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Sunday Message – Today Jesus 109 26/11/06

<Luke 17:20-37>
• Although our eyes cannot see the kingdom of God, nor our ears hear it, God’s
Kingdom is always with us
• We ought to restore the ability to see and hear God’s kingdom before we do
anything else
• When a born again person has the desire to find God, he will definitely able to
see God’s Kingdom
• The kingdom of God is within us. We will have wisdom from Heaven to handle
and overcome any problems when we’d acquired God’s kingdom
• <Proverbs 4:23> says “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the
wellspring of life”
• The Bible tells us that our hearts are the most important. In other words, our
hearts will determine the results we will receive
• God wants to show His glory to all creations and His glory is displayed in His
• God’s Word was God’s revelation and was recorded by more than 40 authors

Read <Luke 17:20-37>

v22 If you are not able to see God’s kingdom today, you won’t be able to see it
in the future too
v24 God’s kingdom trespasses our Dimensions. Thus, we are able to see it
regardless where we are. Likewise, we are able to see Jesus Christ when
He comes again, regardless of where we are
v25 Man is not able to see God’s kingdom because he has yet to overcome the
hardships he faces
v27 Despite how wealthy a person is or how blissful his life is, he will face the
Judge one day
v28-29 God comes in the least expected time, when man is deeply
immersed in the worldly pleasures. During then, no matter how busy a
person is, everything he owns will be taken away from him
v33 This is the principle of God’s kingdom: Those who let go of themselves will
have life. Those who continue to grab hold of their possessions will lose
their lives
v34-35 Man knows that there is an end to everything. Thus, no matter how
rich a person is, he knows that he will have to give up everything, one day.
No matter how blissful a family may be now, the blissfulness will depart
from it one day

1. “The time is coming when you will long to see one of the days of the
Son of Man, but you will not see it”
Why was it that men are unable to see God’s kingdom? It is because:
1) Men are being deceived
• A person who can always see that God’s kingdom is with him will not
be shaken when others say “God’s kingdom is here, God’s kingdom is
• We will be deceived if our Beliefs started off incorrectly
• Our Belief: Jesus Christ dead and resurrected for me. He saved me.
Jesus is the Christ. He is the Great Priest; the Great Prophet; the Great
King. He is Immanuel. He is always with us
• We will see Jesus Christ is with us in all things when our Belief is correct
• We need to ask “how Jesus Christ is with us?
• He is with us through all our conditions
• He is with us through our positions in the Company, through our
education level, through our possessions, etc. He is with us through our
hardships, problems, setbacks etc
• Thus, we will never see God is with us when we are displeased with the
conditions we have
• Why had God chosen to appear to Moses on Mt Horeb and told him that
place was a holy ground? It was because that was the place where
Moses would go everyday
• Our church is a Holy Sanctuary because God’s Saints (i.e. us) are here
• God is with us in our daily fields
• God uses His word to be with us
• Only those who live a God’s Kingdom and church-centred life will see
God is with them
• A person who does not see God will laugh when he meets good things
and cry when he meets bad things. This is how a person will behave
when he is deceived
• E.g. all parents are frightened of their children falling sick. It is because
the parents will be very busy and tired whenever their children fall sick.
However, our rewards are even greater when we continue to serve God
despite how busy or tired we are when our children fall sick. Those who
know this truth will not start complaining the moment they face a

2) Men cannot overcome hardships

• We will face the examination from Heaven one day
• <Luke 17:25> “But first he must suffer many things and be
rejected by this generation”
• Why is it we need to suffer many hardships? It is because we do not
belong to this world
• It is not possible for us to pass the examination from Heaven if all we
want is to live a peaceful and blissful life or when we treat our children
and spouses with equal importance as God
• The reason for us not able to pass the examination from Heaven is that
we did not let go of ourselves
• How can a person who does not let go of himself able to overcome any
• God has His reasons for our hardships and it is not to torture us
• We will face greater hardship as we grow in our spiritual life
• People who wants to serve the Lord shall not be afraid of hardships
because a person will be gloried through hardships
• Satan will give us trials when we are strong and give us temptations
when we are weak
• Jesus Christ has given us the greatest example for facing hardships as
He got to bear our sufferings and hardships, which resulted from our
sins, even when He is sinless
• The Apostles and the Believers from the early churches had been
through a lot of hardships. A lot of them were martyred
• In fact, the martyr faced by Christians need not mean being killed. In
fact, Christians need to die / martyred daily
• We had become a Martyr when our failures and setbacks were used by
God. Otherwise, our failures and setbacks will only become our sadness
and sufferings.

