipment
Data & software transition rules when replacing



Discount on products and software



Arcadis contract details for telephony
Saving on mobile costs
Tips for limiting your mobile phone costs
Mobile data abroad
Making an internet connection with your mobile,
smartphone or tablet
Monitoring and controlling mobile phone costs
Guidelines for Arcadis mobile provider
subscriptions and personal devices



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Arcadis IT GUIDE


When powering up your laptop, you may
be requested to enter a boot password,
after that the laptop will load the Operating
System. Before you can start working,
your account must have been created and
accessed from within an office location. The
first time you login, you must do so from
within an Arcadis office. To login enter your
primary login (which is either surname+initial
or initial+surname) and a password. The
HR Administration Centre or local HR
representative will provide confirmation of
your unique username and password on

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There are a few different usernames/account names that you will need to be aware of, if you need
assistance please contact the IT Service desk. The password for each of these accounts is the same.



Primary login

Surname + first initial e.g. BloggsJ

Initials + Staff number e.g. JBA12345

Login to the network



Give as Email contact details

Once the username and password have been

entered you will be requested to change your
password. Passwords need to be minimum of
8 characters long and must include characters
from 3 of the following 4 categories
Uppercase alphabet characters (AZ)
Lowercase alphabet characters (az)
Arabic numerals (09)
Non-alphanumeric characters (e.g.:!$#%) Do
not use or & as these wont work from a smart

IT Policies and Procedures

The IT policy and procedures are available on
the Arcadis Intranet and within this guide. You
must familiarize yourself with these. Misuse
or non-compliance of the policies can result in
disciplinary actions.

Connecting to the Network

Within the Arcadis offices, the default method

of connecting to the Arcadis network is using
Wireless (Wi-Fi). As Arcadis is in full transition
from wired to wireless connections in all offices
around the globe, the actual connectivity
status can vary by location. Wired connections
are available on request where wireless is not
suitable for a specific device (Copiers/Printers/
Plotters/Fixed phones).

Email basics
The standard, global email environment used is
Office 365, http://office.arcadis.com. To logon
to your mailbox in the cloud, use your email
address and domain password. The Outlook
Global Address Book (accessed top-right of the
Outlook Home tab) contains email details, like
telephone numbers and their base location, of
all Arcadis staff and Business Groups, details are
updated daily.

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Arcadis IT GUIDE

This chapter deals with how the various services
linked to IT are provided.

IT Service Desk

The IT Service desk is always the initial point of contact (1st line) for all
IT services, problems and requests within the Arcadis organization. The
Arcadis IT Service desk staff are 1st line IT specialists who know everything
about the daily operational activities in the branches. IT Service desk
staff is available each day at the larger offices and provides the following


Help desk (telephone)

1st line reporting and information point

for incidents, problems and requests.

System administration
and maintenance


Installation of PCs (desktop/laptop), printers

Corrective and preventative maintenance
Ordering IT equipment (PCs, printers, monitors)
Restoring server data

IT support is only available in Arcadis offices and not available in site

offices and other locations where Arcadis is only guest or contractor. IT
Support deploys a bring-in service for this kind of support needs. Such
hardware can be handed into an Arcadis office. In those cases, the help
desk service is normally used. The IT Support Team comprises of two main
tasks, the IT Service Desk and (also known as 1st Line Support) and IT 2nd
Line Support (also known as desktop support or onsite support).

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First/second line support

The IT 2nd Line Team

has additional skills
to provide support for
laptops, desktops and
Arcadis mobile devices
and also provides local
site support for any

The Arcadis IT Service Desk is the central point

of contact for all IT Services and should be the
initial point of contact into IT for all Arcadis
Users. This is where a ticket will be raised for any
IT related call (whether it is logged via a phone
call, Email or a Self Service request). The ticket is
initially triaged within the team. They will check
to see whether they can resolve the ticket call
or if they cannot. They will assign the ticket to
a different IT Technical team to investigate. The
Service Ticket is then used as an audit trail for
the life of the issue and when contacted, the
Service Desk can then provide updates against
the ticket number. When the ticket has been set
to Resolved by IT, the User has 7 days to reopen the ticket for the investigation to continue;
otherwise the ticket is automatically closed.
The majority of tickets not Resolved by the IT
Service Desk will normally be assigned to the IT
2nd Line Team. This team has additional skills
to provide support for laptops, desktops and
Arcadis mobile devices and also provides local
site support for any issue not resolved by the
IT Service Desk. They also build and configure
all new laptops, desktops and Arcadis mobile
devices and in certain countries they will also
order lap- tops, desktops and Arcadis mobile
devices. If they cannot resolve an issue, they will
escalate to local and global third line technical
support teams all managed via the initial
Service Desk ticket which remains the audit trail
for the lifecycle of the issue.

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Central Europe

+31 88 4261111
08.00-17.00 hrs. GMT+1 Monday
to Friday (excl. Bank Holidays)


+44 161 245 8899

08.00 18:00 hrs. GMT Monday
to Friday (excl. Bank Holidays)

Middle East

+971 4 423 3999

08.00-18.00 hrs. GMT+4 Sunday to
Thursday (excl. Bank Holidays)

There is also a self-service portal where you can

direct your question or request, or report an
incident, which you can find at http://itservice.
arcadis.com. Using this portal substantially
speeds up dealing with your requests, etc.

On the Arcadis Intranet, you will find all sorts of
relevant user information. This applies to both
information about IT resources and business

standards. In such cases, Arcadis IT is only

obliged to do its best, and is not obliged to
achieve results. In general, the rule is that
hardware and software not belonging to Arcadis
does not receive support. Regarding site offices
and other locations where Arcadis is only guest
or contractor, different agreements can be made
for support. Please contact the IT Service Desk
for further details.

Computer names
Every computer has its own, unique computer
name. The computer is also registered under that
name at the IT Service Desk and can be found
via Start button > Computer > Right Click >
An example of the information about your
computer, the computer name is highlighted.

Global IT Setup
The IT at Arcadis is set up and designed
globally and uses English for messages and
communications. Work instructions, procedures
and guidelines in the native language will
be gradually replaced by uniform English
documents. Contact the IT Services Desk to
discuss which IT services and products are still
available, or can be set specifically in your native


IT Support Limitations

The IT Service desk can be reached using email,

ITServiceDesk@arcadis.com, other contact
information below:

No support is available when the hardware

or software handed in does not meet the

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Arcadis IT GUIDE

24/7 Availability of networks

and servers
The network and servers are available 24/7. For
scheduled and regular maintenance like patches
and updates, there is a standard maintenance
window on every 3rd Saturday of the month
between 05:00 and 13:00 GMT+1. During this
maintenance window, none of the IT Systems
are available. However, day-to-day service and
support requests depend on availability of IT
Support during business hours. Furthermore,
every night between 03:00 and 04:00 GMT+1
many of the systems undergo an automatic
restart. You will find more details about this via
the IT Service desk.

Service availability
Please plan your activities carefully taking
into account these maintenance windows. For
awareness, IT services are available 24/7, but the
guaranteed service levels are of course not equal
to 100%. With an expected service delivery
target around 99.8% you can have 5 minutes
of downtime every day, 2 hours of downtime
every month or even a service disruption lasting
for a complete business day. If your customer
related targets are fixed, plan for contingency
and maintenance related to your IT services
need. Within this IT guide, a complete paragraph
is dedicated to possible personal planning for
contingency in case of service disruptions.

Preventive maintenance
When immediate corrective or preventive
maintenance needs to be carried out, servers
and networks can be unavailable outside office
hours for a short period.
Maintenance reports are always sent by email to
those affected. The email describes the type of
maintenance, the IT systems affected and where
you can obtain more information.

Color coding of IT messages

The colour schemes used for the emails makes
it easy to see the type of defect affecting the
IT. The colour Red indicates defects with
services, Orange indicates a maintenance
announcement and Green indicates that the
services are once more normally available. Blue
indicates an informative announcement from
the IT department.


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The way that we deal with IT
hardware and software in the
company is based on shared
responsibility between the
company and the individual
concerned. The various rules,
protocols, collective agreements
and guidelines together create the
conditions for proper and correct
usage, with due diligence forming
the basis.

User accountability statement

A User accountability statement has been
drawn up that specifies clearly the personal
responsibility attached to the due diligence
related to using IT. This statement is linked to
using a personal computer supplied by Arcadis
and is a mandatory document to be signed by
each user.
We expect the following when a personal
computer is used:
Arcadis is informed immediately that the
device appears to be defective.

