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Answers of the Written Test Questions;

Associate Political Affairs Officer, UNSOM (Mogadishu)

Candidate Name: Mr. Said Birmad Egal
In Somalia by considering currently uprising and unrest political
challenges, there are many different contests on the ground
which needs more contemplation and efforts to overcome and get
suitable solutions, but if I try to nurture the three primaries
political challenges facing Somalia at present, they are 1)
Federalism, 2) building or establishing of consulted and accessed
emerging regional states specially Middle Shebelle and Hiran
regions and 3) 2016 elections.
- For the federalism issues in general Somali society are
divided in to two or three portions, some of them believe
that federalism is the best and only solution in Somalia after
claps of the central government of Somalia in 1991. While
some of them see that federalism is not solution for Somalia
but it may put and create new crisis in the country may not
end for ever. Other side some of them believe if the Somali
leaders selected one comprehensive system of federalism
which people understand and consulted with them may be
this will result and fruitful solution but if the thinks go as it
works nowadays nothing will be succeed in near future. This
shows that to have clear position on federalism, the best
way is to make survey or simple referendum on this issue.
- For the establishing of consulted and accessed emerging
regional states specially Middle Shebelle and Hiran regions,
it is most stimulating and challenging issues of the current
government in Somalia and this can be reached solution by
giving enough time and efforts to the society instead of

talking and having time with only the elders and politicians
in these regions.
- For the election of after 2016, as it is clear, this is most
challenging political step at the present in Somalia and it can
be reached rich resolution by selecting of genuine and
original elders like Ugases and other main community
leaders for the selection if parliament members after 2016.
But if the there is any kind of misunderstanding between
genuine community leaders and currently political leaders it
may not result a productive elections.
The United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) can
clearly do to support political characteristics of the statebuilding process in Somalia by first of all do comprehensive
consultations with the Somali society and give them enough
time by listening their constructive opinion and ideas. In
Somalia there are wandering and roaming hearsays which was
made widespread in community that states that all United
Nations Agencies in Somalia do not consult with genuine and
bottom up society by listening their view but most of time they
only discuss with the political leaders who may not give sincere
and agreeable ideas but most of time they only consider their
own and individual political agendas.
In this regard UMSOM is supposed to make and open strong
and inclusive discussions with local community in each region
of Somalia by taking every step which confirms that the original
and honest constructive ideas are collected from the local
society and based on and according to that ideas support
political aspects of the state-building process in Somalia.

I understand that, this is not easy to make and ensure but if

UNSOM tries to take real step and acts accordingly will make
fruitful documentations and its support will have vital and
crucial results in future.