3) Men had fallen in love with the World

• Everything did by people who are like those in Noah’s era and Lot, will
have no place in the kingdom of God
• We must do everything after restoring the purpose of God’s Kingdom
• We can do anything but the purpose must be correct
• What will we be doing if we know that Jesus Christ will come after
midnight today?
• Will we be waiting for His arrival happily or will we be rushing like mad
to finish off whatever we can and are reluctant to leave this world?
• Are we prepared to welcome the arrival of God’s Kingdom any
• In fact, a lot of our conditions are only our tool. We used them to gain
fruits. We should let go of the tool in our hands after we had gotten the
• People who do not see the purpose but only hold on to the tools will not
achieve anything
• E.g. After we had chopped down a tree using the axe in our hands, we
will need to put down the axe in order to pick up and enjoy the fruits. If
we do not want to use the axe at all, we aren’t able to have any fruits

2. “Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and whoever loses his life
will preserve it”
1) Two types of people: those taken away and those left behind
• “taken”→ everything they did will be remembered
• “left”→ everything they have will be lost
• We will know, in our hearts, what will be taken away and what will be
left behind
• What is the difference between these two?
• Their values and perspective for this world is different
• E.g. an Israelite who stayed in Egypt knew that he was a slave with no
freedom despite how much good conditions he possessed. He knew
that everyone in Egypt who doesn’t know God would perish. Thus, the
moment he saw the Saviour appeared, he would not hesitate to follow
• On the other hand, there are people who are like Lot’s wife. Although
the wife of Lot is living in a detestable and sin-filled place, she didn’t
feel uneasy. When she was given a chance to flee from that place, her
heart was still clinging on to that place. That was why she turned her
head back to look, which resulted in her turning into a pillar of salt
• A person who had been through the wash of water and Holy Spirit will
know where he belongs
• A person who wasn’t washed by the water and Holy Spirit will only
want to find pleasure in this world
• Do I feel at home and enjoy being with a group of non-Believers?

2) Losing lives
• Only the person who is willing to lose his life will be able to preserve it
• The common point of those who doesn’t want to lose their lives: they
don’t love God
• E.g. someone who loves his children very much will worry that his
children will not listen to him or fall sick. Thus, he will always discipline
his children. In actually fact, all these are done to fulfil his own desires
• We dislike others easily because we are too self-centred
• Some Believers are living joyfully everyday though they did not let go
of their own lives. Such people had not know God enough
• Those who are willing to tear their lives apart will know God. Such
people are willing to lose their lives after listening to the message.
Others will only receive more hurts after listening to the message

3) Saving lives
• If a church does not have any members who is willing to lose his life, or
suffer for God’s kingdom, it will close down sooner or later
• Only the people who had seen the treasure in the Lord are willing to let
go of their own lives. And only those who let go of their lives will be
able to save lives

3. “When there is a dead body, there the vultures will gather”

• <Gen 6> tells us that in the era of Noah, the sons of God had fallen for
the daughters of the world. It means man had fallen in love with the things
of the world
• In that era, the number of people who do not know God were ever
• In other words, there were more and more ‘dead bodies’
• Disasters will befall upon the area or country that were filled with more
and more dead bodies
1) Evil-filled era, people and area
• ‘vulture’ means God’s judgement
• When an era or area is filled only with evil, God’s discipline or
punishment will definitely come upon that place

2) The deterioration of Churches

• The declination of Churches differs from the declination of the world.
When a Church deteriorate, it does not mean people are gambling,
selling, having vice, etc in the church
• A Church deteriorate when on one hand, it speaks about Jesus, but on
the other hand, it only follows the worldly things and beliefs
• Therefore, Believers in the church are only interested in activities or
programmes. The altar only talks about psychology, relationships
between spouse, how to earn more money, prosperity gospel, etc
• Believers are only interested in such teachings. Few people are
interested in God’s Word or the Immanuel message
• Therefore, nobody will want to lose their lives after listening to the
• More dead bodies will appear under such situation

3) The main character of an era

• Those who are interested in Immanuel message
• The world is getter more and more corrupted because there are more
people in the church becoming like Lot
• Each of us must decide how we are going to live the rest of our lives,
how to follow God and how to receive vision?
• Do we go to church for the purpose of loving God and man, or do we go
merely because we are Christians and not given a choice to do
• We cannot worship God with our own standard
• The vultures are always on a lookout for dead bodies. For the Believers,
there will be discipline but for the non-Believers, it means death!
• Most importantly, do not hold on to your problems!

Sharing and Prayer Topics

1. The Lord says, “two people will be in one bed; one will be taken and
the other left” If the Lord is to come tonight, do you have the confidence
that you will be taken away by Him and entered into eternal glory? Where is
the basis of your confidence? What should you do if there isn’t any?

2. The Lord says, “Whoever tries to keep his life will lose it, and
whoever loses his life will preserve it” and He also said “whoever
has will be given more, and he will have abundance. Whoever does
not have, even what he has will be taken from him.” Do I gain more
daily or do I lose more daily? How can I able to have more eternal life and
crowns daily in all things? Ponder: what benefits, do the things I did each day,
bring to the Heavenly kingdom?
3. The Lord says, “When there is a dead body, there the vultures will
gather” Am I able to differentiate this Age? Have I received God’s
command? Examine: Is there any connections between my family problems
with the problems of this era?