Arcadis is informed immediately that the

device is either lost or stolen. In case of a stolen
computer, please be aware that you need the
Police reference number.
Arcadis is informed immediately when you
suspect that the device has been infected
by a virus or malware. The device should be
switched off immediately. If Arcadis detects
that the device has been infected, it will be
deactivated from the Arcadis network so that it
can no longer be connected.
Ensure that the device is never left unattended
when taking it with you out of the office, and
always care for it as if it was your personal
Take sufficient precautionary measures to
prevent theft or unauthorized use
-- laptops should be stored away in a locked
cupboard or space after use
-- do not leave laptops lying unattended for
any length of time
-- where possible, PCs should be secured
against theft by way of cable locks
-- PCs should be locked using Windows key+
L when walking away from your desk.
Individual tokens and keys for either licenses
or access to applications and networks
should never be kept together with the PC in
the same bag, cabinet or desk.
The device should never be loaned to third

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Arcadis IT GUIDE

parties without receiving permission from

Arcadis this includes housemates and trusted
The code of conduct that applies to the
internet and email use in your Business Unit
must be fully observed.
No computer programs may be installed on
your PC without first receiving permission from
Arcadis IT.
No computer programs may be installed
on your PC without a valid business license.
The software with a general business license
installed on all Arcadis PCs is listed in the
appendix. Software installed from the Arcadis
Application Catalogue (Intranet) states
whether you have to apply for a license.
You should keep your passwords confidential
and ensure that they meet the minimum
criteria laid down in the Arcadis password
policy (eight characters, with a minimum of

three of the four characters being a: capital

letter, small letter, number and special
The standard security systems installed by
Arcadis IT, including, for example, the start- up
password for your PC, must never be removed
or deactivated.
You must always protect the confidential
information stored on your PC.
You remain responsible for creating proper
backups of the data contained on your PC.
The data on your PC is not backed up
automatically by IT. Use OneDrive for
Business to store your data and have this
data synchronised and protected.
Do not copy or transfer the computer
programs installed on your device to another
Make sure that the data on your device is
properly backed up.
Only use Arcadis software and services. Many
alternatives are available for applications and
systems that are provided by our company.
However, you should never use these
alternatives without written confirmation of
Arcadis IT. You should only use the software
and services supplied or defined by Arcadis for
working with Arcadis data.
Only use the email service within Office 365
(Outlook) as your standard email client. Never
forward your email to other services such as
Arcadis provides OneDrive for Business for
online file storage. Free services are never
free. In general, security features of these
free services are very limited and unsuitable
for business use. Therefore the use of Dropbox,
Box, Google Drive and others is prohibited..

User accounts for Arcadis staff

The user account is your key to IT services and
is issued to employees only. All work activities
within Arcadis IT are always linked to a specific
user account (often called user id or user name).
It is not possible to use IT services without
this user account. The user account is created
automatically when entering employment
at Arcadis. The user account is automatically
provided with an email address and the
corresponding facilities. Your managers are
informed about the details. You are not able to
select an email address yourself (see settings).
From then on the user account is your access key
to the IT system. The user accounts are clearly
linked to your registration in the HR system. It is
not possible to have an user account without it
being registered in the HR system. The personal
details in the HR system (first name, surname,
location, etc.) are also linked to your user
account. Any changes made to these details go
via the HR department.

User accounts for non-Arcadis

People not formally employed at Arcadis
(temporary colleagues, trainees, etc.) do
not have access to the standard business
applications and network drives. Access is
permitted only when it is explicitly granted by
their responsible line manager. More information
about this can be obtained from the IT Service
desk. User accounts for third parties are
provisioned by default. For this to happen, a
written Data Trust Agreement (DTA) must first
be drawn up between the market group director
at Arcadis who is responsible for all activities

You remain responsible

for creating proper
backups of the data
contained on your
PC. The data on your
PC is not backed up
automatically by IT.


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for which the account is needed as well as the

third party concerned. After that, a so-called
Exception Account (EA) can be provisioned.
The Data Trust Agreement describes in detail
the rights and obligations that go with the
Exception Account. Exception Accounts awarded
based on a DTA are valid for a maximum of 12
months. Internal cost charges are also applied.
The request form for an Exception Account
including the Data Trust Agreement can be
found on the intranet.

How to deal with user names

and passwords
For security reasons a number of rules are

applied at Arcadis when using user accounts

(user name/password).
These are:
An account (user name/password) is strictly
personal and must never be loaned to third
All accounts are created by name and are
always related on a one-to-one basis to a
single person.
Accounts are granted only to persons listed in
the personnel system.
The password used for an account must be
changed every 120 days by the account holder.
Accounts are personal and must never be used
by third parties, even within Arcadis.
Unless written permission has been obtained
from Arcadis, an account must never be used
for non-business purposes or applications.
Account details must never be exchanged,
forwarded, recorded or made accessible in any

Are there exceptions?

If there are legitimate reasons making it
necessary to have these settings altered, please
contact the IT Service Desk. Exceptions may
be made for a limited number of settings. A
condition for this is that your manager also
grants permission and that the exception is of a
temporary nature. The IT Service desk keeps a
record of all the exceptions made.

Leaving Arcadis
It goes without saying that when terminating
employment with Arcadis, the IT support
ceases as well. Your account will be deleted

immediately, including all your personal files

and your email addresses. The IT department
does not make a backup of this data. Prior to
the date of leaving Arcadis, your business unit,
in conjunction with the IT department, will take
measures to transfer data to your colleagues, or
have it archived. The archiving process itself is
the responsibility of the business unit. Within IT
there are no standard services (storage/backup)
available to archive personal data and files.
Return Arcadis assets like your computer, mobile
phone and related accessories.

Long periods of inactivity

If for reasons of illness, leave or any other

circumstances you do not use your account
over a long period of time, your account will
be automatically deactivated. The period of
inactivity that applies is 150 days. Once the
150 days have elapsed, your supervisor will
automatically receive notice regarding the
deactivation. If thereafter your account remains
inactive for a further 30 days, it is automatically
deleted including your email address and all the
files you have saved to OneDrive. Therefore,
if you anticipate not using your account over
an extended period of time, please contact
your manager to inform them of the situation.
Your own personal computer will also be
automatically deactivated when there has been
no connection to the Arcadis network over a
long period of time. The period of inactivity that
applies is 90 days. Following this period, you
can still work normally in a stand-alone mode
with your PC, although you will first have to
reactivate your computer if you want to work
within the Arcadis network. To reactivate your
PC, contact the IT Service desk.

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Arcadis IT GUIDE

Wireless connections (Wi-Fi)

Every Arcadis location has a wireless business

network (Wi-Fi). The Arcadis wireless network is
called Arcadis Mobile Network and is secured
and not accessible to third parties. Your PC
can be set up properly via the IT Service desk.
As standard all Arcadis PCs can be connected
immediately to the Arcadis Wi-Fi network
without having to alter the settings, this applies
to most countries and offices within the UK,
Europe and the Middle East.

Wired network
For equipment that does not have wireless
capability every Arcadis location has wired
network connections (wall sockets) available.
You are not permitted to connect hardware
other than PCs and/or laptops, which must
always go via the IT Service desk.

Guest network
In addition to the normal Arcadis network, all
offices also have an Arcadis guest Wi-Fi network
with the name Arcadis Guest. To guarantee that
Arcadis is protected from any potential security
issues caused by external visitors connecting to
the internet, the guest network is completely
separate from the Arcadis network. The guest
network is primarily aimed at offering visitors
access to the internet. This includes guests,
clients, freelancers, facility services, etc., in our
offices who simply want access to the internet.

The guest network is also aimed at connecting

Bring Your Own Device devices (BYOD) to the
internet. This includes smartphones, tablets and
other devices. Therefore, you should use Arcadis
Guest for connecting your own smartphone
to the internet. This Wi-Fi network is already
available in most of the offices in Europe and the
Middle East. The access key (Wi-Fi password)
for the wireless guest network (Arcadis Guest)
can be obtained from the IT Service desk or
at the reception desk in the offices. The guest
networks are available as both wired and
wireless (Wi-Fi) in all the offices. When using
the wired network, you have to contact the IT
Service desk beforehand.

Non corporate network

When in an Arcadis office you will be connected
to the ARCADIS Mobile network, automatically.
In case of connecting to Wi-Fi when in a Hotel,
at a Client site, at Home, etc. click on the WiFi icon in the taskbar to select the network
required and add the username password
belonging to that network. Is there a problem
with the Wi-Fi connection, contact the support
organization responsible for the provided

Desktop As A Service (DAAS)

Desktop As A Service is an easy to use virtual
workplace from every computer anywhere
inside or outside the Arcadis network. The


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10-08-16 16:04

As long as you have an

internet connection
and an internet
browser (Microsoft
Internet Explorer),
with Webmail you can
have direct access to
your Arcadis post box
containing your email,
agenda, to-do and
other Outlook data.

virtual workplace contains the standard Office

applications, Project, Visio and many other
programs and can be used for the following
When you are experiencing issues with the
network performance because the files or
documents you want to use are at another
When you are connected to the Arcadis
network via a slow or busy connection.
When an Office or other application stops
functioning properly on your computer and
have either no time or the possibility to repair
When you want to use an application that is
not on your computer, but does run on DAAS.
The virtual workplace is available via the
internet. Go to http://workplace.arcadis.com
to start the virtual workplace. This virtual
workplace available on the internet runs on all
types of hardware, and so you can also run it
on your own private PC for example. In order to
be able to use service the latest version of Java
is necessary and can be obtained from www.
java.com. It is also possible to use the virtual
workplace on your iPad or iPhone. Download
the Northbridge Secure Access app (available in
the Apple AppStore) and connect to Workplace.

Click on the Intranet

for more information
about this.

