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OK, so the acceptance of transfer credits is entirely at the discretion of the r

egistrar of the receiving institution. There is a maximum transfer of 90 credits

into ASU. 64 can be from the community college level.
The cost of this program is $523/credit hour (not including books & minimal univ
ersity fees). There is also a non-refundable $65 application fee due at the time
of application.
Exams are proctored via web cam. You will be recorded taking the exam to make su
re it is you behind the computer, and no one is giving you answers, etc.
SYSTEM: Welcome to IC!
SYSTEM: Interaction transferred to ASU Full Admissions.
SYSTEM: Interaction alerting Arron Kong.
SYSTEM: Agent has joined the conversation.
Arron Kong: Hi, my name is Arron, and I am an Enrollment Counselor for Arizona S
tate University Online. How may I help you today?
Student: Hi
Student: I am interested in the online electrical engineering BSE program
Student: I already have undergraduate and graduate degrees from european and can
adian universities
Student: could you please give me some information about the enrollment process
Arron Kong: Hello.
Arron Kong: International transcripts get a bit tricky. They are all done on an
individual basis.
Arron Kong: If I can call you on the phone, I would be happy to speak to you a b
it about the admission requirements and the program.
Student: sure
Student: my number is +90 541 400 45 57
Arron Kong: Unfortunately I can't call internationally. We will do the best we c
an over chat.
Student: alright
Arron Kong: Just a moment, let me provide you with the admission requirements fo
r students with US transcripts. That will give you an idea of what we are lookin
g for.
Student: ok
Arron Kong: For students with previous college experience from a regionally accr
edited schools (or international), we are looking for a cumulative college GPA o
f 3.0 or above.
Arron Kong: We will also look for 14 of the following 16 high school and college
competencies. No deficiencies in math or science.
Arron Kong: ?4 years of English
?4 years of Math (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II, and one course requiring Alge
bra II as a prerequisite)
?3 years of Laboratory Science (any of the following areas of science are accept
able: Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Integrated Sciences, and Physics)
?2 years of Social Science
?2 years of Foreign Language
?1 year of Fine Art
Student: I have a bachelors degree from an ABET accredited university with a GPA
of 3.31
Arron Kong: Sounds like you will be a good candidate to apply then. (I'm guessin
Student: I have a master's degree too
Student: and a PhD
Arron Kong: There is a secondary criteria. We are looking for a cumulative GPA o

f 2.75, with a 2.75 in the following classes:

Student: My PhD is from a Canadian university
Arron Kong: MAT 265: Calculus for Engineers
MAT 266: Calculus for Engineers II
PHY 121: University Physics I: Mechanics
PHY 122: University Physics Laboratory I
Arron Kong: Fantastic.
Arron Kong: So tell me a bit about your interest in the Electrical Engineering p
Student: I will be applying to an undergraduate program
Student: sure
Student: I am particularly interested in signal processing
Student: because it is a very interdisciplinary field
Student: also power electronics
Student: i find interesting
Student: or electric drives
Student: I am interested in the undergraduate program
Student: so that I can learn the basics of the field
Arron Kong: That is all very fascinating. My degree is in environmental science,
so I don't know much about electrical engineering, but it's very interesting.
Student: ye
Student: yes
Arron Kong: What is your previous education focus?
Student: i have a civil engineering degree
Student: a bachelor degree in civil engineering
Student: also a phd in civil
Student: and a masters degree in computational engineering
Arron Kong: Great stuff.
Student: There was no much focus on electrical engineering in my previous studie
Arron Kong: OK, so the acceptance of transfer credits is entirely at the discret
ion of the registrar of the receiving institution. There is a maximum transfer o
f 90 credits into ASU. 64 can be from the community college level.
Student: that's why i decided to start a degree in electrical engineering
Student: ok
Student: I may transfer some of the math courses
Student: I took a large number of math related courses so far
Arron Kong: The cost of this program is $523/credit hour (not including books &
minimal university fees). There is also a non-refundable $65 application fee due
at the time of application.
Student: ok
Arron Kong: If you provide me your email address I can send you some additional
information on the electrical engineering program including the link to the appl
Student: my email is celalcakiroglu@gmail.com
Student: how can I take an examination when I am not in the USA ?
Arron Kong: Fantastic. Can I get your full name as well?
Student: My full name is Celal Cakiroglu
Arron Kong: Exams are proctored via web cam. You will be recorded taking the exa
m to make sure it is you behind the computer, and no one is giving you answers,
Student: ok
Arron Kong: Putting together the email now.
Student: ok
Arron Kong: Please take a look and let me know if you have any questions and whe
n you are thinking of applying to ASU.
Student: ok
Arron Kong: Any other questions I can answer for you today?
Student: It may take some time for me to get all my previous schools send transc
ripts to ASU

Student: is there any deadline for this ?

