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20 July 2016
To the team at Nielsen
Position: Operations Executive
I wish to apply for the Operations Executive role0020at Nielsen. I am currently a full-time MBA candidate (Class
of 2017) at AGSM, UNSW Business School.
I am currently working with VRcade Australia, a virtual reality gaming company, in the role of Marketing and
Strategy Wizard where I am in a lead role helping develop the strategy for the firm to build their brand perception
in the market. I am also involved in running the pilot experiments for the gaming cafes at malls and universities to
conduct both quantitative and qualitative market research that will help us redefine customer segments and customer
value propositions. I am also developing marketing communications strategy based on competitor analysis and
market analysis that I did, strengthening the first mover advantage of the firm.
Previously I have worked as a senior software engineer with HP as an employee of Mphasis, which was majority
owned by HP. One of my responsibilities was to support the project management efforts of my superiors by liaising
with clients and customers based in 18 countries spread across 5 continents. This role involved understanding
customer's "jobs that need to be done" and provide software/IT solutions based on that understanding of the problem
statements. I was an essential connection between the clients and the development team, leveraging the team
resources to help create solutions that make our customers become more productive. For example, my team reduced
lead time in processing of transactions by 1.5 days, winning appreciation from the customer CIO.
I am also a blogger with many articles going viral on Quora.com. I write extensively on many topics, including on
technology and business, and garnered 4 million web views in 9 months, which is a high number for that particular
social media platform. I am also the editor at the Star Magazine, which is the student business magazine published
by AGSM where we help build and reinforce the brand image of the business school in Australia.
I believe I can add value to the company by melding my innate creative abilities, my business knowledge and my
professional experience in both software engineering and marketing function, ensuring I will outperform the
expectations of the role.
Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my application further.
Please find my resume attached.
Yours sincerely
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