Using Office 365

Arcadis uses Microsoft Office 365 for functions
regarding documents, email, storage,
cooperation and meetings. Microsoft Office 365
(O365) includes the Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
OneNote, Access, Publisher, Outlook, and
Skype for Business, InfoPath and OneDrive for

Business products. O365 is made available to

everybody working at Arcadis. You can install
the software package on your PC yourself via
http://office.arcadis.com. You can install it up
to five times, which also includes your own
private PC (using O365 on your own private
PC is permitted by Arcadis). Installation takes
about 15 minutes depending on the speed of
the internet connection. You can also install and
run O365 products on your smartphone. If you
have an Arcadis laptop you can use Microsoft
Outlook, Skype for Business and OneDrive for
Business when away from the Arcadis offices,
assuming that you have an internet connection.
These products will automatically connect
with the Arcadis cloud as soon as your laptop is
connected to the internet. You do not have to
do anything extra. Therefore, whenever you are
away from the Arcadis offices, you can still work
with your email and agenda.

network, using a password or pin code on the

device automatically becomes mandatory. An
option is also added automatically that makes it
possible to remotely delete all your data on the
device in the event of loss or theft. The IT Service
Desk can provide you with more details about
this if you expect to be working with confidential


Templates help you to generate documents

in the Arcadis corporate identity in a relatively
simple way. Standard templates are available
at Arcadis for working with Office products.
There are templates available for PowerPoint
presentations, Word documents (letters,
reports, project references, memos, agendas,
memos, faxes and CVs) and email signatures in

Just wanting to quickly check and read your

email and agenda? No matter where you are,
and not even on an Arcadis PC. As long as you
have an internet connection and an internet
browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer), with
Webmail you can have direct access to your
Arcadis post box containing your email, agenda,
to-do and other Outlook data. No software
installations are needed. You simply go to
email.arcadis.com and log in with your email and
password. If you want to use smartphones and
tablets to connect to Outlook, go to the Intranet
for set-up details. You can directly check and
operate your Outlook email and agenda using
your mobile phone. Once you have connected
your smartphone or tablet to the Arcadis

Email retention times

All email related data is stored within Microsoft
O365. For compliance reasons all mailbox items
are stored indefinitely including mailbox items
deleted by users and all forwarded messages to
other mailboxes. However, this data can only be
activated after written approval by both Arcadis
HR- and Legal representatives.

Arcadis Corporate Identity

Central Europe uses the eFormity Document
Builder as a standard application supporting
the Arcadis corporate identity. There are two
ways of opening the tool: enter arcadis.eformity.
net in your browser and then select the right
template, or, open Word or PowerPoint and
then click the Start-icon at top left on the screen

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 16

10-08-16 16:04

Arcadis IT GUIDE

(main menu). If eFormity is not available on your

PC yet, go to the Arcadis AppStore in Internet
Explorer Favorites and search for eFormity to
install the software.




In the United Kingdom the templates are

presented in the default office template location.
File / New / Shared / Arcadis 2015, the region
specific information is within the regional folders.
For support in using the templates check
the guidance documents provided under the
Guidance tab for Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

1. The signature is created using the template set

2. The disclaimer is part of the signature setup, it
is not applied automatically


1. The signature is created using the template set

2. The disclaimer is part of the signature setup, it
is not applied automatically

Connecting to network
Arcadis is using network printers to provide

printing services to the user. Before being able to

print, a printer must be installed by the user.

In Central Europe a printing service is used called
Follow Me Printing. You send your print job to
a country specific print queue and this can be
printed on any printer in Central Europe. To print
your print job you must identify yourself using a
badge or a pin code.
All printing related actions can be accessed using
http://printers.arcadis.com. Here you can create
your personal pin code, access scanned files and
connect to the Follow Me Print queues.

In the Middle East the templates are presented

in the default office template location. File /
New / Shared / Arcadis 2015, the region specific
information is within the regional folders.
For support in using the templates check
the guidance documents provided under the
Guidance tab for Excel, Word and Powerpoint.

Email Signature
Arcadis has implemented a standardized email
signature, which must be applied to all email
messages and consists of two parts:
1. signature: this information consists of contact
information like the Name, Title, Address,
company name, phone numbers, etc.
2. disclaimer: the remainder of the disclaimer
text, which refers to content confidentially,
virus checks and our website.

1. The signature is created by using eFormity.
2. The disclaimer is added to all email

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 17

10-08-16 16:04

If you want to use a badge, contact reception

at your site. The badge will be linked to your
username/password combination you use to
logon to your computer.

To be able to print your files, follow the following
Locate the printer you want to print from
Note the printer name displayed on the printer

On your PC go to Start > Devices and Printers

> Add a Printer > Add a network, wireless, or
Bluetooth printer > The printer that I want isnt
listed > Next and select Find a printer in the
directory and select Next.
Enter the name of the printer in the Name
field and choose Find Now.
Right click on the printer and select Connect.

To be able to print your files, follow the following

Locate the printer you want to print from

Note the printer name displayed on the printer
e.g. MAN53RICOHMPC2503
On your PC go to Start > Devices and Printers
> Add a Printer > Add a network, wireless, or
Bluetooth printer > The printer that I want isnt
listed > Next and select Find a printer in the
directory and select Next
Enter the name of the printer in the Name
field and choose Find Now
Right click on the printer and select Connect


16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 18

10-08-16 16:04

Arcadis IT GUIDE

Skype for Business

The communications tool used for conferencing
and instant messaging is Microsoft Skype for
Business, installed on all Arcadis PCs. Skype
for Business has integral functionality for
sharing the desktop and applications, as well
as uploading PowerPoint presentations and
the possibility to use the whiteboard that
includes copying and pasting images and other
content. Skype for Business uses the availability
information in Outlook to update the availability
status of the user. Skype for Business also makes
it possible to communicate with people outside
Arcadis. We have an open federation to almost
all organizations including skype.com (private
use of Skype).


If you want to set up an online meeting with
Skype, it is better to do this via Outlook. You
do it as follows: go to your calendar in Outlook.
Select New online meeting in the button bar.
Enter the subject and date, invite participants
as you would for a normal meeting, and then
send it off. Each participant receives a meeting

invitation in Outlook for acceptance, after

which it is placed in their calendar. The meeting
announcement contains a link (Participating in
online meeting) that is clicked at the time of the
meeting, after which Skype is started up and
you are then connected to the online meeting
there. External parties can also join the online
meeting by simply adding them to the list of
participants. It is a prerequisite that the external
participants have a Microsoft account. This can
be a standard (free) Microsoft account such as
MS Hotmail, Outlook or Windows Live. It is also
possible to participate in online meetings with a
dial-up number and a telephone. There are no
limiting conditions attached to this, anybody can
simply dial up the online meeting. The meeting
organizer should be informed beforehand with
this type of participation in online meetings, and
there are also additional costs involved. Please
contact the IT Service desk to find out more
about this.


Microsoft has a mobile Skype client for the
most common smartphone environments,
including iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows
Phone. The Arcadis systems have all been
modified to suit. Everybody at Arcadis can use
this mobile version of Skype. Depending on your
smartphone, you can download the Skype client
yourself (free of charge) from Apples App Store,
Google or Microsoft. You can find the settings
for Apple and Android on the Intranet. Limit
the use if Skype on your mobile device to Wi-Fi
connections only, otherwise the date-usage
could possible result in higher than expected
telephone bills.


Within Arcadis we also use Skype for Business
as the enabler for fixed telephony, called
Skype Enterprise Voice. As this service is being
introduced in more and more countries within
the UK, Europe and the Middle East, fixed
phone calls can be made directly within Skype
for Business. Legacy fixed phone handsets will
be removed in parallel with the introduction of
Skype Enterprise Voice. After this migration has
been finished you can make your fixed voice
calls either with your laptop or with your mobile

Software installation
On your PC you will find all necessary software
to compose mail and documents. If you need
extra software specific to your role or function,
it is possible to add this to your computer
configuration. The following general rules for
software installation apply:
Installing software onto your PC is not
permitted, unless done through the IT Service
Desk or using the Arcadis AppStore. So never
manually install software yourself!
There must always be an official license
available for installing software. The user
remains responsible for having a valid license
for the software.
All the Arcadis rules and regulations as stated
in the Declaration of Computer Use apply
to all the software installed on your own
personal computer. You can view a copy of this
declaration in the Intranet.
You can also install software onto your Arcadis
personal computer using the Arcadis AppStore.


16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 19

10-08-16 16:04

Available under the Internet Explorer

Favourites. Go to the AppStore and enter
the name of the software you need into the
search field. If the software is not visible in the
AppStore, file a ticket at the IT Service Desk.
Whenever you want to reinstall certain
software, you should first uninstall the existing
software from your PC before reinstalling
it from the Arcadis AppStore. Removing
software is done through Control Panel >
Uninstall a program.
You can follow the progress of your installation
in the Software Centre.

Updates and changes

From time to time it is necessary to install
updates and changes to your applications on
your PC. This can often take place automatically
in the background. However, some of the
updates and changes are so large that this is
impossible. In such cases the IT department uses
an options screen where you can select the most
convenient time for carrying out the extensive
updating process.

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 20

Arcadis on your iPad

The iPad has been used for
standard Arcadis applications
for quite some time now. It is
possible to use most of the
standard IT facilities on an iPad
or iPhone using the Northbridge
Secure Access app (available in
the Apple AppStore) to connect
to Workplace.arcadis.com. This service includes
SAP, Agresso, Dynamics, Oracle, the Arcadis
EMEUK Intranet, The Source and project drives.
Office 365 services can be accessed directly
via office.arcadis.com, without the need for
On iPads you have to use your fingers on a
touch screen with applications that were
originally designed for use with a keyboard and/
or mouse. It is a case of getting used to and it
is not always flexible or convenient. Navigating
with your fingers in Microsoft Word and SAP on
an iPad is less easy than on your laptop where
you can more easily work with the combination
of keyboard and mouse. Of course, OneDrive
for Business and Office 365 are also available
from the Apple AppStore for use on your iPad or
iPhone. The applicable licenses are covered by

Accessing files with your iPad

There are a number of applications (apps)
available for swapping documents. Please use
OneDrive for Business where possible. It is easy
with OneDrive for Business to synchronize in
real-time documents on your laptop with your
iPad, iPhone or tablet. Further information
about OneDrive for Business can be found on

the collaboration page in The Source at


iPad/iPhone and Wi-Fi

There are two Wi-Fi networks at Arcadis. The
Arcadis business Wi-Fi network (access to
servers, applications and various network
drives) and the public Wi-Fi network. The latter
network only provides access to the internet
and is for visitors, guests and third parties.
The Arcadis public Wi-Fi network named
Arcadis Guest is the most suitable to be used
in combination with iPads and iPhones. Go to
settings > Wi-Fi and turn on Wi-Fi. A list of the
available Wi-Fi networks now appears. One
of those is Arcadis Guest, which is the Arcadis
public Wi-Fi network. Select Arcadis Guest. The
password for this Wi-Fi network is available from
the IT Service desk.

