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Classroom Control In Order To Have Interactive And Learner Entered

Eliza Simpon 2016

An Action Research Report

This year Im teaching advance class which in year 3 and 4. My concern is more on year 4 class.
There are 42 students in this class and most of them are hyper in a sense that they are very noisy
but eminently enthusiasm in class. Last week I taught them a game of snake and ladder. Its a
group game. My instruction was simple; the group that can get to the final first will win the
game. But in order for them to move from one box to the next box, they need to make a correct
compound sentence based on the picture displayed in the snake and ladders box. They really
enjoyed the game but the classroom became hay wired and uncontrollable. So I have to stop the
game and promised them that I will come out with a solution to their ill-mannered behaviour or I
will not continue with this game anymore. I can see their sullen faced due to my decision thus I
know that I have to come up with something coz they really liked the game.

The process
I express my concern to my Head of English Panel which then she suggested that I need to come
up with new classroom management style. Just to let you know, I have done most of 21st century
classroom strategies. I have done the traffic light, reward chart, silent treatment and many more.
The students also quiet familiar with all the tactics and its about time for me to change the
strategies to a new one. So I come up with the colored ice cream stick. And the colour of the
stick is according to their group.
The day after I managed to come up with the ideas I tried again playing the snake and ladder
game in my class. The board game was printed out in A4 paper and attached with one and

another to make it big enough even students at the back of the class are able to see it. Then I
pasted it on the white board. Before the students started the game I told them the rules and my
implementation of the classroom management. I used coloured and numbered ice cream stick
which I will use it every time it is their turn to give me answers. The number is written eminently
small at the end of the stick. For example when it is blue group turn to give the sentence, I will
shake the canned box that contained the stick (this is to get the whole classs attention) and Ill
pick up a blue stick from inside which I dont know the number yet. Then Ill announce the
number and only the student with the numbered that I called will give the sentence.

The result
I noticed the change in the students behaviour was extensively different. They are eminently
quiet and the whole class was able to listen to the sentence that their friends delivered. I also
observed that the students are also able to correct their friends simple mistakes in producing the
sentence. As a reward I gave them a star for every correct answer that they give, sometimes I
even give star to the students who are able to adjust or corrected their friends mistakes.
I also tried doing this to other classroom activities and it worked the same. There are times when
I forgot to bring the stick to the class and the class went hay wired again. I dont know until
when this thing will last but I adamantly sticking to this method as long as it can last. Until the
students bore with it then Ill come out with a new method.

To me in order for English to be fun and enticing, students need to have the experience by talking
and playing in class. But in order to have that classroom will be noisy because they will be
communicating with each other in order to transfer the information. Therefore teachers have to
find ways to be able to control the volume and at the same time the learning aims were delivered
to them. Learning should be fun and in depends on the teacher to ensure ways it can be delivered.