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Sibel Pensoy

Independent Real Estate Professional

January 2007 - November 2008 (1 year 11 months)
Established the subsidiary of Grupo Lar in Turkey.
In charge of the development of residential real estate projects in Istanbul and Bodrum.
Scope of work entailed comprehensive market research to determine cities in which to invest, specific land
evaluation, due diligence including location, legal and zoning analysis, the preparation of detailed investment
recommendations as well as negotiations with land owners and the drafting of legal contracts, subsequent to
the parent company approval.
Grupo Lar decided to close Turkish and Latvian operations, as a result of lack of funding for new projects.
While the unexpected real estate crisis in Spain hit the company in 2007, the world-wide sub-prime mortgage
crisis led Morgan Stanley, the company partner, to refrain from injecting further funds into Grupo Lar.
August 2004 - June 2006 (1 year 11 months)
Responsible for the development of residential and commercial real estate projects.
Work included land evaluation, location, legal and zoning analysis, market research, concept development,
the preparation of comprehensive feasibility reports to be submitted to the Board of Directors as well as
negotiations with land owners to buy land and/or enter into percentage sharing agreements.


Real Estate Management Certificate Program- Real Estate Development Course; Real Estate
Development Course Curriculum includes trends and developments in the residential, retail and office
segments, real estate land development, concept development, market research and feasibility studies.
Zoning and legal framework is also covered.
Managing Director - COLLIERS RESCO A.S.
February 2002 - November 2003 (1 year 10 months)
Researched opportunities in various segments of real estate to determine growth and market penetration
strategies. Performed SWOT analyses to position the company only active in office brokerage, as a full
service real estate brokerage and advisory firm covering all segments of real estate.
Established and headed the Advisory Department to provide market research, feasibility, valuation and
project development consultancy services to the residential and commercial property market.


Created, structured and staffed the residential, industrial and retail departments. Developed databases for
each segment to determine supply and market pricing. Organized and assisted brokers in marketing efforts to
reach target clientele.
Developed new client portfolio, managed existing client relationships and represented the company vis--vis
clients and industry players. 70% of client portfolio consisted of multi-nationals.
Managed, trained and motivated team of 14 people. Developed new set of reporting procedures for better
information flow; revised service contracts, marketing material and redesigned the company web site.
Acted as a development consultant for a major residential project (2 million m) in Istanbul.
General Manager - Colliers Resco / Consultancy
2002 - 2003 (1 year)
Vice President, Research, Development & Investments - Yapi Kredi Koray GYO A.S.
December 1999 - November 2001 (2 years)
Responsible for new residential and commercial real estate project development including zoning analysis,
legal research, product concept development, land use and master planning, market research and complete
project feasibility analyses.
Evaluated projects/land alternatives from a zoning/legal/ financial perspective, determined investment
criteria, selected projects for further evaluation, and prepared detailed feasibility and investment proposals to
be submitted to the Board of Directors.
Analyzed more than 600 projects, submitted 21 investment and concept proposals to the Board of Directors.
The Narmanli Han project was approved and signed in the 2nd Qtr of 2001.
In charge of negotiating with land owners for buying land or entering into percentage sharing agreements as
well as structuring legal and contractual agreements.
Developed a comprehensive database on residences, offices and shopping centers in Istanbul to evaluate and
keep track of trends in real estate.
Periodically prepared reports to determine real estate development axis for investments, and market studies
and site analyses on a project specific basis.
Managed the portfolio of real estate investments to maximize value to shareholders.
Prepared real estate reports to foreign investors, real estate funds and prospective project partners.
In charge of all legal planning, strategizing and follow-up concerning real estate litigation.
VP Real Estate Development - Yap# Kredi Koray GYO
1999 - 2001 (2 years)
Vice President, Marketing & Advertising - Iktisat Securities
January 1999 - August 1999 (8 months)
Responsible for marketing Iktisat Securities' products which include brokerage services, portfolio
management and mutual funds, to investors in the domestic market.


Visited existing accounts and potential clients to increase the domestic sales volume. As a result of this
team effort, Iktisat Securities has surged from a top 40 to a top 20 ranking among brokerage and investment
In charge of supporting, organizing, and motivating the marketing team at Iktisat Bank's 57 branches in their
effort to market Iktisat Securities' brokerage services to their clients.
Prepared an extensive Reference Manual for Iktisat Bank's branches including a detailed description of Iktisat
Securities' products and services, brokerage account opening and transaction procedures and related flow
charts, margin trading procedures, tracking of transaction risks and taxation of capital market instruments.
Responsible for all advertising and promotional activities. Assisted in relations with the Capital Market Board
in the establishment of the newly formed Iktisat Asset Management Inc. Prepared Discretionary Portfolio
Management Agreements for both domestic and foreign institutional and private clients.

Bo#azii niversitesi
B.A., Business Administration, 1984 - 1988
UCLA Anderson School of Management
UCLA Anderson School of Management
UCLA Anderson School of Management


Sibel Pensoy
Independent Real Estate Professional

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