Working at an Arcadis location

The IT systems in the various Arcadis companies
are increasingly being linked up with each other.
In the UK, Continental Europe and the Middle
East this is almost 100%. Therefore, you can
work in another country with your Arcadis laptop
or PC. This also means that our colleagues from
other countries outside the UK, Continental
Europe and the Middle East can work with
their own systems in our offices. If you intend
travelling abroad it is recommended to ask the
IT Service desk for the current status. It is also a
good idea to pack a network cable in your laptop
bag. This way you will not have to depend on
the local Wi-Fi settings (that can differ at each
location in some countries) and you will always
be able to connect to the network.


10-08-16 16:04

Arcadis IT GUIDE


When creating documents and
files you will need to save them in
an environment that is available
to co-workers and backup and
restore facilities. Network drives
are primarily aimed at saving
active data, being the data and
documents that people are
working on and are therefore not
storage archives.

Network drives

Access rights to the network drives are personal.

Not everybody can access the network drive.
Among other things, network access depends
on the location and/or department of the
person concerned (business unit). Temporary
colleagues and trainees must always ask for
specific permission from management. Each
department or business unit has their own
network drives (usually per location), where
only people working in those departments of
business units have access.

Workspaces on the network

Files are saved on the following general work spaces:




Network share (to be

replaced by SharePoint and
OneDrive for Business)

Regional Business related data

These network shares are often mapped

using login scripts and becomes available
as a drive letter, e.g. L:, P: or O:.
Data on these shares is all business
and/or project related.
These shares are only accessible by you when
explicitly granted by the IT Service Desk.


Global Business related data

Data stored within SharePoint can be

added using team and project sites.
These sites are only accessible by you when
explicitly granted by the site administrator.

Document Management

Regional Business related data

Personal Archive

Arcadis uses OneDrive for

Business for saving your
own business data.


For carrying out the administrative activities

such as making backups, organizing the
servers and issuing access rights, it is necessary
that a restricted group of people from the IT
department also have access to all the network
drives. The IT department has requested
everybody working there to exercise restraint
and confidentiality. You should be aware of these

Only the individual user can have access

to this. When you change a file, the
previous versions remain available. Deleted
files end up in the recycle bin where
they remain for another 93 days.

issues when saving confidential documents

to the network drives. You must take your
own extra measures when it is necessary to
save confidential documents to the network
drive that absolutely must not be viewed by
third parties. This can be done by encrypting
the documents, or by securing them with a
password for example. The IT Service Desk can
advise on how this is done.


16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 21

10-08-16 16:04

Size of the network drives

SharePoint sites
help you share files,
notifications, lists,
tasks and other
information with your
colleagues and even
external partners

Network shares are located on the servers

and are primarily aimed at saving active data,
being the data and documents that people
are working on. The size of the network drives
is limited and therefore cannot simply grow
infinitely. In order to safeguard the continuity of
the work processes, it is agreed that the server
must be repaired and operational within 24
hours after a server breakdown. This includes
the time required for restoring the backup. For
this reason, it is not always possible to expand
the servers further with extra disk space.
Network drives are not archives. Old and static
data should be regularly saved to CD, DVD,
memory sticks or Network Attached Storage in

order to avoid the consequences of problems

with disk space on network drives.

OneDrive for Business

In OneDrive you can save all your personal data
in The Cloud. This service is also available on
your laptop, smartphone or tablet. Only you can
view and process your files, unless you explicitly
share them with others. When you change a file,
the previous versions remain available. Deleted
files end up in the recycle bin where they
remain for another 93 days.
With OneDrive for Business, it is easy to
exchange files or even complete folders with
colleagues and third parties. For example, you

can use OneDrive for Business to allow others

access to a file that is too large to send by
email. This also works with external parties,
although they have to have a (free) Microsoft
account such as a Microsoft Hotmail, Outlook
or Live account. This method makes it possible
and easy for various people to collaborate on
the same document. OneDrive for Business
automatically ensures that all changes are
properly synchronized when saving, even when
various people are working simultaneously on
the same document.

You can manage Team or Project sites with
SharePoint. SharePoint sites help you share files,


16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 22

10-08-16 16:04

Arcadis IT GUIDE

notifications, lists, tasks and other information

with your colleagues and even external
partners (optional). Version administration
is automatically applied to all files saved to
SharePoint. This allows you to state who is
permitted to view or alter documents. Request
a SharePoint Online site via the IT Service Desk.
Before requesting a site, always check with your
colleagues whether a similar site already exists.

File name lengths

File names can contain up to 256 characters,
including the path name. Longer names can
cause issues with the backup, restore and when
applications try to open these files.

File lifespan
In accordance with a board decision, Arcadis files
and documents saved digitally that are older
than 10 years are no longer kept online. They are
automatically (without warning) removed and
then saved for a maximum of two years. Legal
and/or country specific legislations can have
impact on this policy, more information can be
found by contacting your local service desk.

Encrypting data on your hard

Normally, all data on the hard disk of your PC is
encrypted using Microsoft BitLocker. You do not
have to do anything, as it is a fully automated
and transparent process. Encryption provides
full data protection against loss or theft from
your PC.

USB sticks
USB media may be used when required.
However, they should never be used for storing
confidential data. If there is no other option
available for data storage, then Microsoft
BitLocker software must be applied. You can
easily install it yourself (right mouse click on
the selected USB stick > Turn on BitLocker).
Try never to reuse USB sticks received from
others, but instead use new ones. USB sticks
are regularly used for spreading viruses and
malware. Always first carry out a virus scan on
USB sticks received from others that you intend
to connect to your PC. This is easy to do (right
mouse click on the selected USB stick > Scan
with System Centre Endpoint Protection). If
there is a need to transfer sensitive data by USB
or any other unsafe device, please contact the IT
Service Desk.

Sending large files

When sending large files via email you are likely
to experience some difficulties, because many
companies have set limits to maximum size of
messages and mailboxes. Arcadis has also set a
limit of 25 MB for sending and receiving e-mail.
Options that can be used to send large files:

Fortunately, for sending large files an external
service is available at no costs: WeTransfer,
access using the following URL: https://arcadis.
wetransfer.com/. There is no need to register
before using WeTransfer. You can send up to 2
GB at a time. Your files will be stored for 4 weeks
after you have sent your message. WeTransfer
is an external service. Security, reliability and


16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 23

10-08-16 16:04

suchlike is more than sufficiently guaranteed by

the supplier, although this service does not have
an Arcadis stamp of approval or something
similar. Be fully aware of the conditions of use
and think carefully about what may or may
not be sent securely online. This product is
an external service and must not be used for
sending any confidential information.


With OneDrive for Business you can also
exchange large files, or even a complete folder
with other people. It also works with external
parties. It is a prerequisite that these external
parties have a (free) Microsoft account such as
a Microsoft Hotmail, Outlook or Live account.
Exchanging large files via OneDrive for Business
is preferred over WeTransfer because of the
formal contractual relationship between Arcadis
and Microsoft.

Confidential information on
your PCs C: Drive
Many people think that documents saved to
the C:-Drive on your computer are secure. This
is mainly the case, but there are circumstances
that you should be aware of. In case of theft,
data can be accessed by third parties and you
lose the data. When the computer damages all
is lost. Therefore, no confidential information
must be stored on the C:-Drive.

Securing documents with


want to ensure that any changes are indicated

and that it cannot be forwarded to others. For
this you can add your digital signature in the
form of an official certificate to the document.
When a document has your digital signature
(certificate of authenticity) others can make
alterations, but in doing so, the document loses
your digital signature. In any discussions about
the correctness of the document, you can check
whether the digital signature is still present,
and if not, it demonstrates that this is not your
original version. Contact the IT Service Desk if
you need help with this.

Data classification and

You have already read in the guide about the
possibilities for storing confidential data and
what you should look out for. Data can only
remain absolutely confidential if it is encrypted.
This can be done by using additional software
for encrypting the data, or by using the standard
Microsoft encryption already available on your
PC (select the file or a complete folder, right click
mouse, Properties, Advanced, Encrypt contents
to secure data). Always encrypt data and
attachments sent by email that must remain
absolutely confidential. You remain responsible
for the classification of documents that you
want to keep confidential. Also within the
Arcadis AppStore you can find software for easy
encryption of files and documents. Contact the
IT Service Desk if you need help with this.

Creating PDF files from

Microsoft Office applications
It is easy to create a PDF document from MS
Word. Open the document in MS Word, select
File | Save as. At Save as select file type PDF
(*.PDF) and click on Save. You can do the same
with other MS Office products such as Excel and
PowerPoint. This offers the best quality.

