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Review Of Stepford Wives As A Critic On Gender

Dissimilarities between male and female give rise to lots of social and cultural conditions
for centuries. Gender is one of the crucial terms that sexual differences form, which is
emphasized in the movie Stepford Wives by using plenty of allusive elements. Two
significant elements are used in the movie, which are the female gender and patriarchal
factors. This paper states on gender factor in the movie Stepford Wives
Female gender shows many resemblances in different cultures as a social structure. The
figure of woman is seen as a device that sustains the family concept by raising children,
serving to husband and dedicating self to allegiance of traditional relatives. In the movie
Stepford Wives, some symbolic attitudes of women can be seen that emphasizes
traditional women missions. The protagonist of the movie, Joanna Eberhart is an
independent and potent businesswoman who abruptly fired, and moved into the Stepford
Town with her family. She meets with Writer Bobbie Markowitz and Architect Roger
Bannister. These three people who used to work in a business life in Manhattan, faces with
Stamford Wives, whom only profession is being a housewife. All women are master chefs,
great mothers and wives, who are almost the servants of their husbands and children; they
do not have any intellectual interest except religious and traditional routines. The day
Joanna finds out that Stepford Wives are actually robots which controls by their husbands,
she faces with her own husband is sinking under her achievements and independence. In
brief, the movie criticizes a past and a present issue; admitting woman as an individual.
Stepford Town is a dream-like place, which everything is in a great order. It is critically
showed in the movie that how order forms in traditional societies. Men spend their time in
Stepford Man Association, women goes Spa Center everyday. The order rises because
of the unhappy husbands that have challenging and brilliant wives. Every husband has a
remote control of his wife, which is so perfect. Also, all women have the perfect body,
which refers a critic about the perception of beauty in modern patriarchal order. Robotslave women are symbol of a woman in patriarchal societies. Remote control is actually
culture factor in real life, which doesnt need the microchips to make the women behave the
way like a slave. In the movie Mike Wellington, one of the crucial characters, actually is a
scientist and he is the head of female improvement system. As claimed by him, that
method is going to be common in the future. This is a critic about how independency of a

woman seen in traditional attitude of mind. At the end of the movie, a shock happens by
emerging that Mike is actually a robot and his wife, Claire is the one who established and
runs that system. That refers patriarchy as a fact accepted in not only mens mind, but also
the womens.
Independency of women is still debating in every region of the world. It does not seem to
come to an end due to being a part of cultures and mentality. Gender as a social device,
occurs since the first societies emerge on earth but still changing. Stepford Wives points
on gender sarcastic but disturbing way. It allusively disturbs the audience by pointing on
how women participate to shaping fellow being. This may be an crucial answer on gender

Zeynep abuk, 2015