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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Region V (Bicol)
Tabaco City

Analysis of First Quarter to Third Quarter Tests Results

In Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao
In Oson Elementary School 2015-2016
During the first quarter, Grade I has a mean of 12.86 and a PL of 64.30. Grade II
has 14.27 mean and a PL of 71.35. Grade III has a mean of 15.63 equivalent to a PL of
62.52. Grade IV has 22.44 mean and a PL of 55.35. Grade V has a mean of 46.13
equivalent to a PL of 92.26. Grade VI has a mean of 24.67 and a PL of 82.23.
It could be seen from the data that Grade V has the highest PL followed by
Grade VI, then by Grade II, by Grade I,III,IV respectively. From these results, it could be
noted that the Grades I,III and IV teachers have to work harder in making students learn
the concepts taught in order to reach the 75% performance level while the Grade III
teachers should work harder too, to achieve 75% PL because the pupils only got 71.35
PL. Grades V and VI teachers should see to it if that they maintain their achieved PL and
even work more for a 95 performance level. Teachers have to apply varied teaching
strategies for enhanced learning among the pupils not only in Edukasyon sa
Pagpapakatao, but also in other subject areas.

Analysis of the Second Quarter

For second quarter, Grade VI got a mean of 33.61 equivalent to 84.03 PL (rank
1), Grade V 33.5 mean equivalent to 83.75 PL(rank 2) , Grade I 13.70 mean equivalent
to 68.5 PL( rank 3) , Grade III with a mean of 20.17 equivalent to 67.23 PL ( rank 4) ,
Grade II with a mean of 19.93 equivalent to 66.43 PL (rank 5) and Grade IV with a mean
of 24.22 and a PL of 60.55 (rank 6).
It is revealed that Grades V and VI retained their passing performance level but
Grades I to IV retained their below 75% performance level compared to the first quarter
results. Grade I has an increase of 4.2% Grade II has a decrease of 4.92%, Grade III
has an increase of 5.20%. However, Grades I to IV teachers have to do their best to
achieve a 75% level of performance. Grade IV which got the lowest PL from first to
second quarter has to observe Grades V and VI teachers and apply their best practices,
activities and strategies in teaching EsP which helped maintain passing or higher
performance among the pupils.
It is also recommended the school head has to give closer instructional
supervision in Grades I to IV classes.
Analysis of the Third Quarter

Compared to the First and Second quarters , Grade III now has the highest mean
of 31.52 equivalent to 78.7 PL ( rank 1) Grade IV with a mean of 29.56 equivalent to
77.20 PL (rank 2), Grade V with 29.56 mean equivalent to 73.9 PL (3rd), Grade IV with a
mean of 24.19 mean and a PL of 65.78 (rank 4), Grade II with 18.52 mean and PL of
61.73 (rank 5), and Grade I 13.80 mean and 55.20 PL ( rank 6).
It is also revealed that Grade I has a decrease of 13.3%, Grade II has a decrease
of 4.7%, Grade III has an increase of 11.57%, Grade IV has an increase of 5.23%,
Grade V has a decrease of 9.85% and Grade VI has a decrease of 6.83%, compared to
the results in the second quarter test. Grade IV has now reached the passing standard
even higher with 3.8% while Grade V got lower than 75% performance.
With these decreasing results, the EsP Supervisor provided the School Head
with technical assistance including the teachers observed after the Third Quarter
Examination. Copies of Effective Instructional Strategies by Corpuz were provided and
Learning objectives at Each Bloom Taxonomy Level. CGs and TGs were also reviewed
and Learners Materials were checked. Closer supervision of the school head was also
recommended in all grade levels.

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