In case an application does not provide PDF
creation facilities, you need a special program on
your PC. You can install PDFCreator yourself by
selecting PDFCreator in the Arcadis AppStore
(available in the Internet Explorer Favourites),
the software is installed in no more than 15
minutes. Creating a PDF file is done as follows:
Open the file in its original application. Select
Print and choose PDFCreator as printer, then
select Print.

Cloud storage with third

OneDrive for Business is the standard service
used for storing all your files in the cloud. Third
party cloud storage solutions, e.g. Dropbox
or Box are only to be used when absolutely
necessary for specific clients.

You may want to send a document (Word,

PowerPoint files, or an AutoCAD drawing) to
an external contact, but at the same time you

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10-08-16 16:04

Arcadis IT GUIDE



16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 25

10-08-16 16:04

Collaborating with individuals

Advanced collaboration

When your documents are stored on OneDrive

for Business, you have the ability to share
a document or a folder with a colleague by
selecting the file and clicking the Share button.
You can share documents for Read or Edit
access. This way you can easily work together on
a document, and even edit a document together
- simultaneously. Sharing is also possible with
external (non-Arcadis) people.

The Groups feature is suitable for 99% of your

collaboration needs. However, in some cases
you might need additional functionality such as
custom lists or granular permissions for (certain
parts of) your content. For these purposes,
a SharePoint site can be requested via the IT
Service Desk.

Collaborating with a group of

When collaborating with a group of colleagues,
the Groups feature is your collaboration tool of
choice. You can create your own Group yourself,
using the web version of Outlook via http://
email.arcadis.com. After logging in, your Groups
are listed in the left-hand pane providing a
create group button as well. After creating a
Group, you will have access to a group calendar,
file storage, notebook and a conversations
feature. Since you created the Group yourself,
you are automatically the Groups administrator.
This allows you to invite your fellow colleagues
to the Group and start collaborating instantly.
All Group members will have Edit permissions.
And as in OneDrive, you will have sharing
capabilities, version control, change history
and check-in/check-out mechanisms for your
documents. Therefore, the Groups feature is
your default choice for all team collaboration
within Arcadis!

App Store of your mobile vendor (Apple App

Store, Google Play etc). There are mobile apps
available for OneDrive, Groups and SharePoint,
allowing you to access your documents on your
mobile device in a convenient way. You can even
modify your documents on a mobile device,
by installing the Office apps (for Word, Excel,
PowerPoint etc).

Collaborating with external

Both OneDrive for Business and SharePoint
allow you to share your documents with external
(non-Arcadis) partners, by clicking the Share
button and entering an external email address.
The Groups feature is currently available for
Arcadians only.

Mobile collaboration
All your documents can be accessed from a
mobile device via http://office.arcadis.com.
Click the waffle icon (the small squares on
the top left corner) to access all online services
for OneDrive, Groups, SharePoint and more.
Additionally, mobile apps are available via the


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10-08-16 16:04

Arcadis IT GUIDE

Home and mobile use

Various remote access facilities are

available for using IT products such as
email, project archives, SAP, Office, etc.,
when working out of the office: VPN
Tunnel, Arcadis Workplace, Office 365
online. These facilities work anytime,
anywhere and anyplace without
needing complicated installation. The
only prerequisite is having internet
access. Choosing the most appropriate
facility depends on the circumstanxces
(availability and devices) and the need at
the time (what you want to do and which
applications you prefer to use).


16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 27

10-08-16 16:04




Arcadis Laptop, Arcadis site

Arcadis network

All Services

Arcadis Laptop, Remote site

VPN Connect

All Services

Home or client PC


All Services

Home or client PC


Outlook, Skype, OneDrive for Business & SharePoint


Wireless or Mobile network

Outlook, Skype, OneDrive for Business

Any device


Corporate intranet

The VPN Tunnel allows you to link your Arcadis PC or

laptop with your work via the internet, where it operates
as if it was operating in an Arcadis office. The VPN Tunnel
is installed by default on all Arcadis PCs and can be
accessed from the desktop. The Intranet ICT site contains
a concise instruction. The VPN Tunnel is secured in a
number of ways, for example, the network traffic is also
fully encrypted and any data that you send or receive
cannot be intercepted. Therefore, you can only use the
standard VPN Tunnel on your Arcadis PC. In the event
of loss or theft of your PC, always change your Arcadis
password immediately. This can be done on any PC that
is connected to the internet via http://workplace.arcadis.
com. Log in, go to Start and Windows Security and then
select Change a password. Or, during business hours,
contact the IT Service Desk, they can do this for you.
Always report theft or loss to the IT Service Desk! They
can deactivate your PC account so that connection with
the Arcadis network is no longer possible.
Once you have established a connection to the Internet,
the next step is to connect securely to the corporate
network using the VPN Tunnel. To connect to the
Corporate Network using the VPN Tunnel you always
need a username and password in the format: Username:
ARCADIS\bloggesj, Password: your normal network


No access to the Arcadis networks other than with the
above-mentioned access facilities is allowed.
It is not permitted to connect your PC to the Arcadis
network when it is simultaneously connected to
another network. The same applies at home.

Home PC security
It is assumed that from time to time you will work with
Arcadis data at home on your own PC. For example, data
you have saved to Arcadis Workplace, or data on a USB
stick that you have put onto your private computer. In
such cases you must also ensure that your private home
PC is properly and adequately protected:
Always have up-to-date antivirus software installed.
Always use a password to get access to your PC.
Never turn off the Firewall installed as standard.
Never use an unsecured Wi-Fi connection.
If possible, ensure that the directory where you have
saved the Arcadis data is encrypted (read the chapter
about encryption within this guide).
Understand the security classification and any data
usage rules and protect the confidentiality of the data
Always erase the hard disk (use low level formatting)
when disposing of a PC.

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 28

10-08-16 16:04

Arcadis IT GUIDE


The primary aim of a backup is to
secure business data. Most data
on the servers is secured by the IT
department. This means that the
data and functionality of the server
can be fully restored in the event
of a system crash. Furthermore,
backups can also be used for dealing
with critical emergences such as
data loss or file corruption at the
user organizations. Because we store
huge volumes of business data on
our servers, it is not possible to make
backups of all the data on a daily
basis (the nights are too short).
Therefore, certain types of data are
either not or less frequently included
in the backup. So make sure you
know what types of data are not
included in the backup. If necessary,
you should take measures to cover

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 29

10-08-16 16:04

Backup you own data

For any business data saved to your own PC, you remain responsible for
backing up the data.

Backing up server data

There are two types of server backups: live backups and historical backups.
The aim and strategy for the backups is as follows.

Live backup
Backup to disk.
For the most important server data a shadow copy is constantly being
Live backup data is always stored outside the Arcadis offices.
Aim: server data is immediately available in the event of an emergency.
This way the server can be recovered within 24 hours of a crash.

Historical backup
Backup to an archive.
Aim: data is kept for longer periods. This allows historical data to
be retrieved. This is essential when files become corrupted or are
accidentally deleted.
The maximum consecutive holding time for historical backups is two
years. In the first month a backup is available on a weekly level, thereafter
only on a monthly level.
Archive data is safely stored at a location outside the Arcadis offices.

Alternative ways of securing data

Use OneDrive for Business for keeping all your personal files. A copy of
all files is made automatically in The Cloud (the files are synchronized
in real-time). When you change a file, the previous versions still remain

available. Deleted files end up in the recycle bin where they remain for
another 93 days.
Save data yourself using CDs, DVDs or memory sticks.
In all cases when saving data outside the Arcadis backup structure,
always encrypt the data.

Restoring server data

Submit your request for retrieving data from the backups to the IT Service
Historical backups come from archive solutions and are always stored
externally. Retrieving the data from the archive solution can take a
few days. If data is stored on tape it can take even longer. The cost of
requesting historical data retrieval is quite substantial because of the many
internal and external actions required. Please bear this in mind before
making a request for data restore.

Make sure you know

what types of data
are not included in the
backup. If necessary,
you should take
measures to cover this.

Exceptions for restoring data

Data not included in either the live backup, or the historical backup.
Files longer than 256 characters (including path name) are not included
in the historical backup.
OneDrive, Groups and SharePoint are not included in a classic backup
regime. These services use a recycle bin where deleted data is available
for 93 days after deletion.

Backing up PC data
The PC user is responsible for backing up data on their PC. This applies
to all data (data and software) on all local drives (C; D:, etc.). If you use
OneDrive for Business, then all your data is automatically synchronized in
the cloud. Therefore, you always have a copy of your data. Because the
data is stored in the cloud, you can also access it via another computer,
or on your smartphone or tablet. This means you can still access your
data even when there are problems with your laptop.The data stored in
OneDrive is also automatically returned to you when you acquire a new
laptop and make the connection to the cloud again.

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10-08-16 16:04

Arcadis IT GUIDE

Your password

The quality of the password is important within

Arcadis. Therefore, it must comply with the following
The minimum password length is 8 characters
The password must include three of the four
following character types:
-- English uppercase characters (A through Z)
-- English lowercase characters (a through z
-- Base 10 digits (Numeric, 0 - 9)
-- Non-alphabetic characters (For Example:
!, $, #, %)
Your last 10 passwords cannot be reused.
Your password cannot contain your user-id.
Your password cannot be changed within 1 day.
Your password must be changed every 120 days.
Please remember that your password is strictly
personal and that you should never give your password
to anyone else, not even to a co-worker. If you need
support or have any questions, please contact the IT
Service Desk.

