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- Ankh - Kabbala - Chakras - Alchemy

A - Aleph - Bull Head - Alpha - Electrical

- Omega - Bull Hoof - U Magnet - Voltage
- Pi - Circum - Golden Stool - Creation
- Phi - Phase - Golden Stool - Manifestation
- Current - Serpent - Frequency Sequence

A - Phoenician - Ba'al - Bull - Bull Head - U Magnet

- Babylonian - Anu - Bull - Bull Hoof - U Magnet
A - KMT - Hathor / Aleph - Bull - Bull Hoof - U Magnet

- Hinduism - Chakra System - Alchemy

- Judaism - Kabbala - Alchemy
- KMT - Ankh - Alchemy

- Greek - Fibonacci Sequence - Pi / Phi

- Asante - Golden Stool - Pi / Phi
- KMT - Serpent - Frequency - Pi / Phi

It should be quite obvious that the elements that make up Nile Valley Science
and Spirituality in KMT can be found scattered across GeoPolitical Regions
and TimeLines.. From West Nile River aka Niger River's Asante's Golden Stool
to the Indus Vally River's Hindu's Chakra System. This pretty much proves
the influence Nile Valley Civilization have on all the Spiritual Belief Systems
across the Eastern World.

Niger River Asante's say that their God defecated the Golden Stool. Which
makes perfect since when you consider the Scarab Beetle of Khamet and
how it forms Life from the Cow Dung rolling the dung at a consistent
circum/phase using Pi/Phi or the Fibonacci Sequence.

Greeks adopted Pi/Phi from the Phonecians who were also Nile Valley
Ethiopians of Canaan Land and Carthage, which lay east and west of KMT.
The Hamitic 'Latin Alphabet' of the Phoenicians come directly from out of
KMT. The " A " deriving from an upside down Bull's Head, meaning Aleph
which means Cow/Bull. Some still say is Spanish, EL Heffe meaning Boss, or
Heffa meaning Mother. In the Scientific Mathematical meaning, Alpha
represents Electrical.

Judaism practices Kabbala as a Metaphysical spiritual study to be kept sacred

and secret. Yet everyone knows that the Hindu Chakra System is a portion of
this inner standing of Self and Universe. Kabbala breaks down the practical
science of the Ankh and with the Chakra System, Judaism cannot hide it's
secret. Kabbala can be seen as the key to comprehending the Atomic Nature
of an Atom manifesting it's self from the Ethereal.

It is somewhere in between the empirical TimeLine of the Cushite Empires of

Assyria Babylonia and Persia when Nile Valley Concepts had become lost in
it's entirety. The Greeks / Ptolomy never comprehended or even understood
Electromagnetic Energy or Electromagnetic Science or ALChemy the way
Cushites and Khamites did.

Anu, The Bull God of Assyria Babylonia is the same as Hathor and Ba'al. In
fact, Ba'al gives us the term Bull and Balls. We also get, Testimony from this
concept. When Testifying, Men would grab their testicals and solemnly swear
before God. Even in Al Andalusia, The Muslims in Spain never lost their
Salute to The Bull. Which is why Spaniards in Spain do the Running of The
Bulls 'Anu'ally', as to celebrate running the Islamic Moors out of the Iberian


The Cow/Bull is particularly special to the evolution of Knowledge and

Wisdom in the Nile Valley Concepts of Self, Universe, and God. Being that
Nile Valley Society was an Agricultural, It was the Fertility of Cow Manure,
which led to the discovery of ammonia leading to Sulfuric Acid and ultimatley
the discovery of Alchemy and Electromagnetism.

Always remember, Aleph - Alpha - AL - EL - God.

ELixir ...
ALi - ELi - ....Etc