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Yubion, Lois

LC - BM3
Consumer Act of the Philippines
Republic Act No. 7394, which is also known as the Consumer Act of the
Philippines, contains the policy of the State to protect the interest of the consumer,
promote his general welfare and to establish standards of conduct for business and
industry. The objectives of this Act is all focused to the welfare, protection and rights
of all the consumer in the Philippines. Upon its approval on April 13, 1992,
consumers can now feel safe against unethical practice of some business entities.
The Act aims to provide the consumers the following: a) protection against




safety; b) protection

against deceptive, unfair


unconscionable sales acts and practices; c) provision of information and education

to facilitate sound choice and the proper exercise of rights by the consumer; d)

of adequate

rights and

means of redress; and e) involvement of

consumer representatives in the formulation of social and economic policies.

Consumers have the right to be protected because they are willing to spend
money to buy goods and services that would satisfy their needs and wants. These
goods and services should only give satisfaction and happiness to those who would
like to consume it. Through the R.A 7394, businesses are obliged to deliver goods
and services of premium quality and that will not harm the consumers. It is just
right to set these standards for business and industry for the consumers to be safe
from hazardous materials that a product can contain. The ingredients should be
checked and approved by some government agencies and departments to ensure
the safety and security of the products. People would take in some its contents and
this could affect the health of a.person. It could be life threatening, if a person
consumes a product with harmful substances and toxin. The consumers should also
be protected against fraud, deception and unfair practices. They have the right to
know what they consume and buy, from its use, nutrition facts, and expiry date.
There should be an appropriate label to inform the public about the product and
responsible advertising information so people would be aware of the risks and
benefits they could get from a service. They too have the right to choose from

different product line that issues full details of their goods and services. If they have
complaints, they should be entertained by the service provider or the company
involved. Lastly, consumers can participate in the policy making through certain
representatives, who will voice out the concerns of all the consumers.
I think consumers are not the only beneficiary of this Act. It can help the
business and industry in the Philippines. Because of the provisions of this Act,
business would aim to develop its strategies to comply with the rules and
regulations set by the government. It increases the responsibility they have to fulfill
and thus, also strengthen their desire to be socially responsible and accountable for
all their acts and practices. In effect, all businesses would engage in a competitive
state to improve and be at par with the competitor's system and measures. It
eliminates the fraudulent and abusive company to operate within the industry.
This Act will be useless, if consumers would not know about its existence and
content. The government should educate the public about this law and the
consumers also are expected to know their rights. It feels good to know your right,
what you deserve and what you can ask from the people you transact with. This
knowledge would protect you from wrongful acts and fight for what is due and