Password quality
What is the quality of your password and how
difficult is it to crack a password? It is much easier
than you think thanks to the calculating power of
current computers! TIP: enter your password at http://
howsecureismypassword.net/ and then decide whether
you have made a good choice. By experimenting with
various passwords you can find out how to create a
strong password.

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 31

10-08-16 16:04

How to change your password?


As many employees use multiple devices connected to Arcadis systems,

changing your primary Arcadis password needs some extra attention. If
you change your Arcadis password without simultaneously changing this
password stored in connected apps on your mobile devices your account
could be locked out very easily (as the connected apps will try to connect
with the old password until automatically locked out by security rules).
The preferred method for changing your password is as follows:
1. If you also use your Arcadis password on devices other than your PC,
such as smartphones and tablets, enable Airplane Mode on these
devices to prevent possible account locking.
2. Log in to an Arcadis personal computer or laptop connected to the
Arcadis network (via cable, Wi-Fi or VPN Tunnel);
3. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del and select Change a Password, and then change
your password.
4. For every device you enabled Airplane Mode on, disable Airplane
Mode and change the password within the connected apps on these
devices immediately. If it is possible to change the passwords of the
connected apps without disabling Airplane Mode, even better.
5. If you do this in a different sequence, you run the risk that some services
(e.g. email) will stop working because your account has been locked.

In addition to the Power-On password, the data on the disk drive is also
protected by Microsoft BitLocker. This service is used to encrypt the hard
drive(s) to protect your data in the event the computer is lost or stolen.
BitLocker protects your hard drive from offline attack, it will not protect
the computers contents while Windows is running. This is the type of
attack where a malicious user will take the hard drive from your mobile
machine and connect it to another machine so they can harvest your
data. BitLocker also protects your data if a malicious user boots from
an alternate Operating System. With either attack method, BitLocker
encrypts the hard drive so that when someone has physical access to
the drive, the drive is unreadable. It is also possible to encrypt removable
drives, like USB drives, using BitLocker to Go. If the BIOS is compromised,
BitLocker will ask for a BitLocker recovery password, which can be
obtained from the IT Service Desk. It is not allowed to disable BitLocker,
because it will make your data more vulnerable to theft.


It is possible to save passwords locally in browsers, tools and other
applications such as Internet Explorer, VPN Tunnel, etc. This is a standard
functionality offered in these applications and tools. For security reasons
Arcadis IT advises you not to use this functionality. Also, never store your
Arcadis password locally on your PC in files or documents.

Power-On password for laptops

Every Arcadis laptop comes with a Power-On password as standard. This
is an additional security measure. It is not allowed to delete or disable
this Power-On password as this acts as an extra lock on the door against
unauthorized use in the event of theft or loss.

Permanent PC settings
In being able to guarantee proper and uniform operation of PCs, specific,
permanent settings have been applied to Arcadis PCs. It is not allowed to
modify these settings. The settings are divided into three groups according
to functionality.

Settings to guarantee the uniformity (look & feel) of the PCs at Arcadis,
including screensaver, screensaver time-out and wallpaper.

Settings to guarantee system integrity and proper operation of the PCs
(network settings).

Settings to protect PCs against threats from unwanted, external
connections. The above settings can conflict or even be obstructive
towards your activities. It is therefore possible to make exceptions/
deviations. Any exceptions have to be authorized by the manager.

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 32

10-08-16 16:04

Arcadis IT GUIDE

Please remember that

your password is strictly
personal and that you
should never give your
password to anyone
else, not even to a

Email addresses



If you know somebodys name, most of the

times, you also know his or her email address.
That is the principle behind the formulation
of our email addresses. Therefore, Arcadis
ARCADIS.COM format. The email addresses
are automatically derived from the registration
shown in the personnel system. If not unique,
initials are added to the email address. It is not
possible to change email addresses, unless the
registration in the HR system has been changed
first. The registration shown in the HR system
must correspond with the names given on your
identification documents. The only exception
here concerns the name you are generally
known by/first name. The HR department uses
the name you are known by. The following rules
are also applied when creating email addresses:
Both the first and second names are written in
There is no title.
No accents, punctuation marks, special
characters or spaces are allowed.
Prefixes attached to second names are
considered part of the second name.
If an email address is not unique within Arcadis,
a number is added to the second name.

Maximum size of an email message is 25 MB

Maximum size of a users mailbox is 50 GB.
Maximum number of recipients for the same
email message is 500.
Notices about exceeding these limits are
reported by email. These notices do not
appear immediately, but a few minutes after
attempting to send.

Email settings
Many rules and settings are deployed in order
to keep the email traffic at Arcadis running
smoothly. It is therefore sometimes not clear
when and how email is sent. Below you can
find out more about the rules and settings,
the aim of these rules and also the practical

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 33

Emails containing viruses are not forwarded.
Neither the senders nor the recipients receive
notice of the action.
Email attachments with potentially dangerous
file types are blocked.
The sender receives a notice from Arcadis
when the file type is rejected.
Incoming email attachments are monitored to
see whether they contain programs.
If they do, they are immediately blocked. The
sender is sent a notice.
Incoming ZIP files are monitored to see
whether they contain a program (executable
If they do, the message is immediately blocked.
The sender is sent a notice.
When sending ZIP files to external recipients,
it is permitted for the ZIP file to contain a
program (executable content). The email is not
blocked. The recipient receives the message
including the program.
What are you either informed or not informed
about? You will be informed if:
The attachment includes a file type that is not
permitted with email.
The attachment includes a program in the ZIP

You ARE NOT informed about emails that are

blocked because they contain viruses.
Notices are often not sent out immediately and
can arrive later (by return email). This can be a
few minutes later. Please keep this in mind.

Emailing more than 500

people at Arcadis
As standard a single email containing up to
500 addressees may be sent within Arcadis.
Sending emails with more than 500 addressees
can only be done by a select group of
authorized people and includes all staff and
business directors, their secretaries and also
marketing and communications department.
If somebody at Arcadis wants to send an email
to more than 500 addressees, they must first
request permission from the Marketing &
Communications department. The Marketing
& Communications department determines
whether sending the email is acceptable, and
also whether it is a one-off incident, or that the
person should be added to the list of authorized
persons. The Marketing & Communications
department passes this information on to the IT

Email SPAM filtering

All SPAM sent to Arcadis is gathered by our
external provider, Microsoft. This means that
SPAM does not immediately appear in your
Arcadis mailbox. Therefore, very little SPAM
should end up in your mailbox. SPAM that is
addressed to you is collected and periodically
you will receive an email about it from
quarantine@messaging.microsoft.com. It is
advisable to check regularly whether emails
have been collected that have been filtered

10-08-16 16:04

out in error as SPAM. You can still receive any wrongly labelled SPAM into
your Arcadis mailbox. Just click on release to IN mailbox. SPAM messages
saved in your external mailbox for longer than 15 days are automatically
deleted. You can look into your external SPAM mailbox whenever you
want. You do this by surfing to https://admin.protection.outlook.com/
quarantine. Your login details are your personal Arcadis email address
and your Arcadis password. You are then taken to the SPAM quarantine
overview. You may also find SPAM messages in Outlook on your PC. These
are placed in the Junk email or Clutter folder. You can make your own
settings on the Outlook SPAM filter, which also includes turning it off
altogether. The total process regarding SPAM filtering therefore has two
steps: externally at the provider, and internally on your own PC. The SPAM
settings at the provider cannot be altered by Arcadis. You can however,
alter the SPAM settings on your own PC. N.B.: you can view your external
SPAM mailbox anywhere via the internet. You can find more information
on SPAM filtering on the Intranet.

Internet usage settings

Arcadis has drawn up a formal code of conduct for internet and email
traffic that is applicable to every employee. You can find the code
of conduct on the Intranet. Arcadis IT uses an external service for
implementing this code of conduct that has the following tasks:
Regulating the access to the various internet websites in accordance with
the agreements.
Regulating software downloads.
Looking after the system and network security.
For regulating the access to various internet websites a classification has
been drawn up of categories that may or may not be allowed. You can find
more information about these categories on the Intranet. Here you can
find which downloads are either permitted or not permitted. Individual
exceptions can be requested in response to operational requirements at
Arcadis. You can contact the IT Service Desk for specific requests.

Standard language on PCs

The standard language on PCs for MS Office products and the operating
system is the native language. You can change the language of the MS
Office products. The Intranet contains instructions that explain how to
select another language in the MS Office environment at Arcadis. The

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 34


10-08-16 16:04

Arcadis IT GUIDE

possibility to change language applies to all

Microsoft Office products including Word, Excel,
Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.

