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Unit 8test


4 Complete the sentences. Use the words in the

box. Use the correct British (GB) or American
(US) form. (8 marks)

4.41 Listen. Underline the correct options.

(5 marks)
1 The speaker rode his friends bikes around the
town / neighbourhood.
2 Keith loved playing / telling jokes.
3 The speaker went down the hill extremely slowly
/ fast.
4 He was thrown head first / to the side.
5 Keiths bike was damaged / OK.

4.41 Listen again. Complete the sentences with

one word. (5 marks)
1 The speaker had __________ cycling lesson
when he was young.
2 Keiths bike was brand-__________ .
3 Keith told the speaker that he had to use the bell
to __________ the bike.
4 The speaker crashed into a __________ .
5 When he fell into the pond, he was very
__________ and cross.

3 Complete the sentences. (12 marks)
1 Can you put the bags in the b__________ ?
2 The w__________ was so dirty by the time we
arrived, Dad could hardly see through it.
3 Its safer if you keep your feet on the
p__________ when youre cycling.
4 The s__________ shouldnt be so high that your
feet cant touch the ground.
5 You need a l__________ to cycle in the dark.
6 Its been taking longer to stop this bike. I think I
need to check the b__________ .
7 The w__________ on my little sisters bike are
much smaller than the ones on my dads bike.
8 The t__________ on my mountain bike are a lot
thicker than on road bikes.
9 The g__________ on a bike or car help change
the speed.
10 The car just in front of us had a lot of black
smoke coming from its e__________ .
11 My mother can ride a bike without holding onto
the h__________ .
12 The car is making a strange noise, I have to
check the e__________ .

mobile phone / cell phone chips / fries

purse / handbag crisps / chips lift / elevator
candy / sweets cookies / biscuits mad / cross
shopping centre / shopping mall


I was really mad at Dave for not inviting us. (US)

The __________ is broken. Use the stairs. (US)
Why dont we meet in the __________ ? (GB)
My __________ is ringing. (US)
Were having lunch soon, so you shouldnt have
a bag of __________ now. (GB)
Id like some fish and __________ . (GB)
My grandma always used to bake __________
on a Sunday afternoon. (GB)
What flavour __________ do you want? (US)
She had to go back to the shop because she left
her __________ in the changing room. (GB)

5 Complete the text. Use the present passive of
the verbs in the box. (20 marks)
cater for include invite locate make
not permit not require prepare provide serve

Welcome to Luxline Cruises, where every

effort (1) _______________ to ensure the
comfort of our guests. In each bathroom, a
range of luxury toiletries (2) _______________
for our guests. Please note that all diets
(3) _______________ on board, and all meals
(4) _______________ using the freshest
ingredients. Dinner (5) _______________ in
the Beaufort Dining Room. Guests
(6) _______________ to give tips, as service
(7) _______________ in the cost of the cruise.
Smoking (8) _______________ in all areas, so
please check first.
Guests (9) _______________ to use all the
available facilities. The cascading swimming
pools (10) _______________ on decks B, C
and D.

Unit 8test
6 Complete the text. Use the past simple passive
of some of the verbs in exercise 5. (16 marks)
Grandma and Grandad had a great time on the
cruise and were very impressed with the food.
Grandmas special diet (1) _______________
without any problem, and every meal
(2) _______________ fresh on board. Dinner
(3) _______________ in a huge dining room, which
Grandad said was like a palace! One unusual thing
was that they (4) _______________ to give tips, as
service (5) _______________ in the overall cost.
Even the luxury toiletries (6) _______________ free
of charge. Unfortunately for Grandad, smoking
(7) _______________ in the cabins, but he soon
forgot about that when he saw the amazing
cascading pool that (8) _______________ on three
floors or should I say decks. Amazing!
7 Complete the dialogue with who, which or
where. (14 marks)
Cathy Are you going to show me the house
(1) ______ you used to live?
Tom There it is. Its the one (2) ______ has a
hedge around the front garden.
Cathy Did your Dad plant that hedge?
Tom No, it was planted by the family
(3) ______ were there before us.
Cathy Aha! And theres the famous tree
(4) ______ you used to hide.
Tom We assumed that anyone (5) ______ lived
here after us would chop it down. Not
everyone wants a tree (6) ______ blocks
out all the light.
Cathy But its still here in the garden (7) ______
you spent all of your summer holidays.

8 Read the text. Find words or phrases that match
the definitions. (10 marks)

for them to use ___________________

thought of ___________________
with a lot of traffic ___________________
imitate ___________________
an instant success ___________________

Free bike-hire systems offer a convenient and

environmentally-friendly way of travelling in
congested cities. Visitors can come into the city
centre by car or public transport and have a bike at
their disposal.
Velib is a bike-hire system in Paris which was
launched on 15th July 2007. When it is fully
implemented, Velib will offer more than 20,000
bicycles parked at 1,500 stations. Taxpayers are
reassured that the system is not financed from the
city budget. Instead, it is operated by an outside
vendor in exchange for the use of outdoor
advertising space.
However, other cities hoping to emulate the success
of Velib should remember that it wasnt an overnight
sensation. Since the idea was conceived in 1995,
the city has built more than 370 kilometres of bike
paths and bike lanes and established several under30kph zones to reduce risks to cyclists. By contrast,
the cycling infrastructure in other European cities
consists only of a disconnected collection of routes.

9 Rewrite the sentences. Use too or either.
(5 marks)
1 He hasnt got a car. He hasnt got a bike.
2 Theres paint on your coat. Its in your hair.
3 I cant go out now. I cant go out later.
4 Its a good film. Its got a good soundtrack.
5 He never phoned me. He never wrote.
10 Write an essay about an invention. Include the
advantages, disadvantages and your opinion.
Use the writing guide to help you. (5 marks)
Paragraph 1
If we didnt have , we wouldnt be able to
Paragraph 2
The problem with is that
Paragraph 3
In general I think

Listening _____ / 10 Vocabulary _____ / 20 Grammar _____ / 50 Reading _____ / 10 Writing _____ / 10
TOTAL _____ / 100