Student: particularly i don't know if my high school does such a thing at all
Arron Kong: The next start date we have is 10/14. The application needs to be in
no later than 10/1, and transcripts no later than 10/8.
Student: but I could request my universities to do that
Arron Kong: Since you have degrees, your high school will not be required for th
e admissions process. Sometimes it's required after admissions.
Student: that sounds good
Student: is it possible to study part time ?
Arron Kong: You can go ahead and start the process now. If we don't make the 10/
14 start date, your application is automatically moved to the next start date, w
hich is 1/11.
Student: like taking only 1 or 2 courses per term
Arron Kong: Yes, we do have students that study part time. 1 class per term.
Student: that sounds good
Arron Kong: full time students take 2 classes per term.
Arron Kong: There are 5 terms per year for the electrical engineering program.
Student: ok
Arron Kong: 7.5 weeks each. We recommend 18-20 study hours per week per class.
Arron Kong: The degree you get is an ASU diploma. It will not say online on the
degree. If you want to come to Arizona, you can march in the commencement ceremo
ny if you graduate. Again, you are not called out as an online student. You have
the same designation as our campus students.
Student: Sounds good
Arron Kong: It really is a great program. It is ABET accredited as well.
Arron Kong: What other questions can I answer for you?
Student: I will start the application process and request my undergraduate civil
engineering degree transcript to be sent to ASU
Student: It will be in English
Student: can I contact you later ?
Arron Kong: Fantastic. Please keep me up to date. I will be your enrollment coun
selor through the application process to help make sure everything will be as sm
ooth as possible.
Student: Thank you
Arron Kong: My office hours and phone number is at the bottom of the email. Plea
se feel free to contact me at any time.
Arron Kong: If you reply directly to the email I will receive it and respond to
you as soon as possible.
Student: Thanks
Arron Kong: My pleasure.
Arron Kong: It seems like it won't be necessary, but let me send you the interna
tional email I send as well. At the very least there is contact information for
our international student services team that can answer questions about internat
ional transcripts.
Arron Kong: Since your transcripts are in English they won't need to be transcri
Student: Ok
Arron Kong: By the way, where do you live?
Student: Turkey
Arron Kong: Fantastic. Never been, but it's on my list if I ever find a big bag
of money in my closet. '
Student: :)
Student: It is a nice holiday destination
Arron Kong: That's what the pictures I've seen look like. Someplace I found a ph
otography books of the cats of Turkey. Pictures of cats in amazing poses around
the old part of Turkey. It was amazing.
Arron Kong: Not sure why I remember it so vividly, but for some reason I thought
I would share.
Student: We have many cats here :)
Arron Kong: I have three at my home as well. :)

Arron Kong: Any other questions about ASU I can answer for you?
Student: No, I just started the online application
Student: I think it will take some time.
Student: I will let you know if have any questions
Arron Kong: Fantastic. You will get an email confirming your payment of the appl
ication fee. If you can foreword me that email, that will be fantastic.
Student: Alright
Arron Kong: Yes, please let me know. If you want to leave the chat open wile you
do the application, I'd be more than happy to make sure it goes smoothly.
Student: Ok
Student: There is a question about what type of visa I will be holding
Student: Do I have to come to US at all ?
Student: What should I select ?
Arron Kong: You will not have to come to the US.
Arron Kong: It will be 100% online.
Student: Ok
Student: thanks
Arron Kong: There should be an option for International not coming to the US. Co
Arron Kong: The printout of the application process I have may be a bit outdated
Student: Yes I selected that option
Arron Kong: Great. Just checking. Sometimes things change and it may take a whil
e for us to find out.
Arron Kong: Process still going good?
Student: Yes it is good
Arron Kong: Great.
Arron Kong: Still doing good?
Arron Kong: Are you still there?
SYSTEM: Agent has left the conversation