Antivirus settings
All Arcadis PCs have antivirus software installed
as standard to protect against computer
viruses. This software is automatically kept upto-date. The hard drives on every PC are also
scanned for viruses periodically. This takes place
completely in the background with a low priority
level in order not to negatively influence the
performance of the PC during scanning. The IT
department can carry out additional scans or
change the scanning method depending on the
actual threat level of computer viruses. It is not
allowed to alter the settings or make changes to
If your PC is infected by a virus, disconnect
the pc from the network, cable and Wi-Fi and
telephone the IT Service Desk for immediate

Ransomware is a type of malware that restricts
access to the infected computer unless a
ransom is paid. The ransom demanded involves
money. Ransomware is a program that blocks
a computer (or data stored on it) and then
demands that the user pays money to have it
released. But often the payment does not lead
to the computer being released. Ransomware is
normally spread via emails.
Never open an email with an attachment if you
have the slightest doubt about the sender! In
such cases please send the email in question to
reportemailabuse@arcadis.com by adding it to
your own email as an attachment.
Never turn on the macro-facility when opening
email attachments. Auto-execution of macros
is turned off as standard at Arcadis as part of
the security policy. Ransomware will try to
persuade you to turn on the macro-facility,
but you must never do this.
If Ransomware has infected your PC, you must
immediately disconnect from the network >
pull out the network plug on the PC and/or
turn off the Wi-Fi. This helps to prevent further
contamination within Arcadis.

installations are based on optimized power

consumption. You can also improve the settings
even further at Power Options (Start -> Control
Panel -> (Performance and maintenance->)
Power Options). There is also a lot of ancillary
equipment in and around your PC that can
influence power consumption in the workplace.
This includes the laptop adapter, mobile
phone charger, computer screen, etc. Always
switch such equipment off when leaving your

PC power consumption
Sustainability takes priority at Arcadis, with the
sustainability of business processes forming part
of this priority. Arcadis therefore also endeavors
to further reduce the power consumption of
personal computers. All Arcadis computers
and monitors have Energy Star certification
as they comply with energy efficiency criteria
(http://www.energystar.gov). All new computer

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 35

10-08-16 16:04


The PC environment at Arcadis is installed and

managed by the IT Service Desk in compliance
with the Arcadis IT concept and definitions.
Defects should be reported to the IT Service
Desk and they can, when necessary, take on
repair technicians or second line specialists,
depending on the type of problem. PCs are
always acquired within the budget of the IT

Software & licenses

Software installed on Arcadis PCs must always
be accompanied by a valid license. General
software licenses e.g. Microsoft Office, are
acquired by IT and are available to install from
the AppStore. Licenses for all non-standard
software installed on PCs must be acquired and
maintained by the individual business following
the procurement procedures. Always keep the
license safe when purchasing your own software.
The IT department will not install software
for which there is no license available. A list of
the licenses managed by the IT department is
available on the Intranet.

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 36

10-08-16 16:04

Arcadis IT GUIDE

Defects when installing software should

be reported to the IT Service Desk. When
necessary the IT Service Desk can contact
second line specialists, depending on the type
of problem.
Arcadis deploys an absolute zero use policy
with respect to the use of unlicensed software.
Using such unlicensed software is strictly
forbidden. The software on the PC is regularly
scanned for the presence of valid licenses.
Disciplinary measures will be taken when
software is installed on your PC that does not
have a valid license. If in doubt, please contact
the IT Service Desk. Always be familiar with the
conditions of use regarding the business use
of software. A lot of software does not require
a license for private use at home, but this is not
the case when it is used within a company. You
must take personal responsibility for this.
Software available from the Arcadis AppStore
is always accompanied by a valid license.

The default way of printing is by using network
connected printers. These printers are acquired
and maintained by Facility Management. The
policy is to not use department or even user
based printers.

Network printers
Network printers are Multi-Functional printing
devices that are made available to all Arcadis
users to print/scan/copy.
Hardware installation is done by the Vendor
Hardware defects should be reported to
Facility Management. If necessary, they will
engage a repair technician.
Software defects should be reported to the IT
Service Desk.
The replacement of toner and ink cartridges
should be done by Facility Management.

Personal printers
Personal printers e.g. home printers are printers
acquired by the user.
Installed by the user.
Always managed by the user (user is
Hardware defects are the user responsibility
Costs related to repairs are paid by the user.
Printers are supplied within the budget of the
business units, including all the consumables
(toner, ink cartridges, paper).

Supplies (consumables)
Supplies belong to Facility Management.
Supplies are ordered by Facility Management

and stored by them when necessary. This also

applies to toners and cartridges.
The IT Service desk does not keep stocks of
CDs, diskettes, toner, ink cartridges and
suchlike are not available at the IT department.

Mobile phones and/or

Arcadis has two different types of mobile
phone, one is from the company, and the
other is for the company. The former type is
the standard mobile phone ordered and paid
for by Arcadis. The latter type is selected and
purchased by the user, and for which Arcadis
makes a monthly payment. This is also called
the Bring your own device scheme. This way
you can purchase a better, more expensive
or different model from the standard Arcadis
mobile phone. The conditions attached to this
scheme can be found on the Intranet. In both
cases, you receive an operational SIM card
from Arcadis.
If you use the from the company phone,
you must report all hardware defects to the
telephone contact person at your location.
This contact person is also the person who
orders the mobile phones. The contact person
also handles all contact with the provider
concerning the subscription (SIM cards). There
is an overview on the Intranet showing the
names of the contact people at each of the
locations. If you have a for the company
phone, then you yourself are responsible for
the support and repairs.
Acquisition, installation and maintenance
are not provided by the IT department. The
IT Service Desk will try to help you with


16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 37

10-08-16 16:04

connecting and configuring smartphones for

the mobile network and connecting to the
email/agenda environment of our company
(Office365). Guaranteed support only applies
to the standard models (IT guarantees that
it works). There is a support document on the

Tablets (iPads, etc.)

Acquisition, installation and maintenance
are not provided by the IT department. The
IT Service Desk will try to help you with
connecting and configuring tablets for the
Vodafone business network and connecting
to the email/agenda environment of our
company (Office365), based on best effort.
The IT Service Desk will try to help as much
as possible with questions arising from these
devices. You should deal with hardware defects
and repairs yourself via your supplier.

Other issues concerning

PCs, printers and ancillary
The IT department administers the entire lifecycle of all IT equipment from cradle to grave.
PCs belong to the IT department which
decides about replacement, acquisition and
disposal. The replacement frequency used
is approximately five years (60 months). This
replacement frequency eventually results in
the lowest integral administrative costs at
the company. Hardware maintenance and
the repair of defective components has been
bought off (guarantee) for a period of 12
months, after which external maintenance and

repair costs may arise. The IT department then

decides whether repair is worthwhile.
By default, Arcadis is using Laptops as the
preferred type of PC. Using laptops fits in
well when working in the flexible workspace
The IT department does not hold stocks
of PCs, printers or associated ancillary
equipment. Therefore, you cannot obtain a
loan PC from the IT Service Desk.
Spare laptops are in general available at most
locations for emergency situations. This spare
laptop is only meant to be used to deal with
acute problems with laptop failure. There is no
guarantee related to availability of these spare
During repair or re-installation of your PC you
can consult with the IT Service Desk about
possibly obtaining temporary replacement
All surplus PCs must be returned to the IT
Service Desk. This applies to all PCs when
people leave the company, or acquire a
replacement, etc.
The IT department is responsible for the reuse
of surplus laptops.
The computer equipment is always assigned to
Monitors are not normally supplied with
laptops. Monitors are considered as office
components and the responsibility of facility

media and ensuring that all company data and

software is first deleted by way of certified
cleaning software prior to being disposed. The
IT department ensures environmentally friendly
disposal by a certified waste disposal company
with respect to recycling, residues and health
and safety.

Ordering IT Equipment
Ordering IT equipment (PC, Laptop, mobile
phones or smartphones) is done via the IT
Service Desk. All (additional) accessories, office
articles and non-standard equipment, such as
special and ergonomic keyboards or mouse,
special bags, privacy screens, SD cards, memory
sticks, headphones, Bluetooth kits for cars,
cameras, label printers, external hard drives,
NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices, laptop

All old, defective, written-down, surplus and outof-use IT equipment must always be returned
to the IT Service Desk. The IT Service Desk is
responsible for cleaning all data carriers and

16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 38

10-08-16 16:05

Arcadis IT GUIDE

locks, etc., are not included in the IT budget and

neither are they ordered by the IT department.
These items should be ordered and booked
against the budget of the department where
that person works.

Data & software transition

rules when replacing PCs
In case of replacement or re-installation of PCs,
the data is transferred by the user. Applications
need to be installed on the PC using the
AppStore. When uncertain what information
needs transferring, contact the IT Service Desk
for assistance. The following rules apply to the

The standard settings are applied to both new
and existing PCs for software installation, for
example Microsoft Office settings. The user
can then make their own adjustments to the
settings. If you make radical changes to the
settings, please make a note of these. This
means that your next PC can be set up more
Internet Explorer Favourites will need to be
transferred manually.

In exceptional cases it is possible that the
IT Service Desk can provide assistance with
transferring data. In this case, the PC user should
state exactly which data should be transferred.
The user remains responsible for ensuring this
is carried out properly. Data should always be
stored in OneDrive for Business as standard so
the stored data is available again for automatic

transfer on a new PC, thereby avoiding having to

transfer manually.

The IT Service Desk installs new PCs in
accordance with the Arcadis standards
(including standard software).
The IT Service Desk installs extra software
under the following conditions:
-- The software is of a business nature (tools
for ease of use, embellishment of the PC,
etc., are not included).
-- A valid license for the software is available.
-- The media for the PC is provided by the user.
-- Only software that was installed on the old
PC via the Arcadis AppStore or by the IT
Service Desk can be reinstalled.
Further installations must follow the IT
procurement process.

Your PC is one of the most essential parts of
your day-to-day work. It provides the foundation
for collaborating with clients and colleagues,
and access to the resources that keep our
business running. This means our PCs must
always have the newest capabilities and upto-date software. To ensure we meet your
expectations, we are introducing PC Go as the
way we deliver and configure (and if needed,
repair) your Arcadis PC. Within Arcadis we will

gradually introduce a complete new approach

related to PC delivery and installation, called PC
With PC Go, you will receive your new PC
(replacements and new hires) directly from
our manufacturers. This means rapid delivery,
automated processes for computer setup, and
an on-demand model for access to needed
software. With PC Go, you can receive new,
replacement or upgraded PCs more easily.
This means a shorter process from order to
delivery. Thanks to on-demand access to needed
software, youll be able to download additional
role related software from our Application
Catalogue and because PC Go is a cloud-based
solution, you can always be sure your PC is up
to date and makes use of the latest software
versions. The approach also helps us to be more
sustainable as we focus on reducing shipping
through direct delivery from our manufacturers
to an employees location. All in all, PC Go allows
us to be a lot more flexible when choosing what
and how we buy from our manufacturers. That
makes PC Go the next step toward ensuring
your Arcadis PC is the perfect tool for all your
business needs! Please contact IT Support if you
think the PC Go methodology will enable you to
have a quicker turnaround time related to the PC
delivery and installation. Based on our feedback
within the business we will further adapt the
PC Go process and introduce the service to a
broader user group.


16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 39

10-08-16 16:05

Discount on products and
Arcadis has agreements with various suppliers
for the delivery and use of IT products. Part
of these agreements often allows the people
at Arcadis to purchase software or hardware
for their own use at a discount. There are such
agreements with Microsoft (private use of
Arcadis Office 365 license is allowed and you
can install the software up to 5 devices ), dell
(equipment discounts) and Telecom provider
subscriptions. Check the Intranet for more


16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 40

10-08-16 16:05

Arcadis IT GUIDE


Arcadis has decided that telephone
traffic should become mobile as
much as possible.

The two most important

reasons are:
The total running costs (infrastructure, exchanges,
subscriptions, traffic costs) for mobile telephony
are substantially cheaper than for the traditional
land-line telephones.
Mobile phones link in better with the flexible and
mobility business models.

Arcadis contract details for



16-549-IT Guide-eng_A4 liggend_print.indd 41

The Arcadis contract with the mobile telephony

provider includes the following features:
The voice and data traffic rates are divided into
so-called bundles. A rate has been agreed for
each bundle. The bundles are dynamic, so that if
during the month you use more voice and/or data
than stated for the bundle, you automatically have
a larger and more expensive bundle the following
month. But if your usage is less than the minimum
bundle volume, then you drop back into a cheaper
bundle. You save money for Arcadis by limiting
your voice and data bundle size.

10-08-16 16:05

Roaming costs are 3 per day in Europe. This

costs 5 per day in the USA. The voice and data
traffic in Europe and the USA are charged at the
regular bundle rates. Outside Europe, we pay
the normal commercial rates and roaming costs
that apply to the countries visited. Note: these
are often very expensive.

Saving on mobile costs

Mobile telephone costs are directly related to
the actual usage (both voice and data) and there
is no flat fee. Fewer calls and less mobile data
traffic means lower mobile telephone costs. Go
to http://mobilemonitor.arcadis.com for tips on
making savings on your mobile telephony costs.

Using your telephone as a hotspot in order to

link your PC with the internet uses a lot of data
traffic. There are many background processes
running on Arcadis PCs that create continuous
data traffic.
Limit private use of your mobile phone for both
voice and data traffic.
Always use Skype to contact your Arcadis
colleagues when Wi-Fi is available. It is
preferable to use Skype on your mobile device
in such cases.
Mobile applications such as WhatsApp,
Telegram, Facebook and Messenger can also
be used when Wi-Fi is available.
Always purchase a local SIM card when
working outside the EU for longer periods.



Mobile data abroad

When working abroad always switch off

roaming on your mobile phone and use Wi-Fi.
Always use Wi-Fi for all applications that
generate data traffic (email, internet, Skype,
Switch off your mobile to prevent data traffic
being generated when there is no Wi-Fi
Turn off background tasks and Apps, as this
can lead to unnoticed, substantial data traffic.
Stop synchronizing email automatically and do
it manually.
Limit the number of Apps on your mobile
Block automatic running of videos in Apps.
Do not open large attachments on emails until
you have Wi-Fi access.

If you are taking your phone or smartphone

abroad, take a look at the Intranet for the cost of
sending and receiving data traffic abroad. These
costs can run up substantially before you know
it. These costs can cost tens of euros per MB in
some of the countries outside the EU. It is better
to synchronize your emails manually, do not
send large attachments and always try to use
the local Wi-Fi connections wherever possible
(hotels, hotspots, etc.).
On the Intranet there is also detailed information
about telephony costs abroad. It also contains
tips and suggestions for keeping costs to a
minimum. If you have to work abroad for longer
periods, then it might be a good idea to take
a local telephone subscription, which in most
cases is the cheapest solution.

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Making an internet connection

with your mobile, smartphone
or tablet
You need to have a mobile data subscription
in order to make an internet connection
from a mobile device. You can request such
a subscription from your telephone contact
person, after receiving permission from
management. Most mobile phones and
smartphones can automatically configure the
necessary mobile network settings issued by
the providers. This is normally completed by
the configuration software of the smartphone.
This setting is found in most smartphones at
Connection Settings. The standard settings
usually ensure that synchronization runs
continuously, which is also called push email.
We do not advise using this setting at Arcadis.
It can lead to high mobile phone costs and a
substantially shorter battery life. This setting
is better set to manual. You can find further
information on the Intranet about operating
your smartphone successfully.

Monitoring and controlling

mobile phone costs
Arcadis has set up various procedures for
monitoring telephone costs as effectively
as possible. Part of this includes receiving a
monthly text message for example, which
contains a link to handy tips and settings that
will help you to keep phone costs down. You also
receive a text message when your data usage
is about to exceed the average. This allows to
takes steps in time to limit the costs. Arcadis also
analyses the monthly invoice details for above
average costs and exceptional peaks.


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Arcadis IT GUIDE


Your privacy does not come into question as the

analysis is only done based on costs (time units
and the volume of data sent), and not on the
basis of conversations and/or analysis of data
that has been sent.

Guidelines for Arcadis mobile

provider subscriptions and
personal devices
The basic principle of the Arcadis mobile
provider subscriptions for personal devices is

that they are only permitted on the condition

that costs do not rise for Arcadis.
A number of examples:
Using an existing Arcadis mobile provider
subscription SIM in your own (personal)
telephone instead of a company provided
device is allowed. The costs do not change for
Acquiring an Arcadis provider subscription for
your own (private) iPad is not allowed. This
would lead to extra costs for Arcadis.
Requesting a duo-SIM card for using in your
own (personal) telephone is not allowed. Using
a duo-SIM card is only allowed for mobile

phones built into vehicles (car phones).

Requesting a duo-SIM card for using in your
own (personal) iPad is not allowed. Using
a duo-SIM card is only allowed for mobile
phones built into vehicles (car phones).
Using an existing Arcadis Vodafone dongle
for your own (personal) personal computer
is allowed. However the dongle must only be
used for business purposes.


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Arcadis IT GUIDE

It can happen that you are temporarily unable

to use the Arcadis IT facilities, despite all the
emergency and alternative plans for IT at
Arcadis. Think about what else you could do to
make these periods of disconnection productive
for Arcadis. What kind of things can you think of?

Is your email not working properly? Then

check to see if Webmail is still available. Go
to http://office.arcadis.com to work with
Webmail. This is possible with all PCs (including
private) with an internet connection. No extra
software is needed. The calendar facilities
are also available on Webmail. If Webmail
is not working either, you can try to send
your most important information via an
external email provider. It is a good idea to
have already created such an account just in
case. For example, you could use, FirstName.
SecondName.Arcadis@YourProvider.com as
the email address.
Have the MS Office programs stopped working
properly? You can also use the online versions
of the various Microsoft Office programs at
http://office.arcadis.com. There is virtually no
difference between the version on your PC
and you dont have to install anything. You can
also use the online version on PCs that do not
belong to Arcadis.
Use your smartphone for viewing your email
and agenda. Even if your smartphone is not
set up properly to synchronize your email
with Arcadis, you can still get your email and
agenda on it at http://office.arcadis.com.
Find out whether there are still IT facilities
operating at another location. If yes, consider
going there to continue working.

Is there a problem with the network

connections? Consider going home to work if
you have a working connection there. With the
VPN Tunnel you can work at home as if you
were at the office.
Try a cable internet connection if the Wi-Fi is
not working properly. Or conversely, remove
the cable from your PC and continue working
with the Wi-Fi connection.
Is your PC completely defective and no
immediate replacement is available? Continue
by using a colleagues PC or your own private
PC. If you have saved your data to OneDrive for
Business, you have direct access to all your files
on other devices. OneDrive for Business is also
available as an App for your mobile telephone
or tablet.
Is there absolutely no network connection
available? In extreme cases you can use your
smartphone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Be very
cautious when doing so, because it can lead
to very high mobile telephone costs. Many
processes on your PC work in the background
that send and receive high volumes of data
within the company environment. Therefore,
even if you are not actively working on the PC,
the connection costs can still rise substantially.
Consult with management if necessary.


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Arcadis IT GUIDE

Arcadis IT Guide is published by Arcadis IT for
use within the United Kingdom, Continental
Europe and the Middle East. This guide is also
online available on the Intranet and on your PC
(click the icon on your desktop).
Editor in Chief: Rob Gijsberts
Managing Editor: Heidi van den Broeck
Editors: Remco van Amerongen, Mark Elshout,
Melanie Wigham, Jan Klooster
Version 21 - August 2016
Canon Business Services,
Studio Arnhem

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